Soumili Roy

Romance Thriller


Soumili Roy

Romance Thriller

Love And Handcuffs

Love And Handcuffs

5 mins

December 23, 1992.

It was when Scarlett's eyes first met Phillipe's at Sacramento Book Fair, who desperately was riffling through the chrome decrepit pages of the Grisham book. While by the time, Phillipe kept himself up being around to search for some Rumi poetry.

"Sorry. I'm so sorry for that", Phillipe said, contritely, as her book tumbled on the floor. 

"No, it is okay. I don't mind at all", Scarlett said as Phillipe picked her book up.

"Grisham. So I see you like thrill", his eyes smirked, it so seemed.

"Mystery, the gentleman, is a primary engagement."

"I adore poesy. Not least because you savor upon it with your mind."

"I, somewhere only grew up reading puzzles. I don't know, but I only have good tastes for 'em."

"Whatever it is beautiful lady, would you love accompanying me to the Faché club and maybe we could discuss some more books?", Phillipe sounded eager.

"Sharp at eight, tonight at the rendezvous?", she responded. "Marked ma'am."

Sacramento, the capital of the US state of California is where she once loved to drive through the brume, discovering an appetite for searching new corners of the city. The city was festooned with flashbulbs as the mob gazed at her Estonian outfits.

"Hello, Madame", Phillipe bowed down and kissed her hand leading her into the club.

"Two Tequila Cabeza for?"

"$33", the sommelier glanced at the two of us.

"I don't drink", appealed Scarlett and drank a peg looking straight into Phillipe's eyes. "Ironical", he responded gulping a peg of the liquor, "and where are you from, anyway?"

"Estonia. I'm from Estonia. Since ten years I've had my residential address pinned up there. But, lately, for my business protocol to set up, I am here."

"What kind of business?"

"Merchandising", there was a fall in her voice.

"Nice. Then you must not know much about this place?", he asked.

"Neh, totally because this city calls me but I seldom miss it."

"Well, I can drive you through different places, if only it pleases you?"

Scarlett stood up. "We must proceed then."

Driving her across the city, he spelled to her the names of numerous hotels and pubs. Cinema too.

"I anticipate, from however the gazes that are straight at me is because I am from the European region", she said, fluently honest.

Phillipe had been known around California, for he was one of the ranked FBI officers. But Scarlett had never let him know, however, had the situation been, how admiring he must have been all over. She, instead, focused often on her business and contouring newspapers that read headlines of his names.

March 19, 1993.

The sky looked ravishingly archaic like rose gold petals of the goddess's lips spill and dance upon the neck.

"I've fallen in love with you, Scarlett. I know, love is just some word in the heaven that awaits for its own meaning by the beholder. But the new unlikely form that I've felt in myself for the past months, I know, there's something that is though incoherent but practical and that it is love. I love you, Scarlett, I do. Would you let your hands perfectly fit in mine?"

Scarlett's cheeks turned stale red, and her askew smile gave in away.

"Oh-okay. I accept you wholeheartedly dear", Scarlett responded immediately recovering from her daze.

"Weird", he thought, repeating the statement to her. "So we begin our life together."

"Yes dear, unless of course, you offer me some coffee."

It was about 4 in the dawn as Scarlett led her way into the drawing-room. "Work is done, sir. We both have walked further into a relationship. And, for the very presence of the time that I know, we're not much distant", she mumbled on the phone and walked straight back, and crawled into the bed.

The sun shone on a bright day, splattering amber around the country.

"I'll soon be back at 9, my dear", Phillipe kissed her forehead as she shut the door behind him.

"Plan: Finals. He's no idea of what tonight is going to bring him. Slay him down, daughter, and fly to the other end of this globe. I've your passport ready and make sure you leave behind no clue of your presence since then", Mr. Wills McCormick slammed down the phone.

The daylight melted into the dusky night, the stars shimmering like pearls as Phillipe entered the hall room and climbed the staircase up to his room.

"Hey! you back? How was your day?", she demanded, smiling tenderly and gasping low.

He spins around as the familiar voice stirred in his mind. "You're under arrest, Ms. Scarlett Jade McCormick!", he uttered in wrath.

"What do you mean?"

"That what you suppose. I've had you known for certain the past months, Ms. McCormick. The only way of having you and your dear father caught was to get you and me under the same roof, you see. And to get to the possibility, I proposed to you and brought you here. Do you know what place is this? With the label off, it is the officers' mess. And because I was spying on you, and your remarkable plot of having me killed at three in the dark was what I knew. It's a disgrace that you undoubtedly failed in attempting the second crime in your series, after killing one of our reputed officers only because a few years back he definitely handcuffed your brother on the misdemeanor of exporting beautiful, crispy five-pound counterfeited notes to Brazil. It was a huge trade,

I believe but I am so sorry. And that your father is already handcuffed, and off to think of claiming a plead to not guilty inside Nor'-east prison so far. An-and as a matter of idea, that was him calling you today in front of us if you are only interested in knowing, I've let you know. Though now, your time ends, and officers please, arrest her" he turned back facing the doorway, pacing ahead to leave as he poised and looked back again "And what do you think, we collided at the book fair accidentally?", Officer Phillipe left the room, slammed his car door, turned the ignition on and drove past the silver gates fading straight into the murk.

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