Shivansh Choudhary

Tragedy Thriller


Shivansh Choudhary

Tragedy Thriller

Just another day at the Hospital

Just another day at the Hospital

5 mins

The appointment was in a part of a hospital that Phil had never been to before. Doctor Mark was usually the one whom he used to meet but he was not as talented and expensive as Doctor Paul. 

He was addressed by a nurse to a different section of that hospital which was less populated, it was more modern and clean. He was passed through a series of double doors and was brought to the reception desk.


Doctor Mark was the one who gave Phil a chance to meet with a more talented Doctor. Phil was told by Mark that it may be something serious, but he himself wasn’t sure about that.


Phil’s paperwork was very brief and it took almost fifteen minutes. Then he was sent to the waiting room. That was the cleanest waiting room he ever saw. 


There were approximately twenty patients sitting there. Phil took his place on the first empty bench, worrying that whether it was Doctor Mark who gave him a chance to meet with Doctor Paul or was it his disease. Phil took a look around the room, there was very little movement in the room, most people were busy with their mobile phones and there was pin-drop silence there, even the television was muted with the news playing on it. 


There was a woman sitting beside him whose hands were shaking continuously and but she was using her mobile phone as this was normal for her. 


After a while a woman came in and called for Finn Mertens or Martens. And then a boy accompanied by her mother came, there was a big lump on the back of the head of that boy, it was the size of an apricot. 


Phil was worrying not because of his appointment but because he had promised Emma to help her make dinner, which they usually do every weekend. He did not even tell her about the appointment. 


Phil was experiencing pain in his joints for over a month now. His days were pretty normal but at night joint pain and night sweat were persistent. There was this last week when he fainted, in his office. That was the reason his doctor wanted him to see Paul. Phil couldn’t tell why it concerned Mark that much.


Suddenly the flow of patients started increasing, instead of twenty there were almost fifty patients now, still it was very quiet there.


Each patient was invited in by a young doctor, Phil was still sitting there wondering what all patients there suffering from. Phil was seeing every patient being called on, some patients were very normal but some were very worse, there was this woman who was in a wheelchair and an unusual smell was coming from her covered legs, and there was this guy whose hand was covered with stitches, it was probably a case of an accident. There was also this blind woman in her fifties with her husband.


After seeing these patients going on Phil could tell what it took to meet Doctor Paul. 


Patients were continuously called on and then there were only five patients left now . Now Phil was worrying completely. In all this time Phil was trying to think what can his disease probably be but still, he didn’t have an answer.


“Phil Edwards,” said Doctor Nina. Phil stood up, he was not expecting his name. 

“Thank you for your patience. I’m the registrar who’ll be sitting in on your consultation with Doctor Paul. I’m sorry about the delay”.


Doctor Nina addressed Phil in a room where Doctor Paul was there, sitting with Phil’s file in his hands.

Phil thought that Doctor Paul would be a small and veiny person, but Doctor Paul was quite average in size and was quite fit.


“How are you, Mr. Edwards? Take a seat” said Paul

Phil took a seat in front of Doctor Paul without saying anything. 


“I am sorry but you may have cancer, Phil,” said Paul.


Phil was shocked about the tone in which Paul said them like it was not that serious. Phil couldn’t say anything and just sat there listening to Doctor Paul.


Doctor Paul carefully conveyed to Phil the technicality and dangers of his treatment and how his life will not be normal anymore.


Phil hardly listened to anything after the word ‘cancer’, he went numb. He was no more worried now because he knew about his disease but a fear was coming to him and lots of questions. 


“Please meet us tomorrow at this time okay?” said Doctor Nina.


And Phil was sent out, Phil wanted to ask something but couldn’t say anything. As Phil was leaving, completely shocked, he saw another patient entering with Doctor Nina, Phil thought their life will also probably change after that.


Phil didn’t take a cab home and was walking. He was numb and couldn’t think about anything except Emma and what would be her reaction after the news. Phil didn’t want anything to change, he was so happy, it was perfect before. Phil wanted it to be a dream but it was not.


‘Buzz Buzz’

“Coming,” said Emma.

Phil’s heartbeat increased, what would he tell her?


“Hello darling,” said Phil.

“I am upset with you, you broke our promise.”

“I want to tell you something” 


Emma knew by his tone that it was something important. She was a little concerned as Phil never talked in a tone like that. 


They both went to the dining room.

 “Sit down,” said Phil. He also sat beside her.


 “Is something wrong honey?” Said Emma

“I had an appointment with Doctor Paul, I told you about him”

“Yeah, I would have come with you. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“ About that hon, Doctor said I have cancer. “

After that, they both were quiet for a while.

Phil saw a tear drop from her left eye. 

“Everything will be alright honey. We will get through this.” Said Phil.


They both knew it will not be the same from now on.

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