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Introduction to my Memior

Introduction to my Memior

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Hello, I am new to this site and want to start off with the Introduction to a Novel I am currently revising...I would like to know from people of all kinds of background if I am missing something as an Author or do I leave you wanting to know more with my Introduction...

I'm no different than anyone else. GOD created me just like HE created YOU. I so deep and strongly believe that each and every one of us has a purpose here on Earth. A purpose not only to lead people back to Christ but to help and inspire along the way. To give hope. To show a better clearer way if and when we can.

How could one truly be able to inspire and motivate if they've never been through and come out of the same situation you have?..How could one truly empathize with you that knows nothing about the hardships you speak on because they've never experienced it?

I enjoyed writing as a teen; the dysfunction in my home environment and in my outside surroundings yet so different I knew I was and would become. Passions to Self-Love and Relationships is what I wanted to spread by writing. What I didn't know in growing older was all the details of hard lessons I would go through before my book completion.

This journey just like her childhood wasn't easy at all. She wanted out as a child. Not every moment in her writing was a happy or peaceful one and time, she had to learn to escape and follow her heart in the midst of chaos. She goes through homelessness with children and she's suffered from abuse in every form, people lied to her and she went astray as well.

All these things true and the resonating of her purpose never left her spirits. In the midst of being unsure where she and her loves would get rest.Her message to the world never left her thoughts. 

Many women and men she's had conversations with and in some form she really did understand what they were facing or their current situation always would come up from people all over and she was the stranger that truly felt another. Another sign to her that her message was still relevant and needed. 

Maybe even thirsted for. 

She never considered herself more important but wanted to inspire someone them get better.

For that's all that she ever wanted to do anyhow. Help other people. Her purpose she felt.

The mere Chapter Titles of the book is a short statement to everything she's been through in life and love and then elaborated.

Only the truth is spoken here. The sad, ugly truth. Experiences that no one knew at first but Her and GOD. Embarrassing and Truthful yet purposeful like Jesus taking up his cross and walking with it to his death. Purposeful and True with power in it forever. Jesus Christ died and rose again for our sins and for the love of the US even when we didn't know who we were and confused by his message yet HE rose again with ALL the Power in his hands.

This same man who created everyone..

So how is it this true and yet still so much..GOD I know you're real but who else knows me and will love me and speak in realness and in Love.

The intent and purpose of this book is to inspire and encourage, to let be known to as many people as she can reach by giving real life experiences and examples of coming from hurts and self-sabatoge how her mind changed and not quickly but how she eventually gave herself more and new life thereafter.

How life can, should, and will go on.

Everyone has their own definition of success..what they feel like seems them successful in life.

Her completion.

Her Message Given in print into YOU.

She has reached success

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