Asmita Sanjay Abraham

Horror Action Fantasy


Asmita Sanjay Abraham

Horror Action Fantasy

Ed And Albert : The Horror Of Wik-Mart

Ed And Albert : The Horror Of Wik-Mart

5 mins

How foolish I was to have believed that young woman. This place was not a wik-mart but was a dingy street with markets and stalls being run by witches. The woman with green hair and tattoos had given me a piece of parchment with the address of the wicked market(at least that is what she claimed it was) for a pouch of unicorn horn powder (which was not very easy to get). My elder sister Margaret had wanted me to get fairy hair for a potion she wanted to brew. Fairy hair was illegal to possess so I would have to visit the London wick-mart, (which was full of smuggled goods) to purchase some. I, for obvious reasons, had refused to go but she threatened that she would tell our mother that I had failed in my CWSA (Creatures With Special Abilities) test. So I had to go. Albert agreed to accompany me.

"Told you she must be lying, there is no way that a wick-mart would be in the south of London. This is the dark market" Albert said as we got out of our teleporter which was basically dark green and rusted all over. Albert never really preferred teleporters even though they are super fast and can get you from Orlando to California in 15 minutes. he prefers to the older way and i really don't get why, but this time he agreed to travel through teleporter seeing the special circumstances where we might have to be fast to stay alive.the dark market was famous for its sushi and murders in which body parts were found miles apart from each other. 

"you have to stop being so naïve, Ed".Albert has been more of a brother to me. We go to the same school and how exactly we became friends is a real mystery since we have nothing in common. 

He was always very straight forward so I always felt it was easy talking to him but some people thought otherwise. They seemed to think he was too much of a rebel. Even though he was a patient and a good friend.

"I'm not naïve, that woman is a liar. If anyone has to be blamed it should be her" I snarled "no wonder she had those rude tattoos"

"I think those 'rude' tattoos were just fine and you need to work on your dealing-with-criminals look better," Albert said calmly but putting extra emphasis on the words rude and you. "They already know that you can be fooled"

"Anyway, I think we are here to buy fairy hair" I reminded Albert just so the topic of discussion would change. "I think we might find it here," I said looking at the dirty dark market crowded with serious-looking pale vampires, werewolves, and witches wearing brightly colored robes and pointed hats. It must be a trend I thought to myself as almost every witch was wearing neon colors.

Albert and I walked through the dark-market glancing at every stall and occasionally even risk asking the witches for guidance. After wandering for about 20 minutes and having no luck finding fairy hair, we stopped by a kiosk where we asked a witch with slit eyes and boils all over her face, whether she knew where to get fairy hair.

"oh, I know. I can give what you seek" she said

"Then give it," I told her impatiently. I was not in a mood for riddles after so many hours of wandering. she smiled, a rather savage smile, her saliva was drooping from her mouth. I felt Albert grabbing my arm and pulling me away from the kiosk. "What are-"

"Shut up and come," Albert said sternly


"No, Edward she doesn't have fairy hair. She is a mad witch"

At that, I started following him. I had heard how mad witches would eat up your eyeballs as if they were chocolate. Albert was leading us back towards the entry when I looked back and saw that the witch from the kiosk was right behind us and was looking at me greedily. I screamed.

"Stop screaming !" Albert said with a scowl but as soon as he looked behind, he too saw the witch and screamed. We both ran until we reached our teleporter and climbed into it. We didn't look back until we were halfway to my house.

"Is she still following us?" Albert asked, to scared to look behind

"No," I said. He looked relieved by my answer.

"Hey, can I see the address of the wick-mart the woman gave you?"He asked me

"Yeah sure," I said "but just by seeing it, you won't be able to change it into the right address" I handed the parchment to him and concentrated back to driving the teleporter. I couldn't believe what had happened right now. Albert and I had been chased by a mad witch. I couldn't wait to tell Margaret what had happened and see her reaction.

"Ed," Albert said sounding irritated.

I glanced at him and asked "what? Why are you looking at me as if you are going to chop my head off and feed it to the mad witch?"

"That's because I will" he snapped "Edward, what did the address say?"

"wick-mart, 103 street, walker's area, South London," I said simply

"it says,wick-mart,103 street, Walker's area, NORTH LONDON NOT SOUTH LONDON!"

"What? That's not possible. I read it…" I say looking at the piece of parchment. It clearly said 'North London'

" You read it WRONG! WE WERE NEARLY KILLED BY A MAD WITCH BECAUSE YOU READ AN ADDRESS WRONG!" Albert was nearly shouting. His face had red splotches.

 None of us spoke in the ride back home. I had actually been so stupid to have read the address wrong. It would have been my fault that we would be eyeless right now if Albert hadn't saved us both. And I had blamed the woman who had actually done her part of the deal sincerely. After we reached my house I apologized to Albert and he is a patient person who forgave me and then went to the way of his house. Margaret completely understood the situation and looked worried, she even hugged me and asked if I was okay when I told her what had happened, something she never did. I used to think she didn't have a heart but maybe she does…

I went to my bedroom discovering two very crucial lessons. Firstly, to not judge others as I had judged the young woman and secondly, to never underestimate a mad witch because then I realized that a pair of slit eyes were staring at me from the dark corner of my bedroom.

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