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Yash Dabade



Yash Dabade


Curses And Blessings

Curses And Blessings

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Once there was a poor lady. She lived in a village with her husband and two kids. They were having a shortage of basic needs. Her husband was working hard day and night. But, all went in vain. She was tired of her miserable life. 

She was always thinking about her future and her children. She was begging God for some miracle to happen.

An old lady always saw her crying every single day. With curiosity, she asked her," Why are you crying little one?. Then, the woman replied with frustration,"I am so done and tired of this miserable life. I don't want to end up living poor.

I am feeling so guilty to look at my family and seeing them suffering every day."

Then, the old woman said that those days would also pass. She wiped her tears and showed some concern by telling her to keep fasting occasionally for Goddess. She followed the same for many days with hope.

One day, when she was sleeping, the Goddess appeared in her dreams. The Goddess gave blessings to her and said to her that she was very happy with her devotion and would lead a very happy life further. She became happy.

Days passed but nothing happened. The routine was the same. Suddenly, her husband came with a happy face and said that we became rich as he won the amount in the lottery.

She was shocked and became happy which was beyond imagination. Now, their economical status completely changed and they were able to meet their needs. A few months passed with happiness.

One day, the old woman decided to meet her as it was a long time they hadn't seen each other yet. The woman was very happy by seeing her life getting better. She was at her doorstep and she was just standing outside the house.

The old lady started the conversation with the question," Hey, little one, do you remember me? She was busy with her friends and said that she didn't know her. Then, she made her recall her memories, and her friends were also shocked by their conversation.

The woman said with attitude and boldness," Even if I was miserable and broke then why would it matter now? I have enough money to feed my family. I have a big status now. Why am I even talking to you who has such a low status."

The old lady said with embarrassment and anger that money has changed you. She cursed her that soon or later your money will get over and will never have such fate again.

The woman said that she does not care about what the old lady said. The old lady left her house with a smile and never interfered in her life again.

After some days, the lady and her family faced a huge loss and lost all the money they ever had. They became broke and miserable once again.

Moral- Never ever forget who helped you in your worst time.

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