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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Harish Raja

Fantasy Others Children


Harish Raja

Fantasy Others Children

Humans In A Cage

Humans In A Cage

3 mins

          Mr.Cock roared like an alarm as usual In the morning. But humans do not come outside the houses, his owner also not come.

Next two days also the same situation. Mr Cock was confused and think seriously. That time, Miss.Crane come to meet Mr. cock 

and said last two days Air is fresh and River water is very clear in our city you know that Mr.COCK?

HOO....... is it true? In streets also empty, children are not going to school. What happened to our city? Ask Mr.Cock.

 I don't know, all shop's and Industries are also closed. Then humans are wearing "MASK" in their face.

Miss.Crane, In "CHAMPAK VAN" Mittu Bear arranged an urgent meeting. My Grandpa also went.

        Oohooo, come we will watch what happened in the streets. That time Pussy cat fastly crash with Mr.Cock. Ooo!!! little pussy

why you crash me? ''Mr.Cock ask in a very angry voice. ''Sorry Mr.Cock, inside our home, my uncle and aunty are discussing that virus. I get afraid and ready to move ''Champak Van'', said little Pussy cat.

Hooo, we also ready to go "Champak Van'', come let's move. But before reaching the ''Champak Van'' forest we would collect the details of the virus. So, we split here and we meet in front of ''Champak Van Banyan tree''. Come let us go - Said Mr.Cock.

After one hour they met and attend the meeting. 

     In meeting Mittu Bear ask what is going on in the city? Why humans are not coming outside? Something new disease spread in the city.

Humans are afraid about that, Said Miss.Crane's Grandfather. 

    What kind of disease is this? How we know about that?, ask Mittu Bear.

    We collect the details, Mittu Bear, its name is ''CORONAVIRUS''. It spread very fastly in cities. On the way to our forest we saw some homes inside. Humans are very sadly discussing and T.V news Inform the efforts. 

    Mr.Cock said, yes king... not only our city... all over the world this virus spread and lots of humans have died, Pussy Cat said.

    Ohh noooo, very serious situation going in cities, we are helpless this time, said the king. 

    In streets no human, no vehicles, shops, schools, industries, and all companions are locked without announcing opening date. ''humans stay inside their home'', said Miss.crane I saw and heard some kids are happy and enjoying inside the home with their parents. They do what they want to do. I saw one kid drawing... ''humans In A Cage''..Yes he also explains to his Grandpa. Now Humans in a cage and animals are freely moving in the streets. They are enjoying and drinking Clean water and Breath clean air and Eat freshly green foods. But we couldn't collect vegetables and couldn't breath with this mask. What a bad time for us Grandpa!!? when this ''Lockdown will over''? what are the symptoms of this virus? Said the boy at home. 

     Dear Kittu, I don't know when ''lock down will over and when we will be free from this home''. This ''COVID-19" Virus symptoms are Fever, Cough, Headache, Throat pain, Tasteless. Still, now medicine and vaccine are not discovered of this virus. So we do some precautions like  Maintain social distance, Proper hand wash, Personal hygiene, Wear a mask when we go outside.

    King Mittu Bear said, I afraid any danger is coming for our ''Champak Van''. Now we are safe. I think humans learn a good lesson in this situation and correct their mistakes. This lockdown gave clear water, Pure Air and Noise, and other Pollution-Free Environment. The Ozone larger hole is automatically closed due to this clear Environment, said the Peacock.

          Yes, This Earth is not 

                   Only for humans......

           But, Humain only destroyed

                    And polluted our Earth.......

           If humans correct their mistake

                     All will go smooth.......

           If it continues 

                 '' HUMAIN IN A CAGE '' again........


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