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Extra Marital

Extra Marital

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Today a special day for Anurag and Titir. Their 5th marriage anniversary, both are belongs to Bengali family. The whole family is busy with arrangements of evening party except Anurag and Titir. Even they are not wishing each other. You might have a thought that how do I know all these, isn't it? And who am I? I am Anu's girlfriend, yes, Anu has an extramarital affair with me. let's start our story.

I am Jhilik. Belongs to a Bengali family too, but we have some differences between the two families. My family is a nuclear and modern family but Anu's family is a joint family with traditional thoughts. Five years ago Anu's (Anurag's) father insisted him to marry Titir. Her father and Anu's fathe were best friends. Even Anu and Titir were also good friends and now they are in a relationship between husband and wife. After five years of marriage, still Titir is being called as "notun bou". Sometimes her brother in law or sister in law called her "notun bou" because of her youthfulness. But the word hurts her sometimes because she is missing the feeling of motherhood. Most importantly only she and Anurag know that their kalratri ( a ritual) is still going on. Oh sorry, I knew it too.

I and Anu having a relationship for a long time it was started just after high school leaving. Now, Anu has his own establishment and I am continuing my further study. Amaresh Babu means Anu's father having issues with me because of my family type. He was not wrong but thoughts mismatched. When Anu's father and Titir's family decided to tied up their friendship stronger, I was very upset, even Anu was shocked. He thought about our relationship and Titir's relationship too. Yes, Titir was also in love with Pulok. Anu knew it very well that Titir never fights for her love. Anu had tried his best to break the marriage. But at that time Amaresh Babu had a minor heart attack, and Anu had to do whatever his father wished for. 

Very interestingly Anu may be the first husband to told her wife to continue her relationship with Pulak. Because he was going to continue with me even after marriage. He openly told Titir the fact. Titir was happy might be, didn't know actually her state of mind. During these five years Anu and me are continuously in touch. As per Anu Titir has her own life with Pulok. 

What a strange thing. Both the husband and wife have their extramarital affairs and looked like a perfect couple how is it possible. They are good actors actually. No no, they were good friends, may be it is possible because of that.

Why do I think so much? Am I feeling insecure but why? Anu is mine always be mine. 

Actually, Last night I saw Pulak with his family (wife and two little kid). I was little shocked. I think Pulak and Titir didn't have any communications. Why did Anu tell me lie? Maybe Titir told him lie, that they still have a relationship. But why? Because of Anu's commitment? After their marriage whenever we met more than half the time Anu told me about Titir Titir and only Titir. Am I jealous, yes I am? Why I didn't get this earlier. Anu is not mine at all. Then why he is maintaining the relationship, only because of our commitment? I have to asked him. And Titir what about her. She knows everything about our relationship. Why didn't she protest? Actually I was blind and possessive about Anu. I never wanted to see that their relationship took speed in loveline. They are sacrificing for each other. They didn't know the truth. Actually, they are in love with each other unknowingly. Two true lovers are not happy because of me that's why I am not feeling happy. There is a difference between like and love. Anu likes me but he loves Titir.  Enough! No more unhappiness. I wanted to be happy. I want my own family. I have to step forward. First of all, I have to write a letter to Anu and Titir. Sorry, not Anu, Anurag. Now, Anurag is Titir's Anu.

Dear Anurag and Titir,

First of all sorry for the loss of valuable five years of your married life. Last night I had a talk with Pulak and knew that Titir and Pulak never had their extramarital affairs, Pulak has his happy family. Anurag, I wanted to be happy but you are not the person. Titir and you are the ideal couple. Enjoy your life to the fullest. I break my commitment to Anurag. This is my anniversary gift to both of you. Finish your kalratri today. Honestly, Jhilik.

Kalrati - A ritual in bengali wedding. On the night before the first night(suhag raat), the bride and groom should be separated to different beds in different rooms. For throwingout all differences, separation, and bad things from future life.

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