Irresistibly & Irrevocably!

Irresistibly & Irrevocably!

6 mins

Jennifer had all eyes fixed on her as she walked down the carpeted floor at the venue, she could read the awestruck expressions of the guests present there. Spotting Miss Jennifer Magdalene (the girl whose comfort zone was supposed to be restricted to the library) at a party was in itself a surprise package.

Alisha spotted girls from their group as she pulled Jen and went on to join them, but Jeny was restless, her eyes hunted for the reason that had brought her here, Siddhanth. After quite long, she could lastly see Sid descending down the steps with a glass of soft drink and surrounded by what you call a ‘gang’, laughing away on jokes private to them. Their eyes met. His eyes halted on her for a while. That pretty peach colour of her tunic that perfectly blended with her complexion, her glossy black long hair that carelessly fell on her face however hard she endeavoured to tuck them behind her ear, her flawless figure, everything about her was so striking.

“B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l”, he whispered to himself, he didn’t move an inch further, attracting unwanted attention from his friends.

“She’ll be easy to get, a week max, and she’ll be in”, the cool-dude casanova Harsh chanted out his expert opinion as he winked.

“Brother fresh choice haan, Not bad,” mocked another.

If you’ve ever had even the smallest of crush on absolutely any XYZ-on the road, in school, in your neighbourhood or anywhere, you’d know for sure how just a prolonged gaze of yours can invite hundreds of brainless comments and how hyped it can be turned into in just a matter of days by your friends.

“Oh no no, dude, you know I don’t involve myself into all this,” Sid protested. Now he regretted staring at Jeny for so long, but then, it was inevitable at the moment, he thought.

“There’s always a first time, bro”, Harsh insisted,” And I know for sure, she’ll be trapped pretty quick”

Sid was tempted to give it a try, but then he backed off. He somehow could neither call off his friends nor walk to Jeny and get her ‘trapped’. He was in an actual fix. A little more insisting from his friends and he was completely convinced that it was worth a try.

“So how do I say it to her?”, he wilfully questioned Love guru, Harsh Chopra.

“C;mon Sid! It isn’t any rocket science, just go and say it to her straightaway, afterall its just three words, be a man,” he casually advised.

“Okay brother, As soon as I find Jen alone, I’ll say it to her without any further delay,” Sid postponed the event, he avoided the idea of letting out those what you call ‘three magical words’ in front of Jennifer’s entire girl gang; He could almost hear shrill giggles at the mere thought of doing so.

“It’ll be far better when she’s all by herself, maybe when the party’s done,” he muttered to himself in a volume only audible to his own self as he went to the cocktail counter to fetch himself another drink, it’d provide him with the much required punch, he thought.

It was sharp 9:40 p.m. by the large clock that hung on the mantelpiece, the party had almost wrapped up by now.

“Time for some action,” Siddhant said as he whistled around in the parking lot hunting for Jennifer (his supposedly new found love). He didn’t have to sweat much as Jen’s peach attire instantly caught his eye, she was probably waiting for Ayushi to come up with her car as she was supposed to be dropped home by her. Siddhant headed towards her in a trying-to-be-cool fashion and stopped right behind where she stood.

“Jeny”, he spoke in a tone that wasn’t at all characteristic of him and then mustering up all the courage in him, Sid took a deep breath as Jennifer turned to face him.

“I Love You”, he resumed in one breath.

Both of them stood silently before each other. Jeny regained her senses only when the Scorpio driver pressed against the shriek horn for almost ten seconds. She then uttered in a meek voice, ”I gotta go.”

She shut the door behind her and with a faint thud, sat on her bed. Sighing deep, Jen tried to relax her perplexed mind. For now it was stuck in a situation more complicated than those complex macromolecular structures in chemistry and she had no reference book to her rescue, this time.

She was puzzled, while on one hand Jeny recollected Sid’s words that spoke highly ill about love and relationship, it pricked her, yet on the other hand she couldn’t deny the intensity of emotions that those three words carried.

While she desired to ignore every disturbing thought that hit her and focus only on the better blissful part, her brain had this disobliging habit of forcibly getting her to reason out things she didn’t want to.

Relationship is nothing that I can deal with. To add to it, this is the board year. I barely get time to even flip through a novel, how on Earth will I manage a commitment,’ Jen spoke to herself.

Her school bag reminded Jennifer of school next day. She couldn’t let the things be as weird as they had been ten minutes back.

After around two long hours of debate, finally her heart took over as her brain surrendered to rationale out any further. (Yes, that is another symptom of love fever) the only problem that now popped up before her was how would she let Sid know about it. A tete-a tete confession would be too audacious a plunge for our shy Jennifer.

“Maybe a call or a simple short text would be a finer option”, she wondered.

Rummaging through her handbag, she quickly took out her cellphone

and while she planned out things in her mind, her phone rang. Needless to say, it was Sid.

I still marvel how miraculous things as such begin to occur as soon as you’re in love.

“Hey Jen”

“Hi, was about to call you.”

“Okay. Any specific reason?” he questioned, hinting at the obvious.

“No, just like that.”

None of them could think of something reasonable to talk about. After talking for another two minutes, the two of them decided to hang up.

“Bye,” greeted Sid in a weary voice.

“I don’t hate you either, Bye.” came from a shaky, nervous voice on the other end.

Before any further questions could be raised, Jeny disconnected the call, leaving Sid with a brainstorming session in his head.

“Now, how am I supposed to decipher what Miss Magdalene’s I don’t hate you either hints”, he fumed.

Does that mean she loves me? Or is it one one of her silly ways to sophisticatedly refuse my proposal? Did Jen mean she likes me as a friend? Why did she have to be a typical girl when it came to responding to a proposal?

Just then Siddhanth received a text message that cut out all the confusion,

I Love You too, Sid.”

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