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It's Christmas Again

It's Christmas Again

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Snow’s falling outside, children are playing and the elders are inside with hot cocoa in their hands.

Its Christmas again.

After playing in the snow for a while, mum calls the children back inside for dinner. It had become a tradition, all the tiny tots gathered around grandmother in their night dresses looking onto her eagerly for a story.

Jean, the naughtiest of them all came rushing in with an old picture in her hand. Children couldn’t help but ask her about the picture. Then she said, with a tear and smile, “This is me on Christmas!” It was her photo from 73 years ago, during the war.

Her family was in the bunker, praying for the bombs to stop. Every sound stuck a cold chill right down to the bones and every breath could be their last.

It was Christmas again.

The only festivity was to remain alive. There were no children playing in the snow. She was the youngest of five. But then war did not see her age to give her a few experiences. How could the innocent child not wait for Santa Claus in the night with milk and cookies?

This time she did not have any milk or cookies but still she waited for him all night.

Maybe he had also gone, fighting the war!

Jean shouted again,” Grandmother tell us the story!” Then grandmother wiped her half tear and her smile turned into grin and she began,” Long time ago in the forest lived a beautiful princess...”

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