Shivy Raanshi

Horror Romance Thriller


Shivy Raanshi

Horror Romance Thriller

Elevator-- Mysterious Love

Elevator-- Mysterious Love

2 mins


This love story revolves around a mysterious elevator, which is considered Haunted. A thriller and horror drama. The story consists three main characters. Also the supporting characters will be added in between. All characters and incidents are fictional. An effort to bring love and mystery together. The story goes on in past and is narrated by Arohi.


I am Aarohi,a junior judge in Mumbai Highcourt . We all have some special friends and this story is about my special friends. Everything in this world is not known to humans and that's what we call supernatural. It was the time when me and Akriti (Akku) were in our law practicing course. ...........


It was a gloomy day, rain has just stopped and so was our taxi.

Akriti was with Kiya her one- year-old daughter ,while I was struggling hard pulling out our luggage from taxi. She called me 

Akriti: Aaru, please give me Kiya's favourite Bunny.

I struggled with black suitcase.

"Akku,wait... ahhh"

I lost my balance and fell down 

Akriti left Kiya and helped me in getting up. She pulled out the suitcase and then she paid the taxi's fare. Then we three including Kiya saw the gloomy and dirty infrastructure standing before us with a hanging hoarding"Mona's Appartments".

I complained in disbelief: "Akku, this.. really ".

Akriti: Aaru,this is what our budget allow us , don't complain , thank that atleast we would have a 'roof'.

 I sighed and entered the shady building. It was a scary place , cracked walls ,moist corners and a sad air. I could not see any living being there.  

No reception, not a sign of living.

I marched to the elevator 

" Akku atleast this Appartments has a elevator" 

I waited for reply but no sign of her. Just then suddenly I felt a strong grip on my shoulder " 

I turned and....... AHHH!!

Author's note: Phew! finished the part one. Who was that? And where are Akriti and Kiya?. Why Arohi shouted? Is there any sign of danger? Who is Kiya's Dad and where is he??!! fHow come Akriti has a daughter at such young age? ... Find out in next part. Coming soon 

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