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Corona Diaries 4

Corona Diaries 4

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Woooo hoooo!!!

Voila, I have news to tell you. All this while I've been cursing mankind for inventing me. Today was the first day of the quarantine, and you know something, who's the most beneficiary of all this... it's the love birds,....not only the love birds, but the entire bird paradise is benefitted. You ask me how, and I shall reveal it to you now.

The best thing that human beings have done and hopefully will be doing this quarantine is being human. I'll come to the point. It all started with one Mr. A who started keeping the water and a bowl of grains to the birds that would visit his balcony on a regular basis. Seeing this in a closed apartment environment, Mrs. B thought of being fancy and designed her own bird feeders and kept them out in her balcony, it's a different thing altogether that the birds could not get to know about it because of its fancy outlook, which made Mrs. B to change it to a normal bird feeder.

It's a different story altogether that the birds of the different flock flew together and started to meet up in Mr. A and Mrs. B's balconies. Seeing this, Mr. All alone C, tried to build a nest by himself, which was left unvisited for a long duration of time. Don't be alarmed if I tell you that Mr. C is now a family, you have to see, oops sorry hear it to believe it, the chirping sounds of flocks of different birds of various descents visiting Mr. C's house and making him a complete man, like how Raymond's advertisement says.

Well, coming to the real love story, oh no, you guessed it wrong, it's not about Mr. A and Mrs. B, it's all about the female birdies that would visit Mr. A's house and male birdies visiting Mrs. B's house. Initially, it was just a hi, hello stage, but once Mr. A let them out of the cage, there was a rage of emotions let out by the female birdies, Cuckoo's, since their plump and fat outlook wasn't enough to lure the Robins. Mrs. B felt bad for the female birdies and planned a diet for them, low fat, low carb diet, which of course put them in such a beautiful shape and size that now Robins were at the receiving end. No worries, when Mr. A was there. He was a big fan of the big B of Bollywood, so he taught the Robins to coax the Cuckoo's in shape with a hallucinating sharabi song there and a romantic number, a Silsila duet, which made the Cuckoo's forget their diet.

Woohoo! You should see the number of things that were gotten by the Robins to their Cuckoo's, especially to polish their beauty, the oil can caps, fair and lovely cover, lakme lotion cap, shampoo caps, this is just for the Outlook. What about the treat, well, the Robins would take the permission from Mr A and Mrs B, and would take them out to different apartment blocks where they would feast on the different grains and pappads and pickles, which were out for drying They would carry home some for future use too, as they were planning on to extend their family.

Well, one fine day, the Robins and the Cuckoo's married each other and shifted their base to Mr. C's house. They had a huge gathering around the house in the presence of Mr. A and Mrs. B, of course, they signed as witnesses in the register. As they had stored enough food for a sumptuous supper for their entire flock, all the birdies wished them and flew back to their houses after gifting all the goodies to them.

Mr. A and Mrs. B had planned well in advance and had decorated their house at Mr. C's apartment. They had kept some fruits to relish on later at night with a capful of milk. Well, you know what happened next on the D day, the chirping sounds came down with a hassle and puzzle. After wishing the Robins and the Cuckoo's good luck, both Mr. A and Mrs. B retired to bed.

Rest, you now know how Mr. C became a family man from a lonely man. Yes, I shall write about Mr. A and Mrs. B's love and hate story in the coming week.

Thank you humans for being human in helping the Robins and Cuckoo's extend their family. And they lived and loved happily ever after.

Yours lovingly,


To be continued......

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