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My Class Teacher

My Class Teacher

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Every person in this world has a story or an memorable experience to be shared with everyone. If it is not there, then there is no completeness in life.

Same is the case with my life. And especially my student life which I have enjoyed a lot like everyone and so was able to remember many nice moments.

Of them, I am sharing one of my experience as a story.

There was a boy named RajaSekhar in a private school in Bhubaneswar. He was studying in class VIII (Class Eight).It was the year 1990.

Chandra's new Class Teacher was Srimati Annapurna Panda.Students knew that She was quite a frank person and always wanted discipline and orderliness in class.

That academic year 1990-1991 was the shortest academic from July 1990 till March 1991 because there was different Board Exam for Class Eight students across India.

Now, comes the introduction of the Class Teacher. Apart from being the Class Teacher, She was the English Teacher for the Class Eight-D Section.

Even thought most of the class-mates had different opinions to be shared, all wanted to be in wait and watch mode. And RajaSekhar also had the same thoughts.

He just understood that if no mistake is done from his side, why will Teacher even scold. It was an adolescent period. He only knew one aspect.That he has to listen attentively

to his English Teacher.Because it was an important stage apart from Board Examination.

Day one went with introduction and discussion about the summer vacations of each student.There were other new batch-mates who had joined namely C.Asha, Arvind Nayak.Dipankar Karna and B Srinivas Rao had moved from C Section to D Section which was Hindi Section.And the regular students Y Ravi, Nihar Dash, Ratnakar Panigrahi, Rinky Sharma, Somnath Banerjee, Swarup Biswas, Sonali Dash, Chandrika MUduli, Praveena, Praveen, Meenaxi, Aruna, Bhabatosh Bhowmick, P Srinivas Rao and all others. It was the usual class.

Day Two started with the study of the lesson "The Spark Neglected Burns the House - Part 1" written by Leo Tolstoy.Students used to call their Teachers as Miss.

While beginning the lesson, Miss told , " While reading make sure that you are imagining the story as if it is happening in front of you! Then you will be able to understand more clearly"

As the lesson started, Raja Sekhar started listening carefully like others. Because in between, Miss was uttering some different words which are not present in the text book. So, he felt it better to note them down.

The chapter was quite interesting and then was the question and answer session. For each question, Miss was explaining the answers and Raj went on noting down one by one. Few others were also noting.And Miss asked few others who were not noting " Will you be able to remember everything! Better you write down as it will help you" This made me realize how strongly the Class Teacher was concerned for Her students. She wanted all of Her students to do well.

Days passed and weeks passed.Miss gave lot of stress and importance on English Grammer and Composition. She had a good book "A New Approach to English Grammer and Composition" by Brij Nand Lal.

So, this book was a reference for students and she always explained students the importance of English Grammer and that English is just not a subject but will be part of your life forever wherever you go. Apart from that the usage of synonyms etc were made quite interesting.

And She had clearly told "I want all my students to write well in examinations. I am ready to help anyone anytime" and She did mean it.Because Rajasekhar used to ask the free period availability of Class Teacher and straight away go to the Staff Room where She was available with Maths Teacher Srimati Sanjukta Mohanty. This made Rajasekhar realize that his Class Teacher is helpful even during Her leisure time and is able to listen and explain all doubts with utmost patience. She was a hardworking person.

At times Rajasekhar used to have the cough and cold and could not attend the assembly. He will straight away go to His Teacher and just tell the situation and She happily gave the permission to stay back in classroom. She had given an important guideline "I should be the first person to be informed about anything in class" and that is what all did. This was a very big help for Raj in school days.He understood that He has to go through proper channel.

And Rajasekhar definitely was able to improve and comprehend in English because Srimati Annapurna Madam was explaining the concepts in a creative manner. Respect for His Teacher increased day by day. There is a lot to be said and words are less to be explained. Three years went away and all the students had completed Class Tenth examinations. She was the Class Teacher for Three years in school and after that Rajasekhar considers that She is the Class Teacher in his whole life.

There was a lot which Rajasekhar and his other batchmates learnt from Srimati Annapurna Panda.It was not just English Subject, but more of counselling, situation response and other aspects important for a teenage student.

Now also, Raja Sekhar remembers those golden days and yes happy point is he is in contact with his Class Teacher and most of other Teachers to this day as well. Because he has felt that Teachers are the most important influential precious people apart from parents at home. Because students see them daily from seven to eight hours for years and learn accordingly.

Moral of the story : Never ever forget Your Teachers in life because they are the only people who will be happy to see You as You are and without any expectation. And they have always the blessings for students in any situation. Please connect Your present life with Your Teachers and enjoy this beautiful time.

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