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How I changed my Life

How I changed my Life

5 mins

I had completed the time machine at last in 2028 after 18 years of hard work, now I just need someone to test it, but who will? Manav sat and thought for a while and came to a decision, he was going to test it.

Manav was an engineer and a physicist but not a successful one. A long time ago Manav had made a machine which made the skull stronger and he had an animal test it, but unfortunately, his machine worked wrong and the animal died and from that day onwards, he decided that he will test all his projects on himself. Manav only had one machine successful ‘mind enhancer’ which made his mind so strong that he remembered everything.

Manav knew that if something went wrong he would never be able to come back, but he still wanted to go and test his time machine.

Before testing it Manav decided to do a little maths, he wanted to predict what can happen and he wanted to call his mom last time before he test’s it.

Manav loved his mom a lot, whatever he did in his life was to make his parents proud of him, his dream was to make his parents proud of him.

He was good at his studies and got good grades but, he still thought he should do something that makes the world proud of him. He did not get along with the scientist community as he took almost two decades to finish a project he wanted to show them that he is good enough.

Manav finished his maths and altogether he had 3 possibilities which were:

1.    He could get stuck and never come back.

2.    He could come back and show the world the impossible.

3.    He could change the history, which cannot be good, which can even lead to affect his existence

Now the second thing he called up his mom, but unluckily she did not pick up, so he decided to text her

Mom, I have finally made it, I am going to test it,I don’t know if I am going to come back or not, but I love you a lot. Bye.

Now was the time to test his machine.

Manav walked to his machine and said “Why was I being so dramatic.” With a sigh, Manav sat in his machine and set the date to 12 October 1994, the hospital, the day he was born. The machine started vibrating vigorously and everything started to fade. Manav was confused, he was scared, he was turning smaller. The machine took about 8 min to take Manav to1994, but something was different about him, he had turned into a baby

Soon, he found himself in a hospital, but how did he know, he should have forgotten about everything and there should be two of him. He was totally astonished, the machine had worked wrong. The next minute, a woman came in, she seemed familiar to Manav. The woman came nearer and looked more and more familiar, it was his mom, in excitement Manav said mom and he really said mom, everyone was shocked including Manav. He still did not get what was going on.

After a moment the silence broke Manav parents came running towards him and said “he spoke'' and Manav spoke again “yes I spoke” than something struck Manav that he was a baby he had to act like a baby but, what's the use now he spoke just after he was born. He then remembered about his time machine it was nowhere to be seen, he had lost it and he wanted to go back. He then looked up to his parents, he saw the huge smile on their face. He then decided to change his decision. He decided to stay and live his life again. He had to keep in mind that he can’t show his intelligence until he grows up. Still, his parents were confused about what he just said but, they decided to ignore it as it must be by fluke.

After a year.

It was Manav's birthday he had stayed safe till now but, he couldn’t take it anymore, he couldn’t act as a baby. He climbed down the bed and walked up to his mom and said “mom I want to eat” . His mom was shocked and picked him up and had the largest smile on her face, she gave him the food and soon Manav started to talk, walk, started to read books, soon joined school. He started with preschool where they teach ‘ABCD’ Manav was an engineer he of course knew 'ABCD' and soon passed his preschool in a week. He was promoted to first grade and he passed that also in a week.

He was a prodigy. During that time there were no smartphones. Manav knew how to make a smartphone and in a day he made a smartphone, his parents were proud of him. He had made a smartphone. Soon, he started making all kinds of applications, machines and he became famous. People like these are always bullied in school but, Manav was a strong kid nobody could match his strength.

At the age of two, he was in 9th grade. He had only one problem: his physical body growth will be like the growth of a baby. His height was like a two-year-old. He made his parents so proud; his dream was fulfilled. In all this happiness he forgot about the time machine but, then he thought and kept on thinking but never came to a conclusion. He could never go back, but he was okay with it; he could stay here his whole life. He had one more advantage he could learn so much that he could be the smartest person in the world.

Manav was 5. He was in college with 2phds and going for the third one. In 1999 a year for the cricket world cup and Manav knew who will win the world cup, he knew everything and started predicting things, he predicted India will win the 2011 world cup, in 2008 IPL will start and he soon became more famous.

He was only sad about one thing that he couldn’t come to the conclusion how he got here and how this all happened but it didn’t matter as he was much happier and he made his parents proud of him. What is better than a life which you can change. The best power in the world is to change time. Manav had decided to stay here and live his life, earn fame, and have exceptional power. The only problem was his physical body but what is better than having such a mind.

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