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Seeta B



Seeta B


Kindness And True Values

Kindness And True Values

5 mins

Today I planned to meet one of my friends and it will be a surprise for her. When I started and on the way was remembering our old times. While crossing one of the junction I saw one of my very old friends crossing that road. I got down there itself and thought to meet him first. 

This was after long years we were meeting so started sharing our lives. We got so busy in our conversation we didn't even notice that we were standing at the same junction for more than half an hour. 

Suddenly one small boy approached us and started forcing us to buy a few pens from him. He was looking very dull and tired. We first refused to buy as was busy in our talks. This little boy again approached my friend. "Sir, please buy some pens, I am very hungry" 

My friend "We do not want this pen". My friend offered him some money as the boy was looking really very hungry. He denied taking that money and said: "if you are not willing to buy pens, I can't take this money. I am a poor but not a beggar."

My friend "can you wait here for 5 min we will buy pens from you? " 

He replied, "yes, sure". 

I was unable to understand all this. 

My friend asked me to accompany him to the next junction. We approached a cab to go to the next junction. Initially, that driver refused to go in that direction. The driver was hungry as well and was trying to last ride towards his home back. Somehow my friend convinces him that we will have a return trip.

While going there I got a call. And this was surprising to me, the call was from the same friend whom I planned to meet. And a big surprise that she called me to express her happiness that she is out of town on a surprise holiday. 

By the time I was talking to her, my friend collected some snacks parcel and we were back at that junction. The little boy was sitting at one corner. My friend gave him one packet of snacks. The boy refused to take that packet and offered some pens to buy. Finally, my friend convinced him to take that parcel in exchange for one pen. 

My friend insisted him to have that snack first and then only he will take that pen. Finally, the poor boy started to have that.

Being curious, I asked that little boy how come you were sure about us that you were waiting here? He replied "I was so tired to go anywhere and I trusted God, as he gave me hope at this junction will surely fulfill here itself. And I was sure if not you, someone will buy pens from me.

In the meantime, that cab driver was still waiting for passengers. My friend went to him and gave one packet to him with some requests that he could not refuse to accept. My friend just requested him that I understand you are hungry and want to reach out to your place to eat something, but also looking for passengers to earn some more money. Please accept these snacks have it at least for the time being but kindly don't refuse any passengers for the ride, you never know, maybe someone in a real hurry to reach somewhere. 

I was just wondering all this, this was a kind person since I know, but to this extend was a surprise for me too. 

The story doesn't end here. Now, this little boy has finished half portion and started to wrap the rest of the portion to move from there. My friend asked him are you really satisfied with half of it only? He replied no, but I am keeping this for my little sister as I am not sure if she had anything to eat so far. My friend really a great person, he insisted him to finish that and handed over one more packet for his sister. He first refused to take another packet, but being so kind gesture he accepted. 

While the little boy was finishing his snacks my friend has continued the conversation with him. During that he asked about his studies, this boy was learning, but unable to attend school. My friend returned him that pen saying that you use this pen while your personal studies. Finally, somehow he accepted that pen as well. 

One thing I could not stop myself to ask him why he had taken so much effort to go by cab to collect some snacks instead of giving him more money in exchange for pens. 

And his reply was as wondering as he himself. He told me firstly that boy would not have taken that money, secondly, there was no nearby shop where he would have to purchase something to eat. So even if we would have taken some pens from him, to eat something he had to keep searching the store. And possibly the amount may also be insufficient to buy anything fulfilling. 

This story has many aspects. The more we look from any angle the deeper it seems to be. This went to that extend as self-respect and true value had deeply cultivated in that little boy at that young age. He refused to take the money though he was in need of money but wanted to have that through his sell only. 

By offering that packet to the cab driver, he not only helped him but cleared the way for someone unknown.

May God give such kindness and values of life to every human being.

Thank you.

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