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Fading Alley

Fading Alley

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He lit another cigarette as the dusk escaped into a hollow darkness of whist reminiscing of his girl who was laid in a four by four casket unbinding herself from every earthly relation. As the night passed the smoke veiled the terrace with its noxious agents giving power to the love stricken to fade another day of his life.

To him the life had now lost its purpose,

The bike was not worth refilling,

The river side was more like a desert,

The traffic was not availing crossing,

The chocolates missed the sharing hand,

The Salsa move was just an end,

The hair styling never bothered,

The”love letters” were read like daily news,

To laugh without stopping were bygone days.

He closed his eyes to conjecture the point of living, all he got was her, his beloved who was a long gone history residing in mystery!

The aim is now set,

The shot is aimed,

The culprits got to be penalized


Because the justice needs to be served.

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