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Life is very different for every person. And no one knows when the self-knowledge gets enlightened for a person. For an electric Bulb to glow, the hidden energy of electricity is needed. In the same way, for a person to get the real knowledge in life, the hidden energy of God's blessings as well as elders, parents, teachers are needed.

The same has happened to a person named Shyam in Bhubaneswar in 1990 due to his School Teacher. A Teacher is such a person who has all the hidden power to mould a student with all the intellectual thoughts, time, energy and many more. Because the student is in contact with the Teacher for almost eight hours a day for more than a decade atleast in his or her primary education life.

Shyam was an average student in English subject including the English Grammer. The English Teacher, Smt A Panda, made sure that students take the lessons seriously including English Grammer. Because, She used to explain that English cannot be considered as subject. It will be part of the life for all days to come. That is why She asked students even to read English Newspapers daily as well as listen to English News in All India Radio and Doordarshan to get the proper diction, flow and pronunciation. Some Students used to listen and implement and some were not. Shyam took this aspect seriously and was very attentive throughout for all lessons. Because the aspects of English Grammer like Modal Auxiliaries were so important. Infact, the book "New Approach to English Grammer and Composition by Brij Nand Lal" taken in 1991 is still with him in 2019. Apart from that, Smt A Panda was always helpful in clarifying any doubts. Students felt that She was strict. But now Shyam realizes that it was the best option for teenage students. Three years of guidance from Her had transformed Shyam's insight towards the English language including the way he spoke. He even won a countable prizes in English Essays, Elocutions and Debate competitions. Years went by. He made sure that He is in contact with his Teacher always. And now also He continues to be a student in thoughts due to which he is always eager to learn new aspects.

Moral: Always be a student in thoughts and do listen to Teachers.

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