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Live For Friends-II

Live For Friends-II

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Life-is a wonderful gift to every creature on this earth which no one knows who gave it. Well people say it’s given by GOD but who has seen HIM? Whatever it is, who cares unless there’s nothing for us to do. Who, in this busy world, has the time to think about life? Everyone here is only to survive in life ahead but none bothers about why they have been awarded with this life. Well I guess no one asks for such. This is the stupidest question of the universe. I mean guys, who comes up with a question like this? This is really insane. But is it so? Is it really that stupid to think why one has taken birth in this world? Everyone knows that one day they have to die. So, why taking birth if one has to die? Think over it guys.

Well I won’t bother you much with these questions. These were just some insane random thought of my mind which keeps striking me sometimes. I just wanted to share so I did it. But there is a valid reason for these questions to keep bothering me. A reason well enough to make me think over these for the entire part of my remaining life and yes right now somewhere or the other it still keeps beating my doorsteps over and over again. I guess you too are eager to know the reason, isn’t it? But guys just hold on and let’s keep the suspense in a safe. So just forget it for a while and come with me to a journey. I’m pretty sure you won’t get bored during the journey.

Well this journey will take you to my childhood where all this begun, the journey of my life. I was not always a grownup being as I am now. Even I had a pretty childhood. A childhood full of enjoyments, a childhood full of carelessness but not for longer duration. I was born in a family in which everyone has seen the dazzling richness of the world but has tasted only poverty. My family was not so big to count for. We were four members, my dad, my mom, my sweet little sister and I, a small and happy family. Though my father was not a high waged man but we used to be happy until one day. That day is something that will never get off me. It will remain in my memories till my last breath. It was the day that changed my life forever, not only changed but turned it upside down. That was the day when my dad said his last words to me. I cannot run from those words. Those words keep beating my eardrums continuously.

I still remember that day very clearly when my father called me and said, “Aatish, take care of everyone. You are the man of the house now”. He smiled at me and the very next moment closed his eyes, forever. I was left in complete confusion of what was going on. I didn’t have a single bit of idea that why my father told me that. All I knew was that he had some illness but how bad I didn’t know. But, the reality is that my dad’s no more. With this incident my family was shaken.

The responsibility went directly to my mother of course. But dad’s last words were provoking me to do something for my family. I don’t know what maturity is. Some say it comes with age, makes a person, a true being. But at the age of 15 I was with the responsibilities on my shoulders and a family on my back.

With my hard work I got a scholarship to complete my studies in a well renowned school at Dehra Dun. I used to study hard, day and night so that I can create a chance for me to go ahead in my life. Well the time came for me to leave my family and go for further studies in Dehra Dun. This was a bit challenging for me because I’ve never been away from my family but my aim of doing something and my focus towards it always kept me alive. Well another challenge to me was going to a new place, meeting new faces getting acquainted with them. I was too shy in meeting new people and I thought that what’s the point in knowing others when there is nothing to do with them. Till this age of my life I had nothing except studies.

Friendship- to me was just a relationship to know one being until two insane creatures entered my life. These two crazy characters changed the definition of my entire life.

Well this didn’t start like this. The very first day of my school when I entered I was completely blank seeing the environment but not for long. I went ahead and stepped further. I had to go to principal’s office but because of my shyness I was not willing to ask anyone. I kept roaming all around the school for around half an hour without talking to anyone until I was stopped by a voice. I turned around and saw something that took my body out of my senses. I was flying in the air with a beautiful girl dressed as an angel but not for long as I was awaken by her. I kept staring her for a while but didn’t say a word. She said, “You seem new in our school. Are you searching someone? I’ve been seeing you from a long time.” I was not willing to say anything instead of just looking at her. Yet I gathered all my will to reply her but before I could do so she said, “You should meet the principal. He is in the first room of the left corridor”. Saying this she turned around and went to her class and I kept staring until she vanished in thin air. I then turned myself up at the principal’s office by knowing the address from where I was escorted to my new class.

While walking through the corridor I was praying for being in her class. Well the Creator did listen to my prayers and I was in the same class in which she was there. I was introduced to the whole class so the whole class came to know me but I knew only one face. The face that made my heart pump out, the face that brought smile to my lips, the face that made me feel safe in the new place. I didn’t know what was happening to me because I had never gone through such feelings in my life.

This was completely new to me but whatever it was, made me to enjoy the feeling. Well this continued and I didn’t fail in becoming friends with her. By the way her name’s Prachi and she became my first friend in Dehradun. Well you might be thinking that there were two characters in my life. One is Prachi, who is the other one? So here comes the other one, guys. Let me introduce you to Anirudhdh who came a bit late in my life but became an important part of life.

Anirudhdh was introduced to me by Prachi. They were best friends and I joined there duo. Well I didn’t feel any kind of problems in joining them. Very soon we were very close to each other. We were always together at any point of our lives. We shared our happiness, our pains, our problems and enjoyed them altogether. Anirudhdh used to say that no problems can stand for long against us as we are not alone but are three soldiers fighting together for each other. They both were from a high profile family but never let me felt that I did not match their profile. They had a belief that friendship comes with trust, understanding and love. Money has nothing to do with this. Away from my family I never thought of getting friends as them. They were my second family. To me friendship was no more a mere relationship but it became my entire world.

Well, days passed and we continued with our friendship and our life, but along with that continued my secret love. I loved Prachi a lot but didn’t get enough guts to say her. Time passed by and we went to Delhi for our further studies. We got admitted in same college as we all decided to remain together. Our lives were on a smooth and joyous track. We enjoyed each and every moment of our life. Life had nothing better than this to any one of us. While going through these I never forgot my aim as my friends were always there to keep me reminded about my family. But these two were not only my friends. We were joined by another member soon in Delhi. She was Prachi’s cousin Pratyusha. We became good friends and she got involved with us very soon. By the way my friend here was flattered by her looks and was in love with her.

This wasn’t told to me by him but I knew that he loved her and he had the same feeling what I was having towards Prachi for last two years. We both were afraid to confess our loves so we never gave a try. Life, in this manner continued and we were enjoying ourselves. With this essence of friendship and added flavor of love made our life a bit complicated but we were happy. I, as usual remained in books for hours and rest of the time with them until this day. Life is not always so easy to enjoy its fullest. Though we were altogether fighting for each other but at this moment of life we couldn’t do anything. I still don’t know why God made this thing to happen. He could be so cruel I never thought of such, not even during my father’s death.

On this day Anirudhdh was about to confess his love in front of Pratyusha. I was very happy for him. He didn’t tell me about it but I came to know, after all he’s my best friend. But something strange happened. Before he could do anything Pratyusha revealed a strange and bitter truth about her feelings that brought a hurricane to both of our lives. The truth was Pratyusha’s love towards me and she wanted Anirudhdh to tell me that she loved me. This was really shocking for me. I was confused, completely in a dilemma of what to do. I knew he wasn’t going to tell me that and I too wanted the same but what about his feelings? But guys this wasn’t enough as a bigger thunder was coming. It was Prachi who came to Anirudhdh and said she loved him. Now this time I felt like a sword piercing straight into my heart and slowly taking away my life.

Well they both revealed their feelings leaving my friend there to cry but no one knows that there is not only Anirudhdh crying. One more heart’s there that is bleeding and trying to kill itself but failing to do so. This was not enough as both of them appeared again to my friend and warned him of killing themselves. This present condition of my friend can never be understood by anyone. I don’t know why he is not coming up with the situation to me. How could he love each of us so much that he’s isolated himself instead of coming to us? How could he care for us so much that he’s bearing the pain all alone instead of sharing it with us? I am unable to understand what to do? How would I manage my friendship and love simultaneously? What should I do to get all of us together? Was our friendship this much strong to shatter like this? Where was the fault in our friendship?

I know none of my friends are in peace now. I don’t know what Anirudhdh is doing right now. The only thing I know is his pain. Remember guys I told you that I am having a valid reason for thinking those absurd questions. This is the reason. Why am I here? Why have I taken birth on this mortal earth? Why isn’t there any peace? Guys I don’t know what I’ll be doing next but I am sure that our lives are going through steep ups and downs and we have to survive this because my friend once said that:


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