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Fly With Your Dreams

Fly With Your Dreams

5 mins

Sapna looks outside her window admiring the beauty of the nature around her, that's when she spots an airplane flying in the sky. She goes into her dream world wondering,

“Where is the tiny plane going to? Will I be like a bird flying in the sky when I sit on the plane?”

Her head is wandering with thoughts. She decides to take the notebook lying on her table and tears a page. She folds the paper carefully and makes a paper plane out of it. She runs all around the house feeling proud of her creation. Her mom watches her little one from the kitchen. She always loves to watch that little glowing eyes whenever Sapna plays with her paper planes. After a little while, her mom tells Sapna,

”Go and study for your exams. Spent that time you daydream in making your dreams come true.” 

Sapna wants to spend even more time playing with her obsession with airplanes. But her mother's words make sense as well. She hesitatingly went to her room to study. She is so obsessed that even when she plays with her neighbor Mittu outside, she stands like a statue when she spots a plane. Mittu pats her shoulders hard to bring her back to her senses.

One day, her dad gets a call from his sister asking whether they could plan a trip to Pune as it is vacation time for Sapna and she could have a lovely time with her cousins. Her dad agreed to the plan. They take a train to Pune.  Sapna is very specific while traveling that she needs the window seat. On her train journey, she rushes when her train arrives and gets her window seat. She spots an airplane in the sky and wishes that she will go on it in the future.

She enjoys her vacation with her cousins by exploring the city, making new friends to play and tasting the street foods. After a week, her dad receives a call from the office asking him to join immediately as there is an emergency. He checked tickets for the train but as there is no availability, he booked their return journey by flight. At night, Sapna overhead her dad say to mom that they are traveling back home by flight the next day. She was so excited and wanted the night to pass quickly.

The day arrived.  Sapna reaches two hours before the scheduled time at the airport. Once all the checking is done, she is waiting in the lounge for her boarding.

Still, she has one hour left. She walks from where she is seated towards the transparent windows to have a look at what is on the store for her. Sapna got a shock of her life. She could see how huge the airplane is and it is not as tiny as she thought to be. As she took the bus to board the flight, the plane turned out to be gigantic in real contrast to her thoughts.

Sapna took her seat, braced her belts and she is all set. The flight took off.  Suddenly, she feels her stomach rumbling and vomits in the paper bag. Feeling sick, she sleeps on the mother's lap. When Sapna opens her eyes, she is in her house. A disappointing moment for her. She couldn't enjoy her flying experience. She cried a lot hugging her mom. Mom said,” Just have belief in yourself. Your dreams will come true. “ Her mom's words gave her hope that dreams will surely come true one day.

Sapna's ambition to fly made her study hard and was placed in the position of Sales Head for a reputed company. She is recognized for hard work and commitment. One day, Sapna receives an e-mail from her boss.  It is a sales contest and the top 3 winners will get to travel to Malaysia. This is the opportunity which she is waiting for a long time. She did not want to miss it. With her determination and constant follow-up on the team's performances, she believed she can succeed. Just a day to go, Sapna is in the fourth position. She is falling short by two application forms. With constant pressure, she could manage to get one more from her team member. Still, one to go. Only an hour left. She has no clue what to do.

Suddenly, Sapna's mobile phone starts ringing. She looks at the mobile and the screen flashes the name “Mittu”. Sapna is in a dilemma to pick the call or not. But she finally picks the call.

Mittu: “ I am in the shopping mall next to your office. I happened to meet our classmate Pihu. Pihu wants to see you. We will be there in 10 minutes.”

Without waiting for Sapna's answer, Mittu cut the call.

Sapna walked from her cabin to see her friends. Mittu could understand that Sapna is not her usual self when they met. Her cheerfulness is missing. She asked Sapna what is bothering her and why she is so down. Sapna started explaining the situation to Mittu. Then suddenly, an idea strikes her. She rushes to her cabin, takes an application form, and explains the product to Pihu. Pihu is interested and she fills the form. The application gets logged in by her team just a few minutes to go for the contest to end. Sapna thanks Pihu. The results are announced. Sapna is in the Top 3 who won the trip to Malaysia.

On the day of the journey, she is again like a little girl in the candy shop. She pinches herself each time as she can't believe that it is happening again for real.

She sits on the allotted seat on the flight, braces her seatbelts, listens to the instructions from the cabin crew, and feels the nostalgia of her Pune trip experience. She keeps her fingers crossed.

Flight take-off. Sapna is wonderstruck and enjoying the breathtaking wonders of nature from the small window of the airplane. Her dreams came true.

Fly with your dreams and never stop believing.

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