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Alien attack

Alien attack

11 mins

In a dark and moonless night of Vijaypur town in India, some people observed some white lights coming down at a very high rate. People thought that it was shooting stars or drones or something like that.

Next morning, when some herders went to the forest with their cattle, they found the debris of rocket or drone-like objects. And the grass, shrubs and trees were being eaten by the swarms of some sort of very small bright green coloured insects. Herders were seeing these swarms of bright green insects for the first time in the area. Cattle were frightened and instead of grazing the grass, they stood still in a group. All of a sudden the swarms of insects attacked the herders and cattle. The insects penetrated the flash of herders and animals and entered into their bodies. Two herders and a cow died on the spot and others somehow managed to flee from the scene. They were badly injured. The news spread like a wildfire. By the noon one more injured herder died.

The local police clad in masks and protective suits reached the spot and began the inspection. The debris seemed to police suspected. During the inspection, a swarm of insects attacked the police. Police had to retreat from the scene. Later police hat to spray insecticide and lit a fire to repel the insects. By the evening, police somehow confiscated the debris. Police were unable to tell what it was and from where it had come to town. So the police report the matter to higher officials.


By the night, the swarms of insects were running amok in the town. People of the town were frightened and locked in the homes. Police were trying hard to repel them using smoke and insecticides.


Next day, injured cattle’s and herders’ colour changed into dark green and their bodies began to swell with acute piercing pain. Local doctors were unable to find out what happened to them. After some days, diseased men’s and animal’s body began to fill with the blisters and insects began coming out of the bodies. This was very strange and horrific. And the cattle and men began to die. In the post mortem, it was found that the deaths were due to poison and scars caused by insects. Some dead bodies were sent to the laboratories for further studies on these strange and deadly insects. And the laboratories reported that these insects are not found on Earth. These insects are from another world. Soon the news spread like a wildfire across the world.


Dr Swati was a scientist, working for a famous alien research centre. When heard this news, she took a deep interest in these insects and she was the first scientist to reach the spot to study them. She along with an assistant camped near the spot and began her work. Soon other scientist, experts, doctors and media began to reach the spot.


She found out several properties of the insects. Main characteristics of these insects were that they feed on both the plants and animals. After entering the body of the host they began to produce a poisonous protein. This protein rots the tissues of internal organs and these insects devoured the rotten organs. The insects also produced eggs in a large quantity. It took eggs about two days to hatch. After hatching the baby insects took about ten hours to grow into adult insects. The most dangerous point was that they can lay their eggs also in the soil, they didn’t need a host body. They were the machine to kill and destroy made by an unknown alien species. The motive was clear.


Experts reported that the metal found in the town was not found on Earth, it is from outer space. Other biologists soon confirmed the works of Swati on alien insects. It was an alien species who were playing havoc on Earth.

 Despite all the attempts to destroy or check the insects, the numbers of swarms were increasing day by day. With an increasing number of cases and death, panic began to spread. Soon these insects covered many provinces of the country. All the affected areas were evacuated and were surrounded by the armed police. Nobody except the experts and scientists was allowed to enter. Soon the insects spread across the several countries of the world. Space agencies became active and began to search for the alien source of this problem. Soon the source was found about six million miles from the earth. It was an alien spaceship looked like an asteroid about the size of seven football grounds. It was working as the base from where the attack was launched. The insects were developed and sent to Earth from this alien spaceship. The chunks of that metal confiscated from the town where the pieces of the small space vehicle in which the insects were sent. Some pilots and amateurs across the globe had already reported of seeing some undefined flying objects at the same day when the bright lights were seen in the sky of town. No doubt, the problem was created by that unknown alien species. All the nations came together to fight a war against those miscreant aliens.

Soon thousands of acres of forest had been destroyed by the swarms of insects. Thousands of acres of the standing crops were set on the fire to destroy the worms. Water and soils were being polluted by chemicals being used against insects. Thousands of people were dying each day.

Then a new wave of alien attack came. Projectiles from the base station of the aliens began to land on the different places on Earth to spread insects. These insects were playing havoc on the glove. These projectiles could not be detected by the radars. It was obvious that the alien power was determined to destroy life from Earth.

The situation was going worsen day by day. Thousands of people around the globe were dying per day. One thing was clear that if a stern action against these aliens was not taken, the life on Earth would come to the verge of extinction.              

Soon it was decided to attack the source of the problem. All the space agencies and military organizations became active and the preparations for war against the enemy began.

One day when Swati was busy in her camp with the studies of worms. She got a call on her cell phone. Mahendra was on phone. She got happy after getting a call from him after a long period of time.


He was in a fine mood and was happy. He was a commander in the space army. Swati and Mahendra both belong to the same province. Swati and Mahindra were in love relation and were going to marry in the next month. But the alien attack became a big obstacle in their marriage. Mahindra tried to stop her from going to spot. But she was determined to give her services to save mankind from this danger.   

He told her, “Now, it is my turn. I have been selected as chief of the mission to save Earth from the aliens.”

 She got unhappy to hear this. She knew that such type of missions was full of dangerous and had a little chance to survive. She got silent and her words failed her. She got silent. After a few moments of silence from both the side, Mahindra said to her, “Hi, what happened to you. Why did you get silent? Say something to me.”

She began sobbing. He said, “Don’t cry, my heart. I will win and come back home unhurt.”

Saying so, he dropped the phone. She knew she couldn’t go anywhere. She was not allowed to go outside the camp. Soon she would be shifted to another safer place. She was missing him.

Here, Mahindra had to pass through very hard training for fifteen days. Whenever he got time, he called her. Both of them were missing each other.

After successful passing the training, he along with other candidates was ready to carry out the mission.

It was going to be midnight. Mahindra was lying on the bed but the sleep is far away from his eyes. The mission was going to be launched in the morning. He is missing her badly. He didn’t know what happened next. He didn’t know whether he would come alive from the mission or not. He didn’t know what would happen to Swati and other human beings if the mission fails. This night might be his last night on Earth. He spent a sleepless night.

In the morning, Mahindra along with other warriors were marching towards the Shiva. Shiva was the name of the spaceship being used in the mission. It was one of the most advanced and powerful spaceships. It was seven hundred metres in length and four hundred metres in width. And it was capable of carrying nuclear weapons, space vehicles and dozens of crew. Hundreds of important personalities, journalists and warriors’ family members were present to see them off. Mahindra was marching silently waving his hand towards the mob. All of a sudden he got a glimpse of Swati. He gave her a flying kiss. There was a familiar smile on her face. She waved her hands towards him and shouted, “We shall overcome. I will wait for you.” He cheered up and waved his hand towards him.

Now it was time to launch the mission. Shiva was launched at the right time. Swati looked at till it disappeared into the deep sky. She closed her eyes and prayed to god for the success of the mission and Mahindra.

She returned to her laboratory with a heavy heart.

All the attempts to check and destroy these worms were going in vain. Now the future of Earth depended on the success of the mission.

The spaceship was moving towards the target. It would take about seven days to reach near the target. They had more than two dozen nuclear missiles to destroy the alien base station. In addition to the nuclear weapon, they had sufficient stock of other weapons to use if a case arises. It was the first day of the mission and they were about fifty thousand kilometres away from Earth. They were on their way to the target. All of a sudden Mahindra got a message from the mission control that the alien spaceship was coming towards Earth at the speed of about twenty thousand miles per hours. It was really horrific news. Soon they would be face to face with the enemy.

Just then a captain shouted with excitement, “sir, about a dozen missiles are coming toward us. They attacked us.” Mahindra rushed to the cockpit. He shouted, “Make sure.” Entering the cockpit, he ordered the deputy commander, “Activate the missile defence system.”

Message from mission control centre began sounded. It was a warning message. He replied calmly to the message, “We are ready.”

Deputy Commander told him, “Enemy’s missiles have come to our striking range.”

He ordered, “Destroy them.”

Within a few moments, the missile defence system began its work. No missile could hit the spaceship. They win a battle against the invaders. This victory boosted their morale. This little victory brought rays of hope to the people on Earth.

By the next day, the alien spaceship was at the distance of about twenty thousand kilometres from the spaceship. Mahindra wanted to give them a chance to go away from Earth before using nuclear power on them.  


And came another attack from the enemy side. This time, they failed the missile defence system of Shiva using alien technology. And then, about a dozen of their fighter space vehicles attacked the spaceship, Shiva. Anti spacecraft missiles and cannons were used against these space vehicles. During the fight, they got success in damaging a part of spaceship Shiva. Mahindra and his team got success in destroying six space vehicles. But the alien spaceship sent some more space vehicles to carry out the more lethal attack. Mahindra and has team’s ammunition was going to run out. He informed the mission control about the shortage of ammunition. Mission control was not able to send any help immediately. They had left with the last option; the use of nuclear missiles. The alien spaceship had come to the striking range of the nuclear missiles. Mahindra sent a message to mission control about the use of nuclear weapons against alien spaceship. Within a few minutes, he got affirmation from the mission control. They got prepared for the nuclear attack within a few minutes. They launched nuclear missiles to the target the alien spaceship. Total six missiles were fired one after another. Mahindra and his team were now watching on the radar system the movements of these nuclear missiles to the target. All mankind came to a standstill to see what happen next. Within a few minutes, the missiles began to hit the target. The first explosion and then second then so on. Nuclear missiles do their work. The Target was destroying into pieces. After the destruction of the alien spaceship, the rest of the space vehicle retreated and ran away. Now Earth was safe. These moments were the golden moments of the history of mankind.


With the destruction of the alien spaceship, the mission was over. People on Earth were celebrating the victory. Swati was waiting for Mahindra eagerly. When the spaceship returned to Earth, all the members of the mission was sent to a secret place for some reasons. They were revered as a real hero and the saviours of Earth.


One day, when Swati was engrossed in the work in her lab, somebody came near to her and covered her eyes from his hands from behind. She got surprised and fumbled her hand on his hands and said, “Who?” she paused for a moment and said, “You are Mahindra, aren’t you?”

He said, “It’s me,” and took her in his arms. There were tears of happiness in their eyes

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