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Drama Tragedy Crime


Pomi Mukherjee

Drama Tragedy Crime

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  • I speak a quick story from a lengthy experience back, at what time in attendance was a female who was anxious and she had her arrange of crimes that she tried to hide from everyone's eyes.

  • One reporter just there and he once tried to scrutinize the subject about the complete detail of the female who was wandering in assorted sitting room from at this juncture to there. 

  • The female accepted the journalist and supposed that she sought to express to him in next. What's the surprise behind in it. 

  • Read the story to feel in it. 

  • Chapter -1 

  • One day a newly recruited reporter was subsequently definite and on one occasion the reporter jammed up the female in a bus in a cheery put in America. 

  • Such is usually the case on a busy day in a busy city. Noise in the morning, the city is full of crowds. After getting a job, there is a lot of hope for working life. The hope of getting something new, the hope of turning around in life. 

  • The same thing happened in this case, the journalist wanted to gain a lot of experience in life by getting a new job. One day the journalist was going from one place to another in the work of journalism. The way to get on the bus is easy, so get on the right bus as calculated. 

  • The reporter decided to in a place, so he took a seat on a bus. He gathered experience that a female's appearance was peculiar and whatever the reporter tried to help her and wanted to know the reason for her extreme frustration. 

  • Amazingly the female was on a bus in a newspaper interpretation moods and the reporter followed her and took a seat fair beside of her. 

  • Reporter -"May I talk with you? "
  • Lady -"Sorry"
  • Reporter -"May I know your name? 
  • "Lady - (wrap yourself up very quickly,) " But, I am speaking you later".

  • The female didn't believe nervous. But the female tried to steadily get out of the reporter and after questioning a plight the female told the reporter dreadfully intrepidly that she is on the go with round about separate of factory accordingly she is intending to acquaint with the role in later. 

  • [In reality individual for the reason that the female was brave that the reporter felt a lot. What time the reporter is about on the spot to obtain the lady, he is compulsory to acquire the facilitate of the police. A hardly any being later, the law assumed that a female with such a person's name was wandering around in various disguises but her exact whereabouts weren't found. ]

  • Chapter -2 

  • Once morning the reporter was coming back from his office and to go back to the home and found a place, where a large number of people were waiting to listen to the political lecture from a reputed one.

  • Suddenly, the reporter was getting stunt that the known face he found and the face was exactly as same as his previous looking of the lady.

  • When the journalist goes early to snoop to the verbal communication without thoughts of anything, practically every person in the crowded conference is listening to the language of the woman. 

  • After listening to a lengthy speech, as soon as all was about to leave, the journalist would like to maxim the female another time and approached her. 

  • Reporter -" Hello, Can you give me some time to talk? "
  • Lady -" Sorry, I have no time"
  • Reporter -" I thought I know you ".
  • Lady -(With very busy ) " I have no time to speak to you. But, I am speaking in next". 

  • Surprise! the same thing that the journalist had achieved before, the same thing happened in his life again. There is even secret information to be told, which the woman cannot tell to the journalist at all? 

  • Chapter 3- 

  • One morning the reporter got a news from his office, that a woman had been found in the city after several days of reporting, but despite many attempts, it was not possible to talk to her completely. 

  • After fighting casualty for seven days whole, she in the end died voluntarily. 

  • After conducting a thorough investigation into the incident, the police informed that a woman has been wandering in this small town of America for several days in various disguises. According to sources, multiple crimes are present in the name of that woman. Even then, the journalist did not find the woman.

  • When a journalist goes to his office to report such a news item, it is important to note that such a woman may have called the office before she died voluntarily, and the next day she had a lot to say. Send a letter and mention at the end that she is dying voluntarily.

  • Reporter -" I found a strange case Sir! "
  • Boss -" What's that? "
  • Reporter -" I found news about a lady, who is wandering in different places with some disguised manners. "
  • Boss -" What's the real fact? Can you tell me in detail? "

  • Office boss was amazing and he assured the young reporter that he ( the reporter) should not think much about that because the same case and a consistent story came to their company although presentation a female was greatly frustrated to texture her sorrow. 

  • However, the astonishing report from the office made the reporter crazy and he never thought such type of incident may occur where an unidentified woman may voluntarily go to his office and report without informing him. 

  • The reporter wondered, if that woman is really this woman, then what is the point of repeatedly telling her that? Every time she (the woman) avoids the reporter during the meeting, she says, "But I am telling you in next."

  • Chapter -4 

  • Suddenly, the journalist was able to identify the woman as the same person, first by going to the police station and then to his office. Later, the journalist realized the whole statement from the letter given by the woman from his office. 

  • The entire letter contained the life story of that woman. How under no circumstances is that woman forced to choose such a bad path? There was really no one besides that woman once. 

  • Helpless, poverty would halt up in her mind. The hardly any jobs she had hoped for, she had to elude depending on the situation. 

  • In the terminology of job, the female required to connect according to her qualifications, but as she was poor, helpless, she was subjected to a set of misdeed. 

  • Previously that became unbearable of her, she was put on to elect the sorry customs of society. She tried to leather and make known himself in disguise in several places. 

  • Chapter -5

  • After reading the letter, the journalist thought that the woman had done all these things, perhaps thinking of herself or her family.

  • But no matter what she does, she is very good at everything. The system she worked in diverse chairs in disguise, and her courage and determination are remarkable.

  • Occasionally following leader, occasionally straightforward traveler, every now and then a perfect partnership woman, now and again doctor, from time to time professor flush she had her sound common reputation of killer or murderer. 

  • Despite many attempts, no police force, no reporter could catch the woman. But she has come to the notice of many people many times, even the reporter himself has tried and failed. So, it is true that the woman is very brave.

  • She has fought with herself to prove her existence. Yet it's true that there is no point in surviving without work in our society. But near is no acquit for the female who chose her socially rotten profession out of sympathy for the evil. 

  • End. 

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