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Dreams Of Infinity

Dreams Of Infinity

2 mins

I am running to the light. My long, dark brown hairs bumping to my back when I take a step. The right strap of my dress is torn off, a drop of blood leaking from the edge of my lip. His disgusting presence behind me. He looks like a ghost who sucking my soul. He is a killer of my privacy...

"Where will you run, Mehpeyker?"

I am continuing to run while hearing his ironic voice. My breath is getting clog, my heart is beating, my feet are hurting. But I am not stopping because I am so close to light anymore. The killer of my privacy throwing a ugly laugh. I hate him! I hate all boys! All of the boys dangerous, rude, and in pursuit of his own pleasure! 

I understand he is approaching me, from the coldness gripping my wrist.

"Come on! We both know you want this."

While his hands going to my dress I hate boys once again.

Another hand is reaching me through the light after. The hand is holding my idle hand gently. Then I am finding myself in there, where I always want to be. 

And I am meeting with him in the best beautiful scene of my best beautiful dream. I don't know who is him. But I am memorizing his innocent smile without realizing it. 

I risk having nightmares just to see the boy who I know nothing about again. I hope to see him again every time I dive into the sea of ​​dreams.

Yeah. He is not earthly. He is another human in another dimension. But this not never handicaps to that I fall in love with him. More precisely not to fall under his spell is not what I can do.

He's the man who made me trust the opposite sex for the first time. The only boy who doesn't love me for my body.

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