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Lovely Accident Of My Life

Lovely Accident Of My Life

4 mins

Suddenly I remember when I met him. That day was Friday. I had to go for my first interview and I slept, my mother entered in my room and removing all the curtains from the window and suddenly the rays of the sun come through the window directly on my face and I felt like it burns my skin and I was half awake at that time.

Mom please covered the window, I want to sleep, "I said"

Today, you have to go for an interview and it's already 8'o clock," mom said"

(At that time I completely lost in my dreams, in which I was fighting with some monsters and I am very close to Victory, but suddenly listen to her words I was totally awake )

Why don't you wake me up earlier, "I said"

I am trying to awaken you since half an hour, but you said you want to sleep," mom said"

Oh no I have to reach company before 10 I am getting late thinking in mind

And then I run towards the bathroom and get ready for the interview. I wore formal dress, white shirt, black jeans, and black shoes off course they were not branded, I purchased them from a local shop.

(Oops! I didn't tell you about myself, hii, I am Amayra, I live with my mother in Delhi at that time and my father died in a car accident when I was 5 years old. I know it's quite upset but it's ok. I thought that he always with me and give me blessings) oh !yes I reached the metro station.

When I reached the metro station, I bumped with a boy, my portfolio and I fall down and suddenly I have eye contact with that boy who is standing straight and look at me and at that time my heartbeat was very fast.

But when I see that he is laughing at me and doesn't help me I wish to kill him, suddenly I remember my interview 

I stand up and pick up my portfolio and ignore that person who is wearing a blue color tracksuit and expensive shoes and he hangs a red color beg at his back.

Yeah, I noticed all this thing about him in this two-minute eye contact. I know it's funny.

I move two or three steps forward and then stop (I don't know why I stop and look back at him).

You bastard," I said". When reached far away from me.

Then I move forward.

Suddenly think strike in my mind is handsome stopped Amayra I told to myself.

I reached to company. I was standing opposite side of the company (planet Pvt. LTD).

And when I try to cross the road, I heard a dramatic sound of car crashing, yeah a car accident happen on that road and I saw an old man lie on the road and no one helping me.

Amayra you have two choices first to help this man, who is in pain or go to inside and give your interview I told to myself

Suddenly I realized blood was coming from his head, due to which all his clothes were in blood. Without any single thought, I call a cab and took him to the hospital.

He was in ICU and I was sitting outside and the doctor comes outside.

How is he, ''I said".

He is alright.," the doctor said".

Can I go inside and see him."I said".

No. It takes time to recover his wounds and he is in a coma now.," the doctor said".

Can you inform his family, I said.

Yes, we already informed his family they will be here at any time" the doctor said".

Then I gotta go I said.

Then I left the hospital and went home.

My phone rings 

Hello I said

How was your interview "Mahira said".

Mahira is my best friend from college

Then I tell her all the stories.

It's ok we will another interview for you "Mahira said".

I am back " I said"

I proud of you "mom said".

Oh Mahira told you everything, she has really a big mouth "I said".

After eating dinner I went to my room and sleep...

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