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Love For Job

Love For Job

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Why I am not getting a job? As I am here for a job love for the job. The journey is moving towards old age but still looking for a job, I have some dream for my parents, for my wife and for my son. I am very honest and sincere for my job, family and society.

But still I am moving for good job.

Hey God give strength to find job before going wrong in my life

My dear world be positive and sincere you will get job and you all will come with flying colours this motivation is also applicable for me also

Please if someone will become my Godfather 

I want to do job in foreign country so that I can keep my parents head on top

I want to be a job holder 

So now I am sharing some extra story 

Once upon a time I was moving in city with lots of hope but I realised that city is not for me I failed and finally failed so I didn't give up I went for plan b and I changed my profession no buddy is seeing me as a serious job seekers but I not give up my journey still I am looking for good job .journey has started again for new job let's pray that I will get soon before it's too late 

Please, life God and friends. Help me to achieve my dream 

Anybody can help me 

But still I didn’t lose my hope 

Please God give me one chance 

I will respect and love my job

I really love my job 

Love you job dying for a job dream for a job.

I want job I want job I want job 

Missing job 

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