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Revathi Arunagiri



Revathi Arunagiri




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There is a cave in the Dauapat village. Whoever go inside the cave, they never come out. People in that village are so fear about it. Because so many cows, goats, hens, chicks, cats and even some children are also gone.

Mothers are crying for their gone children. Owners of cattle and animals are feeling for their lost one. So the whole village is totally affected. But no one is ready to search inside the cave.

Suddenly one day a lady comes to Dauapat. Her name is Duusa. She exposed herself as magician. She acts well and people believe her to solve the problem. 

In front of all Duusa brings some spirit. Everyone is fearful by her action. People get rid from the cave fear. No one is gone away from the village for recent days. 

One day a couple come to the village. They have come for a trip to Dauapat. They want to visit each and every places in Dauapat. They have visited temple, and some other places. 

Finally they reach that cave.

"They find a monster goglio. It has woman body upto hip and remaining part is snake".

It looks very ugli. Then and there it split child's body, cattle, animals and some books. Everything was half eaten by the monster goglio. 

The couple is seeing all the things in the cave and Goglio too. The goglio tries to attack the couple. That man fights with the monster. He couldn't control it. Monster just throws him here and there. 


That man is the Knight spirit of God. He changes his appearance as a spirit and heavily attacks that monster goglio with his lancer.

The couple come out of the cave with the monster goglio. They revealed that Duusa is the monster goglio. People are shocked by seeing the change of monster into Duusa.

All the people of Dauapat turn to thank the couple but again they shocked by seeing the couple's spirit is going to God. They all realised that the couple is the spirits sent by God. 

Dauapat village people celebrate the monster's death as well as god's healp as a festival.

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