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Subhashree Panda

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The term 'friend' may imply an eventual end, but the essence and lived experiences paint a portrait of an immortal connection.

From my personal journey, I've encountered both kinds of friends – those as loyal as a faithful hound and others as acerbic as the bitterest gourd.

Some friends have stood by my side through moments of sorrow, while others have been the very cause of it.

From a state of introversion to one of unbridled audacity, our bond has only deepened with time. I fondly recall moments of sharing lunchboxes, and perhaps occasionally, indulging in a friend's meal without permission.

From solitary study sessions to engaging in the camaraderie of group study, from healing physical wounds to addressing the depths of psychological turmoil, they have been the unwavering therapy.

The journey alongside friends has been the most comforting melody of my life.

A few sweet lines of poetry to capture the sentiment:

In friendships' garden, blooms both sweet and sour,

A timeless bond, its beauty to endure hour by hour.

Through joy and sorrow, we find our way,

In the tapestry of life, friends forever stay.

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