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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra



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 The smell of sweaty boys mixed with too much cologne was robust that morning. The tile under her feet was hard and colorful, their mascot was the Charging Ducks with the color purple and green. Running was something that never made sense to her why would you purposely do something you hate doing, especially when two adults who need it more than she does just stand in the middle of the room and watch. She also hated the feeling of having to take her clothes off in front of other people even if it was just girls. She felt awkward even though she knew she had the best figure in school.

Then Jenny was suddenly pushed from behind and was forced straight to the floor where she hit her knees then her face on the ward hard floor. Then enraged she got up thinking she was going to hit one of the boys. When she got up there was a short chubby little freshman saying I’m sorry over and over. If it were anyone else she would have bit their head off but instead she adjusted with a rude remark.

“It’s okay fataso just watch where you’re putting that big gut next time.” Then she started her jog again.

When she turned back she saw the kid jogging with his head down. She turned back around without a second thought. The back of her arm started to itch as she was running but she ignored it because she didn’t want to ruin her perfect skin.

After class she looked in the mirror to see the spot behind her arm was all red and the skin was very rough. What is this she thought to herself, then she started to hear someone coming so she quickly threw down her sleeve over the mark and pretended to fix her hair.

“Hey Jenny!” She heard Louis say in her high pitched baby voice that pissed her off to no extent.

“Hey squeaky.” She said in the same high voice she had used.

“So what’s up I didn’t know you took this class?” Jenny gave her the dirtiest look because they had literally talked through most of the class. “What is in your hair?” She looked confused and then went to reach for her head but Jenny stepped back.

  “Do NOT touch my hair.” She looked in the mirror to see two big hard objects growing right behind her hairline. “ARE THOSE HORNS?!” And then she fell straight back.

 When her eyes groggily opened she saw the nurse’s fat nose in her face and jumped out of her seat.

  “You’re okay sweetie I am just the nurse please let me look at your head.” She said while reaching out to her.

  “No get your grubby fingers away from me.” She said as she stood up and forced her way out of the room. The nurse tried to grab her. “Get your fat nose and your witch fingers off me!” When she walked out the door she got caught by something and felt a tugging pain in her rear end. Her tail had got caught in the door, Wait my tail?? She thought. When she turned around she saw a long red pointy tail sticking out of the back side of her pants.

   Jenny was so nervous she had never felt like this before it was like her heart was about to jump out of her chest and attack someone. Her arms and legs were both shaking uncontrollably and when she stood up she fell like she was going to fall right back down. And as if it wasn’t bad enough she saw Henry walk down the hallway. Henry was Jenny’s crush but she had never been able to get his attention it always seemed like he was focused on someone else besides her. But for some reason Henry out of all the times to do it walks up to her looking for help.

  “Excuse me do you-?” His sentence had been cut short by the look of a surprised baby seeing candy for his first time.


  “You uhhh… Are uhhh… Do you uhhhh. I think I’ll ask someone else.” Then he nervously walked off without saying another word.

  When Jenny got home she took her clothes off to see if anything else had changed. Her body was quite thin but when she took her clothes off all she saw was thick, gritty, red skin covering her entire body now stopping right below her neck. She realized that her nails were no longer nails they were claws, sharp long claws. The tail is what had scared her the most because she knew that she could never get it removed. So after crying for hours on end she decides to tell her dad because that’s who she lived with at the moment.

  “We need to go to a doctor Jenny.” Her dad exclaimed with nothing but fear in his voice.

  “No you idiot I cannot let people see me like this.”

  “Well I guess you’re just gone have to deal with it then if you wane be like that.”

  “God you’re more useless than Trump was in office 60 years ago no wonder mom left you.” Then she ran to her room and didn’t come out till the morning.

  When she woke there was a double barrel pointed straight at her face. She instantly jumped out of her bed and everything within 6 feet of her fell over. She looked back only to realize that she had big long wings and the person holding the double barrel was her father.

  “Dad?” When she spoke the voice that came out was not hers, it sounded as if she was possessed and her voice was as deep as she would imagine the devil’s to be.  

  “WHERE’S MY DAUGHTER?!” A loud bang was heard from all the way on the other side of town and police were there in less than five minutes. When they saw what was on the ground they immediately wrapped it up and took it away and Jenny was never found or heard from ever again.




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