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Conversation With a Terrorist

Conversation With a Terrorist

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One day I was feeling very bored. Finding nothing to do, I thought of chatting with some strangers. I didn’t want to talk to my friends at that moment, because I wanted to experience something new. I wanted to feel something new. I wanted to hear something new. 

Thanks to technology, now we can do anything we like by just sitting in our cozy rooms. Play Store is the best thing we have ever in our life. I opened the play store and downloaded the app namely something like chat with the strangers. This app allows one to voice call the strangers without sharing one’s identity, phone number or even email. 

Obviously, it was a very safe app. In no time, I installed the app on my phone. I opened the app and began to voice call the strangers. First, about ten persons just hung up the call as soon as possible just after hearing my voice. The reason was absolutely clear, I was not a girl. Mostly, the boys on the internet are fond of finding a girl for voice chat.  

I didn’t lose heart. I kept on looking for someone who was willing to talk with me. Finally, I found one. I wondered he must be a normal guy and we were soon going to talk over silly matters. But the reality was just the opposite. 

I said, “Hello brother, how are you?”

“I am fine you say. You from where?”

“I am from India.”

“I am from Pakistan.”

“Oh! That’s great. You are our neighbor. I talked to many people from Pakistan before. All were very nice and cooperative people. We would talk for hours on the internet.”

“Hmm, but I don’t like Indians. I am soon going to explode a bomb in India.”

“What! You must be kidding right..”

“I am not kidding. What I am saying is a complete reality. I have done this many times before. You know what, now I am having heroin (a sort of drug). I love to kill people, very honestly.”

“Are you a terrorist?”


“I never thought I will talk to a terrorist over here.”

“It is your good luck.”


“You are going to learn and experience something new, that you must never ever have experienced. Believe me, you are going to love it.”

“Did you ever repent after killing people? Why do you kill people? For what?”

“I kill only the bad people in India.”

“How do you know you kill only the bad people in India? A bomb can’t differentiate between good and bad persons. Whenever you explode bombs, I don’t know whether you are able to kill bad people or not, but for this thing I am sure, you are definitely killing innocent lives.”

“No, I have not killed even a single innocent person in my life.”

“How do you know?”

“Because Allah (God) never kills innocent men. I explode the bombs on the name of Allah and He kills only the evil, wicked and cruel persons. Only the evil persons die, innocent persons live. It is the divine law.”

“Mr. terrorist, then you all are also very cruel and evil persons!”

“No, we are not!”

“Because you are also killed by our army, by our police. And you only told, only the evil ones are killed.”

“No, it’s not like that, we are martyrs.”

“No, you are not martyrs, you are fools. In fact, some evil and negative forces are making fool of you and are using you all for their selfish vested interests. You know what foolishness has also a limit, but you are limitless. Allah or God never says to kill people. He teaches us to love humanity, he teaches us to love even birds and animals.”

“No, you are wrong. It is nothing like that. You give me your phone number. Let’s talk on a video call, then I will show you everything and will explain to you the real scenario.”

“No, thanks to a lot brother. I have had enough with you. May Allah bless you with wit and proper intellect.” I hung up the call.

All people belonging to Pakistan are not terrorist and all people from India are not divine. A terrorist may rise anywhere. A terrorist is nothing but a criminal and a criminal is not declared by its geographical location. It is declared by his bad deeds. 

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