Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Mahima Rani



Mahima Rani


Love Life

Love Life

6 mins


Excerpt: As six months passed, our words became late-night calls. And as our friendship has gotten 

stronger, it has taken us one step closer to the word 

we say "love”.


Here I am, at the end of my final year and moving out of the house with my friend and decided to find a proper job to make a living on our own and a girl to tell everyone that, ‘Even though she is my second love yet, her first love is me’. I requested my father to cover my room rent until I find a decent job. Well, my father accepted it on one condition that I have to help my father with his work. He is the head of our town library, it was always filled up with people and books are pilling on the tables. so he needed few extra hands to get the job done.


It was kind of boring arranging books every day, yet I worked every single day because I was interested in a girl who often came to the library. We used to stare at one other but we never talked until she suddenly approached me and asked to recommend her few books from different genres and then we started exchanging words.

Her name was Riya. My a junior, studying second year in our college. She was quiet and shy. Most of the time she keeps pretty much to herself. She wants to talk to people, but couldn’t find the right topic to talk about. It is how she was. But she was doing her best for her debut book. She is on her way to becoming a full-fledged author. We started to talk to each other more often.


As six months passed, our words became late night calls. And as our friendship has gotten stronger, it has taken us one step closer to the word we say “love”. she was spacing out in the library stuck with her lines. She wasn't able to express her thoughts when I noticed it and asked her. When I came to understand her problem, I told her about the girl that I once loved and how I ended up with a broken heart.


“I started dating her in my second year but as time passed I thought something was wrong. Then I came to know she was a two-timer . she was dating a rich boy from another college. ”

“she was a gold digger, a good for nothing, isn’t she?”

“Yes, it was the case. I ended my relation with her, it was a bad memory. I don’t want to experience it anymore. From then I took my life more seriously and I worked hard on my studies and distanced myself from the word LOVE. ”

“Does that mean you aren’t going to fall in love again?”

“Why would I make such a commitment. But from that, I came to know…

LOVE is only a word, but the real feeling should exist in one’s own heart.

We should choose our partner carefully rather than choose we have to find…. ”


The following day, Riya totally got absorbed in writing her lines and lost track of the time. Sometimes, I use to come to a spot from where I could see Riya, waiting for the bus, but this time there was someone, who I didn’t recongised, started talking to her and as she texted me that someone is following her I just dashed into the bus stop.

“Hey, didn’t I told you to wait for me at the library. ”When I stopped speaking, she took few seconds to understand what I was saying was an act, the man took few steps back. As the bus had arrived. Riya and I got on to the bus. I made sure that she got home safely.


‘Are you okay?’

“yes, I am.  Thank you for helping me out there. Let me treat you to something”

“It is alright, you don’t have to. ”

“Then how about a kiss on your cheek. ”

‘Really will you?’

“of course not, you idiot…”

“What?…I was looking forward to it. ”

‘I am just a casual friend to you . How could I even kiss you?’

“You are more than a friend to me. ”

‘Really in which way?’

“I can’t say…but you are special to me”


Both of us stopped texting to each other. I couldn’t even sleep properly, the night as my mind was occupied with feelings towards her. It was hard for me to talk with her by looking into her eyes. During my work, she caught me chatting with a girl name sravani, from my college. I was busy with my friends, as my college days are coming to an end. I wasn’t able to pay much attention towards Riya. She gave me a cold back when I wanted to talk to her. I was wondering,”what wrong had I done?”After few days she waited for me in the library until I got off work. she asked me to come with her,till the bus stop

I asked “ Why suddenly”


Riya didn’t utter a word, till we reached the bus stop. when she started to talk it was interrupted by a phone call. It was sravani. I didn’t answer it but instead, I put it on silent.

“so you are going out with sravani. ”

“Of course not. What made you to think like that”

Suddenly she became aggressive “Then why are you flirting with her,why is she calling you everyday”


“Hey get hold of yourself there is nothing between me and sravani”

Suddenly I felt her hands on back of my neck I got closer to her face and something soft touched my lips.

“Don’t flirt with other girls when you have me, understood?”

And she left, leaving me alone in midst of my confusion . she literally kissed me. But I felt happy and enthusiastic to be in love again.


After few days her book got published and she was busy that I didn't even get a moment to see her. All I needed was a chance to talk to her. As her debut book got published, I got it from the market. She called me and asked to meet her at the bus stop. I was in the library so I asked her to give 10 minutes and I started running towards the bus stop with the phone at my ear. Our call is occupied by silence for a minute.


“ Remember, the day when I texted you that someone was following me and then you helped me out”

“ yes, I do remember”

“ On that day, how did you end up in the bus stop just in few seconds”

“I was watching you”

‘You were?’

“As you know my house is near. I come to a spot, across the bus stop watching you waiting for the bus. At that time, I thought it was someone you knew. But when I saw the message I just dashed to bus stop. ”

‘Doesn’t it come under stalking?’

“what seriously?…are you going to complain about it. ”

“of course I am, that my first love was stalking me”

‘First love…ah?’

“I LOVE YOU Akshay. ”


“Third page from your book.

LOVE is only a word, the real feeling should exist in one’s own heart.

We should select our partner carefully rather than select we have to find…. ”

“well those words came right from your heart”

“Really…. then my heart tells me that I am right behind my true love”

As I approached her, my heart started picking up the pace.

And then I…

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