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Seeta B

Abstract Children Stories Inspirational


Seeta B

Abstract Children Stories Inspirational

Attitude Of Gratitude

Attitude Of Gratitude

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These days, we hear this very frequently “Attitude of Gratitude”.What does it mean? 

It means, to be thankful for everything in our life. Thankful to whom? Thankful to Supreme power or God whosoever we believe in. If you do not believe in any of these, be thankful to your parents. Because of them, you are in this world. We should be thankful for each small or big thing happening to us every day.

We will first see this through one short story: 

One bus was passing through the mountaineer road. Being difficult terrain the bus was already running late. Just before one turn, one old person requested a bus conductor for a natural call emergency. Looking at the old man the driver also agreed, so they had a very short halt. Everyone on the bus was getting annoyed by the old man that we are already getting late and now further delay for this old man. 

This bus was at a halt so another bus took over this bus. Now as the bus moved ahead and about to take a turn on that difficult terrain, there was a landslide. The bus which was just before this bus was crushed in that landslide. Everyone on that bus was dead. Everyone on this bus was shocked looking at that incident. They were the eyewitness to that accident. 

Someone from the bus started thanking God for saving them by just a moment. But someone realized that we were a bit late because of that old man. Everyone then thanked him and apologized for their behavior. Because of that old man, everyone was saved on this bus.

We never know what’s there in the future for us, we start reacting at every small thing just because not happening according to our wish. We should thank God for every breath we take. In this way, we should be happy and thankful to each and every situation of our life. 

Now will see some daily routine example: When you fall sick, you will say what’s great in that? What’s there to be thankful to God for this? While you fall sick, so your body will take some rest now, which you were not taking for long and were keeping yourself busy at work. You also wanted to take a break but due to work pressure unable to. But now you have a chance to take a break and enjoy the company of your dear ones while in the bed. 

Actually it is only up to us, how we look at situations and take that in our favor or against us. Like every coin has two sides, unless we turn we see only one side and is a fact for us. To see the other side we had to take efforts to turn the coin. 

In schools, we appear for exams, why? Why we attend and put all our efforts to clear that exam? We take and like to clear that exam to go in the upper grade/class. Right?Same here when there is any difficult situation in our life, just compare it with school exams. Our future depends on how we face that tough situation of our life. Every situation gives us some of the other lessons, whether we take or not is total unto us.

If you keep crying every time, why me, then will not gain anything from your situations and will live your life as it was, no change. Do you want to change/improve one? We have to trust that supreme power or any of his form, if not then our parents that will give us the power to come out of every situation we are facing. And for that, we should be thankful to them for every moment.

When we are thankful in every situation, the difficult situation will automatically turn into light ones. Actually it’s not the situation changes but our energy or will power boosts up and we wish all our ease cross that period just by believing in that energy. 

By thanking God, you also appreciate his blessings. When we appreciate someone for the did, the person will be filled with gratefulness and love and will do more good for you. You will be thankful only if you believe and trust that whatever happens happens for the best. By thanking God, we actually show that we are utilizing the blessings we received so far and are very happy with all these.

This topic has so much depth in itself but for now, I think this much is enough. Thank you my Gurudev Dada J.P. Vaswani, following his such wonderful words changed my life a lot. Now at every situation, l am able to see the positive side of it. Even in the worst situation, I am able to see bright tomorrow. 

So just follow the Attitude of Gratitude and make your life easy.

Thank you.

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