Shobhit शोभित

Drama Romance


Shobhit शोभित

Drama Romance

Dangerous Love

Dangerous Love

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Love games are not that easy. It is being said that everything is fair in Love and War. Let me start from the beginning and then you will get to know why I am saying so


I am Vinay Kushwaha, studying Bachelor of Commerce. I am doing very well in education. I am also a key participant in extra-curriculum activities like debate, play, dance or music or any such activities. Most of the time, I come out as winner in these competition. Those times, where I fail to win, are because of Sona, though her name is Sunayna but I call her Sona. She cannot beat me either but I gave up myself so that she could win. I have lost my heart to her so such small losses in college activities are nothing to me. Anyhow you must have got the idea about how much popularity I have in college. All the girls out there are crazy for me and I am crazy for my Sona.


I have not revealed about my feelings to her, after exams I will propose to her. I know she will turn down any proposal from anyone before exam.

 While telling you about my Sona, I forget to tell you about ‘Dinesh Kumar’ from my class. He is also good in studies and being considered my competitor in exams though he has never been able to beat me till yet. He is from a middle class family so his main focus is on studies only. He is introvert and hesitant with others. Dinesh is considered my very good friend though reason behind it is Sona only. He is Sona’s neighbour and being friend with him has helped me in being friend with Sona.


Now I will come to main situation that happened last Sunday only. I invited Sona at Zoo to spend some time but she insisted to call Dinesh also. I invited Dinesh too with hopes that he might got hang up in studies and I will drop hints to Sona about my feelings.


But destiny has other plans. I was waiting for my Sona at Zoo entrance but only Dinesh could come. I was boiling with anger when he informed, “Sunayna couldn’t come as a family is coming at her house for her elder sister marriage proposal and her family could not send Sunayna.” I could not do anything except wasting sometime with this ass.


After strolling for about 2 hours, we entered canteen to eat burger. We were talking about random topics but I diverted communication about Sona for knowing her whereabouts.


“I need your favour Vinay but please keep it to yourself only.” Dinesh said all of a sudden.

 “Yeah, tell me.”

 “Teach me how you can express yourself so easily to others.”

 “Why not, are you planning to give me competition this Republic Day?”

 “No for God’s sake, You are a champion who can beat you!”

 “Then what’s the plan buddy?”

 “It is something else. Promise me to keep it to yourself only.”

 “Tell me. Why creating suspense! I won’t reveal it.”

 “I am falling for Sunayna but not getting enough courage to tell her. Guide me how should I go about it to get success.”

 His statement was like a tiger attack on me. Neither I could say nor could be silent. Heart was just about to burst.

 “What happen, Vinay, Help me please.”

 “Okay, I will do something.” That’s all I could say mustering all courage.


I get so much scared from his communication that only thought came to my mind is like Sona is going away from me. I was not having a faint thought that I should tell my feelings to Sona and let her decide. He is villain of my love life and I have to get rid of him.

 After spending about one more hour in Zoo, we return home.

 I am thinking about my scheme since that time to make it error free to get rid of Dinesh from my way.


Finally, it is today we are going to write our first exam and I have come with full “preparation”. I meet Sona and Dinesh outside the college. We exchange wishes to each other and while wishing and hugging I slipped some papers in Dinesh’s pocket. Now I need to take care that he does not check his pockets till exam. It is not that difficult and done successfully.


Exam starts on time and after sometime a team enters to check if somebody is cheating in exam or not. I give them a signal towards Dinesh to make them suspicious.


They catch my signal and start checking Dinesh and my heart starts dancing.

 As expected, they catch the papers in his pocket. Dinesh says that he doesn’t know anything about these papers, even teacher also speak in favour of Dinesh but checking team does not give an ear to anything. After all, it is evident that he was having papers in his pocket to cheat.


They take Dinesh with him and everyone was talking about Dinesh only. It is unexpected of him after all. I was very happy inside but expressing a lot of grief from my face. After all my “friend” is in trouble.


Sona is crying. I am giving her my shoulder to cry. She is saying repeatedly that she never imagine Dinesh to cheat to pass exam. My focus is to give her support. My heart is jumping with joy to feel her so close and future looks bright.


I just say to her, “May be he decided to beat me by cheating.” and she nodded.

 After all everything is fair in love and war.

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