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India Incorporation

India Incorporation

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I shall now relate to you the story of India or Hindustan, a divine country of sages, saints, intellectuals alike, and a prosperous nation once upon a long time. Every individual then contributed to nation-building.

Presently it is an amalgamation of ignorant + indifferent + arrogant sections of people in different proportions with different polarities and mentalities!

In India we have 3 sections or categories of people :

1. Economically backward and illiterate people who are in majority and are either in a confused state or in a blissful state; they are never in a state of reality. These people belong to the Ignorant category of India Inc.

2. Informed, knowledgeable, and educated ones who are indifferent and mind their own business; these people, who are defined as "middle class", can make a difference to the society but sadly they won't because they belong to MYOB type. These so-called middle-class people belong to the Indifferent category of India Inc.

3. Elite, super-rich, & powerful people (movers & shakers) defined as "creamy layer" who are in minority; they are the privileged and pampered ones. These so-called "creamy layer" belong to the Arrogant category of India Inc. Ironically it is this section of "arrogant minority" which acts as the spoil-sport and corrupts the nation.

I have 3 options for making or creating a "shining and vibrating" India Incorporation

● Uplift & educate the "ignorants" and build the society

● Take the educated & middle class "indifferent ones" into confidence and strengthen the society

● Do not spare and pamper the "arrogant" and avoid spoiling society !

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