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Dreams Greater Than Life

Dreams Greater Than Life

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Some people have dreams for which they can sacrifice anything, even their whole lifestyle.

Man of Raipur named Rameshwar was one of them. Belonging to a middle class family, he lived ordinary life till the age of 25 sacrificing his dream of being a wildlife photographer.

But when talks of his marriage was started, he opposed everyone for his dream. Everyone was against him and forced him to run an electronic shop. But, he fought and at last left the house for wildlife photography. He even stole money from his home for a camera and ran to Kaziranga National Park where photography competition was to be held one month later and its arrangement was going on. On reaching there, he felt inferior as the professional photographers were there. There he met one of his competitor Ram. On knowing about him, Ram offered him a well designed and expensive DSLR camera for the competition.

In this competition, he worked very hard, even he went alone in forest for photography at night, when the forest was at the peak of fierceness. And he continued this hard work for the whole week of the competition. At last, the day of result had come and he secured 3rd position. As because of his hard work and fighting ability against fear for photography, the international agency Discovery who was organising this competition offered him a job of tour across the world for wildlife photography.

They left the top winners only because of his talent and hard work. Now, he could go to his home back proudly, and meet his loved ones after a big struggle and he also couldn't forget his earlier unknown friend Ram who helped him, even if he was a competitor against him. Now, he appointed Ram as his partner for the job and enjoyed the future satisfactorily.

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