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Bhavik Pathak

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Endless Love

Endless Love

1 min

Girl: Why do we always have to come to the beach, I am tired of coming here and I feel alone here.

Boy: Is it necessary to have a conversation??

Girl(angry): Fine !! stay here alone then. I thought being in a relationship ment that we would share our thoughts, but you are too busy watching the ocean, do you even love me??

Boy(with a little smile): You see that endless ocean.

Girl(In anger): Yes, everyday !! What’s new in that??

Boy: it’s the way of saying how endless my love is towards you. It is necessary that we talk, sometimes one can justify their love through different things, and you just need to see it.

Girl: But you can always say "I love you”!!

Boy: I have said that when I say, "call me when you reach at home", its  "take care”....

Girl stops him and hug him and the sun sets watching their endless love.


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