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Aaradhana Agarwal



Aaradhana Agarwal


Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Diamond Wedding Anniversary

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Invitation cards have been circulated digitally, trial session of wedding attires is done; photographer, caterer, decorator, orchestra, have been arranged; venue is decided- it is home only; relatives, friends, closed and distant family members all are super excited to celebrate diamond wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. In the year 2021 once again due to relaxation in lockdown, a family is celebrating 75th wedding anniversary of great grandparents.

Married to each other at age 15, the couple is now 90 years old and by God’s grace healthy and is participating enthusiastically in all the preparations for coming grand family function. None deny invitation and it is confirmed almost hundred people will arrive from different parts of the country and world to make the event grander. The couple’s wedding pictures and of special events are collected from old albums so that on the day of anniversary it will be displayed through projector and the 4th generation can have glimpse of all the members – dead and alive. 

The day has arrived. Well -dressed family members and the couple in wedding attire gather in the garden area. The celebration begins. Amidst applauses, cheers and good wishes wedding cake is cut and journey of their life is shown on a big screen. After much merriment the couple is ready to answer the questions asked by their great granddaughter Alisha. All get settled and Alisha begins the questionnaire session.  

Her first question, ‘How do you feel at the moment?’ 

The reply is so touching that everyone’s eyes get moist. Mr. Smith says, ‘We are overwhelmed by this reunion of my vast family. When we marry at the tender age of 15 we never have an idea that the journey will be so long and fruitful. The big gathering is a proof we are all connected with each other from heart as there is love, compassion and respect among us. Thank you for arrival and making us proud of our family.’  

In an era of live-in relationship, divorces, remarriages, it is quite strange for the younger generation that the couple has lived happily for last 75 years. Alisha is curious to know the secret. So she asks,

 ‘Have you ever felt in this long journey to discontinue the relationship and move on?’ 

This is answered by Mrs. Smith. She says glowing with happiness, ‘Whenever any of us felt tired or uninterested in continuing the journey due to some external reasons, without blaming one another, we tried to woo the partner once again as if we’re strangers who recently met. We have never given importance to ego and always use innovative ideas to spice up our relationship. Raising children keep us closer emotionally and life goes on with no major setback.”

 ‘What we have read in History is witnessed by you personally. You have seen transformation of the world during world wars, invention of atom bombs, space travel and now this digital era. Would you like to share how have you survived during major world events and have they left any impact on your life?’

Mr. Smith replies, ‘It is true only Change is constant. Nothing is permanent. So live life fully without any worries as we are on this earth to gain knowledge and share it. Circumstances may pose a threat to your existence but with faith in God and yourself tough time can be conquered. ‘

‘What suggestions do you want to give us to enjoy long marital bliss?’

Mr. Smith holds the mike in his hand and says, “We have enjoyed each and every phase of our life. When we met, we’re teenagers. Love happened instantly. In that time wedding was the only medium to live with your loved one forever. We were not only students who had dreams and ambitions of a successful career, but also a married couple. So, we decided to grow together as partners and never left each other alone in one another’s unfavourable time. We divided our responsibilities. I was the main bread earner and she was the caretaker of entire house.

We did never interfere in each other’s work province. We took decisions together during crisis and never blamed any one if anything went wrong. I started my business and she raised our children. When children became independent I transferred my work load to them and enjoyed life with her. For last ten years we’re free from the unnecessary burden and have toured the entire world, have fulfilled our long cherished dreams and serve the society through charity.’ 

She further questions, ‘Please tell what unique gift are you giving us on this event? We are curious to know since you have announced.’

They smile and ask their lawyer to play a video. An ariel view of an island with sprawling garden having multiple trees of fruits and flowers, a lake and a villa has left all awestruck. They say, ‘Every year on occasions of birthday, anniversaries we have been planting trees since the first marriage anniversary. The island is a wedding gift by our parents so that we can build our own house. Instead of that we use that to create a botanical garden and now that land is our gift to you. 

There is a fresh water lake which has healthy fish community, our pet turtles and ducks. To reside there during vacations, we have a huge villa with all modern amenities. An efficient working staff is deployed to take care of this property. You’ll get a stable with healthy horses, a cattle rearing farm and poultry farm. A daily supply of dairy products, eggs, vegetables and fruits is done here from our own farm. We have hidden that possession from everyone, even from our children so that we can make it more productive and useful for the coming generation. Every plant is named after the family members. You all have to make a promise to save the island.’  

That day’s entire activities, merriment have been recorded and that video is being played just a year after that gala event in memory of the couple who die a month ago. Their inspiring life story will never allow the coming generations to be cruel to this Earth and be ungrateful. A big statue of Mr. and Mrs. Smith is erected in the island to keep them alive. Their efforts to save mother Earth and its inhabitants’ inspire everyone to plant tree as it is our duty to pay gratitude to Nature by protecting it.   

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