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Karthik Reddy

Fantasy Others


Karthik Reddy

Fantasy Others

For Time, For Stability, For Our Existence

For Time, For Stability, For Our Existence

31 mins

Discovery of Bitentinati:

Year 2059:

In the year 2059, Voyager 9, a space probe launched by NASA on January 18, 2023 found a new planet out of the Sun's heliosphere. By the images given by Voyager 9, we found that the conditions on that planet were favorable for our survival.

Year 2078:

On September 5, 2078; Bruce Marshall, Hailey Rae and 21 others became the first to step on the new planet. They landed in the middle of a forest. Soon, they found other humans on the planet. They were so primitive. They were stone age men, and belonged to the species Homo sapiens. There were two classes of people on that planet, one dominating on the other.

On November 17, 2078; the planet was officially named as “Bitentinati.” 

From 2078 to 2107:

Many people moved from Earth to Bitentinati. First, the people of Earth supported the lower class people against the domination of higher class people over them. They tried to establish equality. But other countries from earth had issues with it. They feared that those nations would take control over the new planet. They started supporting the higher class. Many wars took place in this period. Many people died. So, this period from 2078 to 2107 is called “The period of Paradise Lost.”

Year 2107:

Treaty of 3rd sector:

The Treaty of 3rd sector was a peace treaty signed on October 30, 2107 in 3rd sector. The treaty ended all the wars on Bitentinati. It strictly banned the use of nuclear weapons anytime in the future. They celebrated 30th of October as “Peace day” every year.

The Planet was divided into 12 sectors. 3rd sector is the main sector, where the President lives. It is the Capital city of the Planet.

Year 2159:

A father’s duty:

Field Marshall John Watson, was the Chief of the Army Staff of the Bitentinati Army during the HoroHarad war of 2152 in the 5th sector, and the first Bitentinati Army officer to be promoted to the rank of field marshall. His active military career spanned two decades and five wars. He was the best military strategist they had. He won the HoroHarad war against all the odds. His strategies were surprising to the enemies. He would give that confidence to his men. How bad the situation might be, they would still believe in John.

His wife Deborah was suffering with blood cancer. She died in 2159. His son Billy was eight when she died. He made a promise to his wife that he would look after Billy. Then, he left the army to look after his son.

Year 2169:

The Rebellion of Meir’s clan:

The Meir’s clan of the 9th sector rebelled against the government. They were too strong. They had an army of 3,000,000. They were brutal. They went to villages and killed innocents. They did not spare women and children. This made the President very angry. But, the Treaty of 3rd sector strictly banned the use of nuclear weapons. So, President was left with no choice but to call John Watson to solve the problem.

John was given an army of 1,000,000 brave men with deadly weapons. They had machine guns, artillery, grenades, gatling guns, shotguns, M1 garands, M4 carbines and cannons. But the Meir’s clan outnumber them. Every man of John’s army should kill three of them before they die. The Meir’s clan were in the Shadyvale forest at the border between 9th and 10th sectors. It was a mountain forest. There, John got an advantage. They were at the lower altitude and John's men were at a higher altitude. He played it very clever. He waited until most of them climbed up halfway. Almost 1,000,000 of them climbed and camped at half the altitude. Then, John started his attack. He led the war and won the war with his surprising strategies.

After the war, the remaining members of the Meir's clan ran into the caves. They decided to kill John. They attacked the military camp at night and killed John.

Billy was unable to accept his father’s death. He got mad. He did not give up on his father’s death. He strongly fixed to bring him back. He started his research on the “Time Maze planet, Stalk.”

Discovery of Stalk, The Time Maze Planet:

The lucky turmeric merchant:

Year 2144:

Nirvan Patel is an Indian turmeric Merchant. He was taking 15 tonnes of turmeric to Sector 5 on his private licensed interplanetary spacecraft, “Kalinga 791.” Due to some technical issues, Kalinga 791 lost it’s way. He lost the control of it. The destination coordinates were disrupted. He was stuck in space. After 14 months, he finally approached to a planet. He entered the planet and landed in the middle of a desert. He had an amphibous vehicle, “Studbaker Weasel 53.” He took it and went around for help. He found a city at the end of the desert. He reached it and went inside. He found no one in the streets. There was a space station at some distance. He reached the space station and went inside. Something big was happening there. He saw some people there. He heard them talking,

Person 1: This is madness. I think we should run some more tests. The DB is not ready for this long time travel.

Person 2: Don’t worry, it is ready. Once we get to know the ori site, we will possess the ultimate power. We can rule the whole universe.

Suddenly, tremors started in that place. Everybody started running. They went to the emergency escape pods. Nirvan followed them. Each escape pod carried only one person. Nirvan took an escape pod and went out. He went out of the Destiny Fulcrum. He started flying. When he looked behind, he found the place was eating up all the matter. It’s like the place is getting eaten up by a black hole. Everything behind him was vanishing. He got to full speed and was escaping off the planet. Finally, everyone behind him died. He is the only person to get out from there safely.

He finally reached Bitentinati in that escape pod after 15 months.

It was recorded as the luckiest incident in the history. Escaping a disaster this size was unbelievable.

To find more about that planet, BSRO (Bitentinati Space Research Organisation) sent Voyagers. They got pictures from Voyager 72, Voyager 73 and Voyager 75. First, it showed forests, and after few hours in the same place, it showed drought. After some more time, there was nothing. After some more time, they saw forests again. They got confused. Frank Rubio, a BSRO scientist, analysed the changes on the planet carefully for months and finally gave a statement, “The people of that planet had advanced technology. They might have invented a time travel machine. But, while using it, they were unable to control it. It resulted in destruction. It resulted in loss of stability of space time over some radius.We did not find the correct radius, it might be 2000 to 2500 km from the centre of the planet. The patterns of time are different on that planet. We failed to predict the changes. They were totally new every time.”

On June 9, 2147; that planet was officially named as, “Stalk, the Time Maze.”

Billy’s hope on Stalk:

Billy joined in the BSRO. He studied the work of Frank Rubio. He met Nirvan and got some useful information.

Year 2175:

The pictures they got from Voyagers were unable to show them if there are humans on the planet.

On June 21, 2175; BSRO sent Stalk Reconnaissance Orbiter 1. The mission was led by Billy. It was a successful mission. SRO1reached it’s orbit on May 22, 2176. It orbits at a radius of2200 km from the centre of Stalk with a speed of 5.9 km/s.

On September 6, 2176, BSRO sent Stalk Reconnaissance Orbiter 2. This mission was also led by Billy and it was also successful. SRO2 reached it’s orbit on June 13, 2177. Itorbits at a radius of 2051 km from the centre of Stalk with a speed of 7.3 km/s.

They got so much information from SRO1 and SRO2. There is no sign of humans on the planet. But, the conditions are favourable for our survival.

On May 26, 2177, BSRO sent Stalk Reconnaissance Orbiter 3. But, this mission was a failure. On July 9, 2178, they lost it at a distance of 1937 km from the centre of Stalk.SRO3 just vanished into nowhere at that point.

Billy finally reported, in the spherical region of 1937 km radius from the centre of Stalk, the stability of Space time is lost.

Overpopulated Bitentinati:

Year 2180:

One of the biggest threats to Bitentinati is overpopulation and this has become a rising concern over the years. The problem is that it is increasing at a very fast rate and this causes concern for everyone. Overpopulation is causing economic, social, and environmental issues.

The population is set to double by the year 2250 which means they will run out of resources really fast and their living expenses by then will be a lot and not affordable for a lot of people. With overpopulation, their lives could be extremely different.The farmers won’t get enough land to grow their crops and this creates more issues with the supply of food.

Because of the growing wealth gap, poor people will have the worst standard of living in the next 100 years.

The problem isn’t that they are running out of space but the standard of living is being affected, the resources on the planet are already so scarce and with this growth rate of population, the only way to live a good life is by moving to a different planet.

Project Inhabit Stalk (Project IS):

Year 2182:

Every 5 years, important people of all the 12 sectors meet and discuss about the global issues. They call it B12 Summit. 15th B12 Summit took place in the headquarters of 1st sector on January 12, 2182. The main issue was overpopulation. They implemented strict rules to control the population growth. Billy asked the President to present his idea in the summit. He presented the Project Inhabit Stalk (Project IS), at the Summit.

Billy’s plan is to take civilians of different occupations to Stalk and form a colony on the new planet. He called it Project Inhabit Stalk. The main goals of Project IS are colonisation on Stalk and to study the patterns of time. If the project is successful, slowly people can move to Stalk and settle there. This Project can be the solution for the increasing population on Bitentinati.

Nine sectors supported the project. The remaining thought playing with time was dangerous. But finally, Project IS was approved.

BSRO built the largest spacecraft for Project IS. They named it after the goddess of time, change, creation, destruction and power; “Kali”.

1106 members volunteered for the Project. Billy was the CEO of Project IS. It included 95 scientists, 108 Aviators, 71 aerospace engineers, 125 mining and geological engineers, 203

medical team, 73 marine research team, 112 civil engineers, 59 electrical engineers, 34 chemical engineers, 74 mechanical engineers and 152 agricultural personnel. The main team includes the 95 scientists. Billy is one of them. They are involved in the research on the patterns of time.

Kali started it’s journey on November 9, 2182. After 11 months 2 days, it reached the atmosphere of Stalk. The atmosphere of Stalk is divided into two layers. The bottom layer is Troposphere. It is just 234 km from the centre of Stalk. The top layer is 1703 km from the top of troposphere. It is the real time maze. So, they named it Mazosphere. They started losing contact with Bitentinati as they reached the mazosphere. After few hours, they completely lost contact with Bitentinati. They finally reached troposphere and landed in the middle of a thick forest. Billy Watson became the first man to step on Stalk on October 11, 2183.

They started analysing the stability of time on the planet. When passing through Stalk’s mazosphere, they went back in time. They time travelled hundreds of years to past. At that time, technology on Bitentinati was not sufficient to reach this planet.

All their calculations gone wrong. But they did not lose hope. Stalk’s mazosphere is the key. If they study it carefully, they can find the future. They can even reach any time they want. So, they continued their research on Stalk’s mazosphere. They decided to start time from year 1 to avoid confusion.

Year 1 on Stalk:

They moved around and studied about the geology of the planet. They found a large freshwater lake. They named it “Lake Opera”. The conditions around the lake were favourable for their survival. The oxygen levels were good and the temperature was optimum. They tested the soil around the lake. It was so fertile and suitable for cultivation. They started building houses around the lake and settled there. They cultivated rice, wheat, vegetables and also had dairy farms. They have also raised poultry farms. They formed a colony around the lake Opera. It is the first colony on Stalk. They made it the first city of Stalk and named it, “Inception”. The main team continued their research on the Stalk’s mazosphere. The mining and geology team also started their work. When they reached the core of the planet, they discovered a new element. They named it, “Corium.” The study of this element helped them to figure out the relation between time and dimensions.

Billy fell in love with his colleague Rachel. Rachel was also member of the main team. Their marriage was the first marriage on the new planet.

Year 3 on Stalk:

After two years, they had a daughter Emily. Billy saw his father John in Emily. He loved her so much. He felt like he was with his father when he saw Emily. He used to tell brave stories of John to her in her childhood. John Watson is an inspiration for many people. His intelligence and bravery also inspired Emily.

Year 28 on Stalk:

Years passed, Emily studied Astrophysics. She helped her father in the research. She worked in a unique way and she succeeded. Billy was so proud of her.

She did a long and careful research on the time patterns in the mazosphere. She extensively used corium in her research. Finally, she gave the 4 laws of space time. She presented her research, “The 4 laws of Space time by Emily Watson.” With the help of those laws, they started constructing the time machine. Then arrived the opposite parties.

The Story of opposite parties:

Year 1802:

The opposite parties are the most cruel, powerful and power seeking group in the whole universe. They are led by Salazar and his brother Balthazar. They are from the planet Kortes. They first took the control of their planet in the year 1802. It was not sufficient. They seeked for more power. They traveled across the universe and finally reached the planet Sparse.

The monks of Sparse told them that the ultimate power will be theirs if they find the origin of the universe. The opposite parties asked how could they find it. The monks guided them to Stalk.

Year 29 on Stalk:

The opposite parties entered the mazosphere of Stalk in the 1900s. But, they landed in Inception’s Year 29. Billy received them and welcomed them. He asked how did they come to Stalk. They replied, “Few years ago, Meteorites from outer space started falling on our planet. They destroyed our planet. Our planet became unsuitable for our survival. So, we left our planet. We are searching for a new planet to start a new life.” Billy told them that Stalk has a lot of resources and they can start a new life on Stalk.

The Destiny Fulcrum:

Year 35 on Stalk:

The opposite parties built their own city few miles away from Inception. The Bitentinati people also helped them to build the city. The opposite parties called the city as “The Destiny Fulcrum.”

The opposite parties found out about the construction of the time machine. They thought that the monks of Sparse sent them here to find the time machine. They planned to find the ori site with the help of the time machine. They waited until it was ready.

Dimension Bender time machine (DB time machine):

Year 40 on Stalk:

Finally they constructed a corium fuel based time machine. The time machine works on the mechanism which involves creating false dimensions in a given area and reforming the real dimensions into their place. This is done by the help of “Corium fuel.” The mining and geological engineers play crucial role. They have to mine the corium from the core of the planet. The raw material needs a lot of refining to convert it into Corium fuel. It takes three weeks of refining to get corium fuel from raw corium. The corium fuel can alter the dimensions and it leads to alteration of space time in the particular dimensions. Hence they named it as, “Dimension Bender time machine.”

On September 17, 40; they tested it on a farmland of 20 acres. It was a barren land before 100 years. The lava from a volcanic eruption made it fertile 84 years ago. So, they set to take it 100 years to the past. Fixing all the dimensions, they took the shot. The ground level went low. They tested the soil and it was infertile. It was a huge success. This news reached the Destiny Fulcrum.

The next day, the opposite parties came to Inception and told the reason for which they really came to Stalk. They told Billy that he would be spared and he would be their friend if he help them to find the ultimate power, the ori site, the origin of the universe.

But, according to the 3rd law of space time, the point of time, where the origin and the end of creation coincide should not be disturbed. If that happens, the stability of space time is lost and the reality is broken into infinite pieces. It ends the existence of everything.

Emily told them about the 3rd law. But they did not listen to her. They broke into Inception, killed a lot of people and took the DB time machine to Destiny Fulcrum. They mined tonnes of fuel from the core in a year. They processed it and prepared the DB time machine to take them to ori site.

May 10, 41 on Stalk:

Inception got information that the opposite parties are planning to time travel to the ori site on May 20, 41; which is ten days from now. Billy decided to stop them at any cost. The opposite parties have kept the DB time machine in a highly secured place. It is impossible to go there. So, Billy and his men have to wait for the big day. They will take the DB Time machine to the space station on that day. Billy and his team have to destroy the DB time machine directly on that day at the space station. The Bitentinati people took all the weapons and all the men they had. Billy know that they cannot win the opposite parties in a direct fight if they go through the main entrance or the back gate. Some part of the Destiny Fulcrum is in Moseley Hills. The opposite parties will not expect Billy’s men coming from that side. So, Billy started searching for a way through the Moseley Hills.

In this extreme situation, Emily noticed a very important thing. She went to Billy and talked to him, “This is not the first time it is happening. I don’t even have an idea how many times it had happened.” Billy did not understand what was she talking about. She explained, “The incident of Nirvan Patel, I think it is going to happen on that day. He enters the Destiny Fulcrum, we will be there at the same time destroying the DB time machine and the destruction. He escapes and goes back to Bitentinati. And then the whole cycle happens again.” Now Billy understood what is going to happen. Billy asked, “What should we do now?” Emily replied, “This time I am going to do it in a different way. You are not coming with us to Destiny Fulcrum. I will lead the war this time. I will find a way to protect you from the destruction. You should be there to stop it from happening the next time.”

Billy did not listen to her. He said, “You stay back and solve the problem. You can do it better than me. She said, “I have to be with the DB Time machine on that day. Only I can understand it’s complications and destroy it. I cannot make the cycle more worse.” Billy said, “I cannot do this to you, I cannot do this to our people.” She said, “We have to end the cycle.”

Finally, Billy accepted to stay back and do his mission.

Billy’s men finally found a secret way to the Destiny Fulcrum through Moseley Hills. The Bitentinati army is now ready for the big day.

Emily found a way to save Billy from the destruction. The Stalk Reconnaissance Orbiter 3 that BSRO sent from Bitentinati on May 26, 2177, reached the Stalk’s mazosphere on July 9, 2178. She made a lot of calculations and cracked the position of SRO3 in the mazosphere.

The mazosphere of Stalk is the best place to hide from the destruction. If he gets to SRO3 on that day, he will escape the destruction. He made his mini-spacecraft ready to travel through the mazosphere. Emily wrote a message in a device called epistler and gave it to Billy. She kept it locked and told to give it to her, the next her. She told to Billy, “You have to give it to future me at the right time and you have to figure out when will that right time be.”

The Promise:

May 20, 41 on Stalk: (The day of destruction)

Billy’s spacecraft was ready. He was preparing for the take off. Emily and Rachel came to say goodbye. Emily said, “Promise me that you will make sure the future me meets her grandpa.” Billy replied, “I promise.” Billy started his journey to the mazosphere.

Rachel and Emily along with the Bitentinati army went to the Moseley Hills. They waited for the right time and entered into the Destiny Fulcrum. The opposite parties kept all their men at the main entrance and the Back gate of the city. But, the men at the back gate saw the Bitentinati army coming from the Moseley Hills. They also informed to the men at the main entrance. All the men at the back gate left to the Moseley Hills. At the same time, Nirvan Patel landed in the desert.

Billy entered the mazosphere. He struggled a lot and finally found the location of SRO3. He entered into the SRO3 and waited for the impact.

The men who came from the back gate were unable to stop the army. By the time the men from the main entrance came, they reached the space station.

They found the DB time machine at the space station. Emily and Rachel started their work. The DB time machine was given a large amount of corium fuel and was all set to time travel to the ori site. Emily had no other choice but to destroy the time machine as she already expected.

Nirvan entered the Destiny Fulcrum from the back gate. He then came to the space station. At the same time, Emily set the DB time machine for self destruction. As the time machine was fully loaded with the corium fuel, the destruction was massive and startled the planet. Nirvan Patel took the escape pod and went out of the space station. He survived the disaster and escaped from the Stalk’s mazosphere. He reached Bitentinati after 15 months.

The hideous time cycle begins again. Only this time, Billy survived. He stayed in the SRO3. He was not able to notice anything happening outside the spacecraft. After the disaster, the spacecraft left the mazosphere and reached the land slowly. He felt the spacecraft reaching the land slowly. He did not come out of the satellite for some days. After 11 days, he came out of the satellite with his spacesuit to see what’s happening. He saw rapid changes in the climate. After few hours, the climate became stable. The environment was like when he first came to the planet. He removed his spacesuit and noticed it.

The Next Time Cycle:

Again Year 1 on Stalk:

He went to the place in the forest where they first landed. Soon he found Kali coming in from the mazosphere. He remembered Emily’s words, “Don’t do what strikes to your mind immediately. Yours actions have to be so different than what you think at the moment. That is how we will be able to break this time cycle. You have to be very careful with your decisions. You have to break the cycle and end the cycle.”

He went far away from Inception and hid the spacecraft. He decided not to approach the Bitentinati people until the opposite parties arrive at Stalk.

Billy Watson of Past and Billy Watson of Present:

The same person of different time cycles, Past Billy and Present Billy are now existing in the same time cycle on Stalk. This maybe the first time in a time cycle or maybe not.

Past Billy lived in exile for 29 years. He lived in the forest and carefully observed all their movements in Inception. He waited for the opposite parties.

Again Year 29 on Stalk:

The opposite parties arrived. Past Billy first thought to inform about them to Present Billy. But, he remembered what Emily told him, “Your actions should be different from what you think at the moment.” He stopped for a moment and started thinking differently. He decided to go with a new plan.

He went to Moseley Hills. He disguised himself as a geologist and worked for the opposite parties in building the Destiny Fulcrum. While building the city, he found some secret ways to enter the city. He struggled a lot to do the work at that age. But he never forgot the promise he made to Emily.

Again Year 35 on Stalk:

The construction of Destiny Fulcrum city has completed. Past Billy continued to work under the opposite parties as a geologist. He learned every detail about the opposite parties. He tried to find their strength and weakness. He got all the information about Salazar, his brother Balthazar and their planet Kortes. He finally understood that they came here by the guidance of the monks of Sparse planet.

Again Year 40 on Stalk:

The date of testing the time machine has come close. The date is September 13 and there is only four days left. Past Billy has to do something to divert the opposite parties. He got a plan.

Andrew Steinfield is a Bitentinati mining and geological engineer. He is the head of the mining and geology department in Inception. The opposite parties had a spy in the mining department. His name is Saawar. Saawar carried all the information about the corium and the places they were mining. He worked as a metallurgist in the mining department.

Past Billy used him to give a false lead to the opposite parties. Mt. Faro is the highest mountain peak on Stalk. It is present on the other side of the planet. It takes three days to travel there from Destiny Fulcrum. Past Billy created a story on it.

It was 11:00 pm night, Saawar was alone in the mining site. Billy caught his attention. Saawar was shocked by seeing Billy become so old so soon. He thought something was fishy. He followed Billy. Past Billy went to Andrew’s cabin. Andrew was also alone. Billy made sure no one else saw them. There were only three of them, poor Andrew did not know what was happening. He was also shocked by seeing Billy become so old. He asked about it. Billy started speaking, “I took my team and went to Mt. Faro on the other side of the planet.

There is a cave on the west side of the mountain which directly runs to the centre of the planet. Stalk is the first planet of creation. We went into the cave to find if we can get A- grade corium fuel. But the mission failed. The power of the core was higher than we estimated. The side effects hit me like this. The other members of the team became older than me. But the effects started to wear off. Thank god, we did not take Emily for this mission. She was the only one left to check what happened to us. She named this disease as Conditional Progeria. She told that we would have remained in this age if we went any further into the cave. She examined us carefully and said that we will come to our normal ages by morning.

I came here to warn you. Don’t go too deep in the 7th mine. It leads to Mt. Faro. After you reach a depth of 100 metres, stop mining from there and close the mine. Don’t tell to anyone about this mission and Mt. Faro. It is not good for us. Andrew asked, “What do you think is there at the centre of the planet?” Past Billy replied, “Emily thinks it might be the origin of creation which means the origin of the universe.” These last words made Saawar very happy. He immediatly went to Destiny Fulcrum to tell them the good news.

Billy played it very clean. He made sure that this message never reached anyone else in Inception from Andrew. He knew that Present Billy would not meet Andrew for the next three days. He also know that Andrew would go to Emily the night of September 16 just before the DB time machine will get ready.

The false message reached Salazar through Saawar. They were very happy that they finally found the ori site. They started their journey to Mt. Faro. Salazar, Balthazar and their whole army left Destiny Fulcrum.

It will take three days for them to go to Mt. Faro, and then they find out that the information was wrong and it takes another three days to come back.

After three days, just before the time machine was ready, Andrew went to talk with Emily. Past Billy also went behind him. Emily was shocked, she asked, “Dad, how did you get so old all of a sudden?” Andrew asked, “Did you not become normal yet?” Past Billy explained everything to Emily.

He gave the epistler to Emily, that Past Emily gave to him. Present Emily saw the message in the epistler and understood the situation. She asked Billy, “What’s your plan to stop them.” Past Billy said, “First I have to go and meet me.” They went to Present Billy.

Present Billy was totally confused after listening to all of this. He did not believe Past Billy so easily. He asked many questions about himself. Past Billy also expected this. Present Billy finally understood that Past Billy is really his past self.

The next day, the time machine was ready. They tested it on the farmland and they got the same result as in the previous time cycle. There were no hindrances. The opposite parties were not there to spoil the moment this time. Past Billy’s plan worked. Emily was so happy that things are happening differently in this time cycle. But she was also worried that it might get more worse.

The opposite parties reached Mt. Faro. They did not find any cave on the west side of the mountain. They searched for a cave throughout the mountain and also around the mountain. Finally, they have given up and understood that they were fooled. They decided to come back and know the reason why Billy did this. They were very angry on him.

Meanwhile, the Bitentinati army entered Destiny fulcrum. They killed all the opposite parties’ men left in the city and occupied the city. The scientists of opposite parties found the best place to use the time machine. They built their spacestation at that place. They made it ready and suitable for their purpose. Emily observed that the spacestation at destiny fulcrum is more favourable than the spacestation at Inception. So, they brought the DB time machine to Destiny Fulcrum.

The opposite parties started their journey back to Destiny Fulcrum. There is a big war coming in three days. The Bitentinati army cannot stop the opposite parties’ army even one hour without taking the DB time machine. They need someone who can win a war against all the odds. History shows John Watson.

They decided to bring back John Watson by using the DB time machine. Billy waited for this moment his entire life. They set course to the dimensions to the Shadyvale forest, between 9th and 10th sectors of Bitentinati to the date April 9, 2169 when John was in the war against the Meir’s clan. This is the first time using the time machine on a human and it was a success. John came back. He was so shocked. He did not understand what was happening. He was explaining the war strategy to his men and suddenly landed here with a blink. He was shocked by seeing his son older than him. Past Billy and Present Billy, both were there. They hugged him. There was no greater joy for them. John was also very happy. They explained everything to him.

To win this war, they need a larger and stronger army with deadly weapons. John told them about the 1,000,000 men who fought with him against the Meir’s clan in 2169.

With the help of the whole corium fuel they mined and processed until then, they brought back the 1,000,000 men from the moment they were going to fight against the Meir’s clan along with their weapons from Shadyvale forest to Destiny Fulcrum. There was no more corium fuel left. They were mining continuously. But they don’t have time to refine it. The enemies are one day away. So, the people who were mining also joined the war. Every citizen of Inception joined the war.

John started speaking, “The opposite parties have an army ten times larger than the Bitentinati army. They have 10,000,000 men and Bitentinati have 1,000,000 men. It means every one of us should kill 10 of them. Is it impossible? No, it is not. We have the right cause. They are seeking for power. We are seeking for peace. We are seeking for our very existence. If they take the time machine, our very existence will be gone. This war is for our very existence. For time, For Stability, For our existence.”

His words inspired every one of them. “For time, For Stability, For our existence”, these words of John Watson became their motto. This motto persuaded everyone in the Bitentinati army to be brave and gave them confidence.

The opposite parties had a secret spy in Billy’s main team. Only Salazar and Balthazar knew about him. He used to have direct contact with them. So even Billy did not know about him. His name is David Horrison. When the opposite parties first entered the planet, they didnot reveal that they came to find the origin of the universe. During the construction of Destiny Fulcrum, one day, Balthazar and Salazar were talking about it. Horrison heard them. He also believed in their idea to find the origin of the universe. So, he turned towards them. He used to convey all the information about Inception directly to Balthazar. He is the one who told them about the DB time machine. He is the one who told them that they can find the orisite using the time machine.

Horrison betrayed Billy. While they were using the time machine, he left Destiny Fulcrum and went to opposite parties to tell them what was happening. The opposite parties were halfway back when Horrison reached them. He told them everything. They were so happy that the DB time machine is ready now. They were so confident that they could win the war because they have the most powerful army in the whole universe.

Past Billy found out about Horrison. He understood that the opposite parties now know that the time machine is ready. They also know that their army is so larger than Bitentinati army. Now the situation got more worse. It is so difficult for the Bitentinati army even if they would have come unprepared. Billy actually planned to scatter them to different parts of Destiny Fulcrum to make the attack easier. Now, they will come to Destiny Fulcrum all at once fully prepared with all their weapons ready. It is impossible to win this war now.

John was planning for the war. He went around to see the whole city. When he went to Moseley Hills, he saw some signs that only he can understand. John created a sign language during HoroHarad war. He planned to use it so that the enemies donot understand their moves. But before he taught it to the army, the war was over. So, it never came to use.

He was shocked by seeing those signs in the Moseley Hills. Then he remembered Emily’s words, “It is not the first time this is happening. We have no idea of how many time cycles we have passed.” Then he understood that his past selfs in the past time cycles have left these signs for him.

He followed the signs and reached a mountain waterfall. Behind the waterfall, there is a large time maze same as in the mazosphere. Emily studied the time maze and found out that her past self constructed that time maze. Her past self also provided her some hints to control the time maze. She did all the calculations and finally figured how to control the time maze.

Now, they got a place to hide the DB time machine and fight against the time. They made it their battlefield.

Again September 21, 40 on Stalk: (War Day)

Opposite parties arrived to Destiny Fulcrum. There were no one there. They searched for the time machine. They didnot find it in the city. They followed the footprints of Bitentinati army and reached the Mountain Waterfall in the Moseley Hills.

They thought something was fishy. They went forward into the time maze. The war has begun. Emily scattered them into different timelines. The whole Bitentinati army entered into different timelines one after the other and finished them. By the time they understood what was happening half of their army was gone and ten days of war was over.

Emily was no longer able to control the time maze. As there is a huge transfer of people between different timelines, the stability of space time is getting disturbed.

By the time the time maze collapsed completely, only 2,500,000 men of Opposite parties were left, and 900,000 men of Bitentinati army were left. Nineteen days of war in the time maze completed. Now, it turned into open war.

The Bitentinati army shouted, “For time, For Stability, For our existence.” They continued the war. Now, John mainly targeted Salazar and Balthazar. Billy and John entered the caves with some men to directly go to the place where Salazar and Balthazar were there. If they kill Salazar and Balthazar, there will be no one to give directions to their army.

The Bitentinati army attacked them from all the directions. Finally, they killed Salazar and Balthazar on 25th day. Horrison motivated the opposite parties army but he was also killed the next day.

Finally the war ended after 26 days. No single person of opposite parties were left. Again October 18, 40 on Stalk: (A Big Decision)

Finally, they decided to destroy the whole time maze planet. It is the only way they can end the time cycle. The opposite parties should never find the planet. They started mining corium for it. Emily was working so hard to find a way to destroy the planet.

Again April 15, 41 on Stalk: (The end of Time cycle)

Emily found a way to neutralise Stalk’s mazosphere. It took 6 months to produce the needed corium fuel. The impact destroys the planet. They were all ready for the sacrifice.

John Watson spoke, “This is a sad ending. No one knows how and when it started. But it ends one day, it ends today. We fought for the existence of everything in this universe. We created history which remains with the space time till the end of the universe.”

They loaded the DB time machine with the fuel and set the dimensions. They hit the mazosphere. The whole planet was destroyed and everyone on the planet died. This is the end of the time cycle. This is the end of Stalk.

This time Nirvan Patel did not find a new planet. Billy accepted the truth that his father died and died with honour and he bought honour to his country. The opposite parties just remained roaming the entire universe never to find what they want.

Finally, this story never happened and no one can even find about it. Only the time knows the story. And that time is never coming again.

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