Real Love

Real Love

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What is love? No one can explain this feeling unless He or She explains in life. It can happen with anyone anytime. It is situational.

It is not mandatory that love has to blossom in two persons at the same time. It takes time for people to understand each other.

Love is definitely a stage which is a gift of nature in the youth. Every person needs a life partner and this is an inherent truth.

This is the story of a boy named Mahesh way back in 1990s. He had definitely came across few different girls in life. But it was difficult to understand with whom he understood that it was a case of love.

Teenage is a period when a boy or a girl do not have the full meaning of life. It is a fantasy world with no struggle as everything starting from food, clothes, pocket money, study expenses and accommodation are taken care by parents. So, what is left is to spend time with friends or boyfriends or girlfriends. Real issue comes up when the question of responsibility comes over. And not all are fortunate enough to continue their attraction for a girl as love. The same happened with Mahesh. He was attracted to a girl in his teenage but he could not understand whether it is love or just infatuation. So, he felt not to express his feelings.

Years passed by and Mahesh attended his college life in 1999. There he had the friendship with a girl Malasri. Malasri was very soft-spoken and very understanding. Mahesh used to get a happy feeling whenever he used to meet Malasri.

Both used to speak to each other regularly. And batchmates of Mahesh used to tease him that Mahesh is in love with Malasri. But that was not the case. Months passed by. Then Mahesh started thinking that he has a feeling for Malasri. Because without seeing Malasri or without speaking to Malasri, he did not feel good. But he kept the feeling to himself. One year passed by. Mahesh and Malasri used to share about their family people details with each other and it was a fun time. Then only Mahesh realized that he was in love with Malasri. He expressed his feelings to Malasri one fine day. But Malasri had to think. Because both Mahesh and Malasri are from different lingusitic back grounds. Mahesh was from a Telugu speaking family and Malasri was from an Oriya speaking family. Mahesh was vegetarian and Malasri was non-vegetarian. Both of their cultures and traditions were different.

Malasri asked Mahesh whether he will be able to manage because She cannot live without having non-vegetarian food. Mahesh did not give any second thought because no one has right to stop the food habits of another person. Malasri did not have the full understanding. Being a girl, She had to think in different aspects. But finally she agreed for proposal of Mahesh. It was like a new dawn for Mahesh. Because he has to take this relationship ahead for a good life. But he was studying graduation and yet to start earning. Love is there for happiness but money is also needed for living the life in a good manner.

Malasri's parents somehow came to know about this love situation of their daughter. In the beginning, Malasri's Father Sri Suprabhat was furious like any father because He had sent his daughter to college for studying and not for love. But later, he realized about the young age factor of Mahesh and Malasri and decided to call Mahesh to home. Mahesh was afraid but decided to meet Malasri's father. Sri Suprabhat asked Mahesh about his studies and told both of them to maintain the sanctity of the relationship because both of them are studying. Unless Mahesh is settled with a job or starts earning, this love cannot be taken for a logical conclusion. He explained Mahesh the importance of education and told that He will support this relationship provided both of them continued their studies properly without any disturbance.

Both Mahesh and Malasri completed their graduation and both got job in good companies. With great difficulty, parents of Mahesh accepted this relationship. Ultimately, what matters most is Mahesh and Malasri should be happy with each other. And that is what Sri Suprabhat explained to Father of Mahesh. Malasri's parents were very brave to accept this situation to leave their daughter with a boy during college days. Because they had all the faith in their daughter which was real love. Parents are so great in tough times.

Marriage of Mahesh and Malasri happened with great happiness and their real love blossomed daily for years together. So, in any situation, love for a person should not be lessened and different stages are like examinations that need to be crossed for the sustenance of Real Love.

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