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“Sorry, Summer. Your Papa and I figured out the distance and, I am afraid, we can’t arrive until dawn.”

This was a very bad news for Summer.

“No problem, Mom,” she said. “I will wait for you. Uncle Tom’s my best pal. Tell him my regards.”

“Sure, dear,” her mother smiled. “He is in good health and has sent you lots of bonbons. We will arrive by the crack of dawn and I would divorce your Papa if he doesn’t make it.”

“I am driving fast, dear,” her father shouted. “Just be careful and brush your teeth.”

“Don’t worry, honey. Go to sleep and we will surprise you by morning. And we can go cycling by the river. Fine? You can enjoy an ice-cream.”

“Okay, Mom. Just be safe and come quickly. Bye.”

“I miss you, darling.”

“I miss you, too.”

The call was kept down.

Summer felt sad after hearing the news of the delay. It rang worse than her teacher’s homework. Still, she decided to wait till morning and meet her parents who were visiting her uncle. She couldn’t make it due to her test and had to be left alone at home. Though she was just seven, she was intelligent enough to follow her Mama’s rules and played with her toys in the bedroom.

“Only if I had a brother or puppy for company,” she mused. “Or even a sister. I don’t mind sharing my dolls and bed with her.”

Summer felt drowsy still, she kept playing with her dolls. It was past midnight and the whole house was silent. Only the lights in her bedroom and living room were kept on.

An hour passed and the window of the kitchen was opened by some uninvited visitor from outside.

He was a thief.

He entered the kitchen and silently closed the window in the dark. He had rich intentions of robbing the whole neighbourhood by dawn and started with this lovely house. He carried a gun and bag. As he turned to explore the rooms, Summer stood in the hallway with her doll and observed him in silence.

“Are you a visitor?” Summer asked.

“That’s none of your concern,” the thief groaned in a harsh voice. “Now you little pony, get out from my way before I roast you.”

He showed her the gun. But little Summer considered it a toy.

“Anyway,” she smiled. “You are a lot better than Dracula and Frankenstein! My parents are not at home and I am afraid being alone. Will you be my friend?”

The thief turned his back towards her and started his journey to the bedroom first.

“So the family’s away…” He thought and chuckled on the prospect of stealing everything without any disturbance, except for this stupid girl.

“Relax on the sofa,” Summer shouted from behind. “You look tired.”

He didn’t pay any attention and employed in his usual job. This was going to be his big day, no… Big night!

But he couldn’t enjoy his job in peace.

“Can you get me the milk from the ice box?” Summer peeped into the bedroom and asked. “It’s too high.”

“Get away from here, you stupid girl,” he grumbled and continued.

Summer was unaware of any misconduct as her dolls were safe. She went away.

“I cut my finger pulling the drawer,” she reappeared again after sometime with a bandage. “Can you help me?”

“Get out of here!” he shouted. She went away.

He continued his work and was about to finish when she came again.

“Do you like marshmallows?”

This time, he was beyond anger due to another disturbance. With great fury and boundless rage, he shot the girl dead. She lay motionless in a pool of blood at the door.

He packed everything and left the bedroom. He thought of leaving through the same kitchen window.

As he moved forward to the window for the exit, he noticed something on the dining table. The kitchen room light was on and he could clearly see the arrangements.

On the table, were two cups of hot tea, cookies, sandwiches and a box of marshmallows.

He broke down.



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