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Abstract Drama Inspirational


Akash Agrawal

Abstract Drama Inspirational

Conquer Your FEAR

Conquer Your FEAR

3 mins

“I am fearful,” said the boy.

“That is good,” said the old man, “If you are fearful, then you sure are on to something bigger. It may be either something horrible or something good. But it must be bigger than you think you can take.”

“No. You don’t understand,” said the boy with his tone worried. “I am fearful that I might not succeed. I am fearful that my parents might not support me. I am fearful because if I fail, I would have wasted everything for worse, my entire savings, my time, energy, and even I may lose the faith in my people and friends. I am fearful that if I fail, I would fail everyone else with me. And If I fail, I might lose the courage and determination and strength to rise again.”

The old man began to laugh. “The poor boy worries about so many things.

Well then, as you wish boy!

If you want to give up right now just because of your poor judgment of yourself or because of the uncertain future that you haven’t met yet, then better get done with it and live with your fears instead, and the unforgettable guilt of never ever daring to live your dreams.”

The boy stood there aghast… his head down, looking at his feet.

He didn’t know what to do.

His mind was racing wildly in between his dreams and ambitions and the fictitious fears made up by his mind. His eyes were wet. He couldn’t decide what to do. He wanted to pursue his dreams. Yet, he was lacking the courage to face his fears.

The old man was looking at the boy. He could understand what was going inside his little head.

“Enough Now! You silly young creature of flesh and bones!” said the old man, “Let’s look at your stupid fears once more than, shall we?”

And then old man talked- “You have already assumed the worst that would happen if you fail in your endeavor. Now look on the bright side of the things, if you happen to fail.”

The boy stared at the old man. “How can there be any good in my failure?” said the boy.

“Well, the best thing is that you won’t die for sure!” said the old man, with a twitch of his lips in a smile.

“And if you won’t die than it means you would be alive. Not only alive my boy. You would be a man of experience then.

You would have learned quite a lot from your successful endeavor of failing at something big.

You might lose your money and time. But all of that is not really wasted. Call it rather invested in learning new things and acquiring skills. And you would be wiser than ever.

 And about your friends, those who would leave you were never your true friends. And you shall know that those who stayed in your worst and best with you are your true life companions. And the bond would be even stronger.”

 “My boy!” shouted the old man in excitement, “You have so little to lose and so much to gain. Oh! I would give my life once more to kiss that kind of failure once again in my life. For, it might look like a failure from the outside. But it is quite a success to achieve. Not everyone could dare achieve it. It would make one even stronger and determined.”

Finally, there was a smile on the little boys face. He realized how silly of him was to have such a narrow view of his assumed failures. He thanked the old man for the lesson.

The old man smiled at him, “Go on, Boy! Kiss your fears and take on your dreams wildly.”

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