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Pomi Mukherjee

Abstract Romance


Pomi Mukherjee

Abstract Romance



1 min 41 1 min 41

A conflict lettering banter between boy and girl. At primary nearby was uneasiness and an aggressive atmosphere.

Next, slowly more or less delightful relationships are bent through uncommon types of understanding. The curt story is prepared up of roughly such quotes. 

Boy - "Why every word of you makes me crazy?"

Girl - "Do you have any problem to live with me?"

Boy - "I often feel bored to talk to you really".

Girl - "Then please leave to talk to me".

Boy - "But, I can't live alone without talking".

Girl - "I think you are mocking"

Boy - "No, matter of what I can tell myself alone".

Girl - "Yup, I have realised to feel like gallon"

Boy - "What should be our best understanding?"

Girl - "Talk freely without quarreling ".

Boy - "Let's start to talk"

Girl - "Let's start to walk"

Boy - "Accept some flowers "

Girl - "These are my pleasures".

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