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See You In Hell

See You In Hell

16 mins

It was the noise of the nearby train and its annoying air horn passing by, which kept me awake and alive. Every time I close my eyes I feared it would not open it again. Yes, I started to experience fear. These are not the words you want to hear from an Army Officer. I have been locked up here in this prison for days more than I could count. Since it's always dark in here there is no specific time to sleep. I would sleep when I felt tired. I would be tired of doing nothing the whole day. Meals would be thrown from the other side of the door through a small hole. Sometimes I won't even get any proper meal for days together as they would be busy torturing me. They would hit me with a stick on my back till my skin peels off. I would be then tied up with an ice bed covered in salt. I screamed at the top of my voice each time it happened. No one would care. Why would they? I am their enemy after all. An enemy decided by geography. My screams slowly reduced as my throat became dry and painful when I make any sound now. A prisoner of war is supposed to be surrendered back to the country as keeping one is prohibited. Yet, here I am.

My name is Lieutenant Mahadev Kurian Jose from the 219th batch of the Saiyan Army Force. After my training days at the Saiyan Elite Academy, I was posted in Zacouri district in Zehra. Two years later there was a real tension between my country Larissa and the neighboring country Volos which looked like it could erupt into a war at any time. During that time there were many terrorist attacks on almost every country in the world including Larissa and as per intelligence report form several countries, everyone blamed Volos as the country were responsible for funding and aiding the terrorists. Soon Volos was taken off from all the important world level associations, trades, and groups and labeled them as a terrorist country. However, this did not stop the terror attack for long. Larissa collaborated with other countries and launched a full-scale surgical strike on each and every terrorist camp inside Volos. The strike was both air-based and ground-based. Many of the camps were destroyed in an instant using a heat-seeking missile. The ground units took a diversion route and attacked Volos from its west side. I was one among the ground unit despite having a pilot's license. They said my experience as a pilot was insufficient to take over the command for an aircraft. Hence I was sent by ground. My unit, unfortunately, failed to detect the mine below the ground. Some of my batch mates were killed in the blasts and I was badly injured. The terrorist fought back but was unsuccessful to regain control. I was left behind as my body was buried under the rubble form the mine blast. Larissa's Saiyan Army won the fight against the terrorist and returned back. I was captured the next day when they caught me fleeing towards my country's border

It was the beginning of another day in hell. I could see the sun rays peeking from the rails situated 8 feet above my room. I was starving and waiting for my food as they did not give me breakfast. At times like these even, the most boring food will turn out to be mouth-watering and toothsome. I hope they at least serve me lunch. After patiently waiting for some time a food try came sliding down from the other side of the door. I jumped at the sight and grabbed the tray. It was the usual one cup of white rice, dhal, vegetables and flavored curd for dessert. I immediately started to mash the rice with dhal when my finger hit something inside the rice. I took out a solid item from inside the rice it was a black box inside a plastic wrapper. It was a pager. I could not believe my eyes as I didn't think anyone would find me and try to break me out. I switched it on and immediately it vibrated as I was even more shocked to see the message in it.


As soon as I finished reading the message I could hear a commotion from outside. Bullet sound and grenade bangs were audible and the sounds were more clear as time passed by. L It was as though the sound was traveling towards me. I read the message again and jumped to the corner of the room and ducked myself as a 4x4 metal armored SUV came crashing through the wall. I was perplexed. I don't know who is rescuing me as I do not recognize any familiar face. The only thing I thought is to get out of this hell hole even if it is to another hell hole. I joined them in assisting with the assault and soon fled from the prison.

There was silence inside the Jeep after we drove past the prison. No one spoke and I wondered if I should either. I wanted to know who were they and why they rescued me. I thought it would be an ice breaker if I opened up with a joke. They knocked me out with a sucker punch and taped my mouth. I think I got knocked because they did not like my joke. I woke up after several hours what seemed to be evening time. Something felt different. I was lying on top of a warm and snuggly bed and it was cold. I looked around the room which was enormous in size. The first thing I noticed about the room was the fancy chandelier hung at the center of the room. There was a large 65 inch TV at the end of the room with two sofas and a study table nearby. On the right side of the room, there was a small fridge, another sofa and a splendor lamp in the corner. My mind continued to wander the room when I saw a window to my left side. I looked through the window and I saw a garden which was breathtaking with a fountain in the middle. After my mind wandered with the man-made beauty for some time I realized that this is not a place to be at ease as it looked like a huge mansion. It does not certainly look like government quarters or a hospital judging by the interior decoration of the room and other flashy buildings nearby. I got up and made my way to the door. However, I could not open it. The phone line in the room rang and I wondered if I should pick it up. The ring stopped and started again after a minute. I picked up the second time.

Hello? Said the voice on the phone.

I kept silent.

Hello? Lt. Mahadev Kurian Jose! said the voice.

I did not reply.

I am glad you are okay and I want you to know that you are in safe hands now and that it was my men who sacrificed their lives and brought you here safe and sound. Said the voice.

Smooth talker are you? If I am safe and sound, then why is my room locked from the outside? I asked.

The voice gave out a small laugh and said I knew I could not fool you with such amateur dialogues! You are one of the….

I interrupted and said Just cut the bullshit and tell me who you are and what is it that you're after.

The man on the phone cut the call and after five minutes someone unlocked the door and made his way inside the room along with five other men. The first man who entered sat on the couch next to the lamp table and the other five men stood beside him. The man who looked like the leader of the gang was wearing Black goggles and a silver tuxedo with a gold plated gun attached to his belt and a grey hat. He did not seem to have much hair on his head but exhibited a long white V-shaped beard. There are six people in the room excluding me and they had enough firepower to kill me a hundred times. So I chose to tread carefully.

The man with the white beard began to speak

Since you are not into chit-chat let's go straight to the point! Alright. My name is Charles Antony and I am searching for my big brother, Victor Antony. I believe you had contact with him in your last mission. He is very memorable as he has a big scar across his right eye.

He was killed by the Ops-707 team. We had two missions on that day. Divided by two teams, Ops-707 was in disguise to find Victor and assassinate him and the other was my team Siphon-654 designated to blow up his entire base with explosives.

So, I take it that the mission was successful? Asked Charles.

Yes, the mission was successful. Charles took a chair from the center of the room and placed it near me and sat on it. He leaned in, looked me eye-to-eye and said.

Lt. Mahadev, I hope we can help each other out. If you tell me where the Ops team is located I can give you the freedom you have been longing for two months.

Has it only been two months?? God. That hell hole! What felt like years to me was just two months. I thought to myself. I decided to give all the information he needed by lying of course.

There is no one alive on the team now. Everyone was killed in the fight. As per the report, Victor was silently hunted down by the Ops-707 team. However, it was like Victor somehow knew that they were coming. The team was unsuccessful with their mission as Victor managed to kill the entire team before he got killed by a grenade explosion.

Wow, well… that's my big brother for you. Charles suddenly became silent for a few seconds and continued to talk again.

That puts an end to the speculation. If you excuse me I have to pay my respects to my brother. Said, Charles

I was dropped off by Charles's men by the sea till the coast near to my home. I was glad that I was back in my homeland. As tears began flowing through my cheeks I kissed the ground out of happiness. I took an auto and reached my home as I heard my dog barking even before I reached my gate. Seeing Bruno's excitement, my wife and mom came rushing towards the gate. Both of them still had hopes about me and refused it to believe as the Army did not recover my body. Guess true love never dies. After giving my share of kisses to my mom, Bruno, my daughters and my wife I contacted my superior. I went ahead and took a shower and tried to drain off my memories as a prisoner of war along with it.

I reached the base where I was given both a hero's welcome and was severely reprimanded at the same time. Tearful hugs from my team and rebuke from my commanding officer Major Akhil Raj was too much to contain as the mixed feeling overwhelmed me. As per the protocol I am supposed to report to the base first to check for my mental stability, physical condition, medical quarantine. Following this, I have to give them a briefing and then only officially I will be relieved me of my duty. Luckily they sympathized with me and relieved me with a verbal warning.

I was told to attend an interactive session with the media along with Major Akhil Raj. On the way to the media, my mind was wandering about the Antony brothers. Why would a mafia group take the risk of infiltrating another country's prison to free me and then release me for a piece of information which did not even benefit them? I have heard ruthless stories of Antony brothers. They show no mercy to their enemies yet they were ready to give me freedom which could backfire them now that I learned more about them. When I explained Victor's death even I felt something felt odd.

I started to break down my thoughts.

How can someone who is an amateur or a pro at best can take down 5 of the most elite soldiers in the country?

Why Charles did not kill me after getting the information he needed?

It was easy for him to hide the truth as the official information of my last known location was somewhere around the borders of Volos and no one would blame him for my decease.

What is going on? What benefit would Charles get if I lived? Me living on and knowing the rough whereabouts of his location would only be a threat to him. Unless he is gambling on something even big. The only thing that would make Charles let me live is if there is any other thing he desires so badly.

As I was thinking the car stopped and I started to get a more clear idea.

A desire was so bad that he is even ready to expose himself. A desire that will only get fulfilled by letting me go alive. A desire which only I can fulfill without my own knowledge. A desire where I am either the target or the transport. A desire which could be operated by itself or through less command.

I stopped suddenly a few meters away from the podium and freeze for a moment.

Was I a target or transport? If I was a target they would assassinate me when the chance showed itself. So, I am a transport. A Transport for?

I looked across as I saw thousands of my country citizens waiting for me, holding my pictures and billboards and projecting me as a hero.

A transport to destroy someone, someplace or a group. I was aware that I was the hottest topic in the news at that time, hence I am the centerpiece of media and attention. A centerpiece would be the best way to get things done if the intent is to destroy or to complete the objective. So are they are using me to destroy or to complete the objective. To find an answer to this question I need to know the motive.

I walked back briskly to Major and said We need to go and we need to go right now, sir! Something is not right. Charles Antony would not let me live if he had some other thing in his mind. He knows that there will be a public meeting with the media where thousands of civilians will attend. Please, sir, I cannot do this now.

Major and I rushed back to the base where I discussed my thoughts. I was sent for an entire body checkup, mental checkup and also took a psychological test. However, nothing could be found. I started to scratch my neck in disbelief when my Major asked

Dev, your scalp must be dry by now. Did you condition your hair properly? You have been scratching back of the head repetitively since morning.

I suddenly realized that the neck part felt funny and a little itchy. The memory was faint but I vaguely remember someone catching my neck and shoulders and I heard somebody's voice behind me. It could have been Charles's voice but I was not certain. I went to the doctor immediately and got my neck tested. When Charles took me in he dosed me heavily with anesthesia and injected something into my neck. The doctors found a tiny injected hole in the top part of my neck. They took samples of my cells surrounding the neck and found out a type of virus living inside me. However, nothing was found from the blood test because the white blood cells immediately fight off the virus and recycle the blood cells. However, the virus started to mutate and became strong near my neck tissue. I was kept under quarantine for a week where I started to showcase sneeze, diarrhea, vomit, and loss of appetite. The doctors researched more about the virus and found that it was contagious and is capable to spread through the air. This meant that my entire family got affected and the entire country was alerted and my city entered a lockdown to contain the spread.

Charles Antony attempted a cheap trick and used me to destroy my own country from within. He must have started the biological war in order to capture dominance for the goods he exports globally. Larissa, my country was a hindrance to him being the monopoly exporter of goods. The virus known by the name Virus-EZ was earlier used in world war 4 where it was anonymously injected into a drug addict by a country and sent him as a refugee into the enemy's borders. Even the drug addict was not aware of his situation and continued to spread the disease and create havoc across the nation. The victim country only contained the virus by locking down an entire neighborhood and the virus died out by taking the lives of its host. The fatality rate was 100% at that time. That was 13 years back. The scientists are still unsuccessful in finding a cure as they were no active cases. The prevention method for the virus was educated to everyone and no one was affected after that. To even think that someone has preserved the virus for all these years to use it in a cruel manner and that Charles had contacts so big that he was able to get his hands on the virus was frightening. I am not sure where our world is headed.

I sneezed vigorously as blood started to spew from my nose. I started to type a mail from inside the cockpit, my last mail before all hell breaks loose.

Today is April 13th, 2049. My country is in total chaos now as the virus started to spread despite the lockdown. I do not feel very good myself. I think I might die at any moment now. I am very sorry that I could not look after my family in this situation. I am worried about my family. Hope by some miracle either they find the cure or the fatality rate drops. How stupid I was to go to my family first and not be skeptical about my freedom. Charles might be having his tea in his other fancy mansion different from the one I have been in. With all of his bodyguards and his stupid silver tuxedo, he thinks he is perfect and can be cruel to the world l

He won't be happy when he sees a fighter pilot jet coming straight towards his mansion now, would he? Would you be happy Charles? Or should I call you by your real name-? Victor Antony.

There is a saying back in my country that no crime is executed clueless. Some clues are bound to resurface if looked keenly. I had my first doubt when I saw your stupid face with cheap synthetics you used to cover the mark on your right eye. The second clue was when you portrayed little emotion when I talked about your brother's death. Even the coldest of the cold person will have a bigger bond towards their brother especially for orphans like you and Charles. I knew the pain of losing brotherhood when I lost my brother's life to your dummy back at your base.

Why am I in a fighter jet? Because I want to avenge Victor for the cruelty he has done to my country and most important to my family. No one messes with my family and live to tell the tale. Even though I was under quarantine for months, I regularly got an update on Victor's location. I know what I am about to do is illegal and I will be arrested, stripped off my medals and designation as an army man. But hey... they can do that if they find my body in one piece.

This is not about country, mafia, terrorism or trade market anymore. This is personal now. Victor made this personal by involving my family in it. I protected my country by giving my life and in the end, I could not protect my family. I may not be the best soldier or a family man but make no mistake no one messes with Lt. Mahadev Kurian Jose and lives to the tell the tale.

I launched 2 missiles into Victor's mansion as I saw the beautiful fireworks from an ariel view. I turned down the analog control as the plane started to descend. The mansion was already in flames and if anyone is miraculously alive after the missile hit, the plane crash will ensure their death along with mine.

Victor, I hope I come to hell with you so that I personally can see you rot. I will see you in hell.

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