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Completing Incompleteness

Completing Incompleteness

3 mins

Pallavi was going to submit her assignment. She was just about to enter the corridor when somebody bumped into her. She saw it was Viren, Viren Rawat. He was titled as the 'Most Eligible Bachelor' of the college. Pallavi continued watching him. When Viren interrupted her thoughts, she said a sorry and started collecting her documents which had fallen down. She left. She was going to submit it, the bell rang and the period was over. She went to the teacher to submit it. The teacher asked to submit it on the next day. She left sadly.

Her friend asked her for an assignment. She gave it to her. In the evening, she got a call from that friend.

She asked, "What's this ?"


"What's written in your assignment?"

"It's an assignment. So, only the material required is written."

"No. Here something poetry sort of thing is written. I think you had made the wrong assignment or it has been changed by mistake."

"I will check it tomorrow."

She was confused.

Next day, her friend returned her those pages of poetry and asked about the assignment.

Pallavi told that she will give the assignment to her but she needs some time. She might have misplaced it.

She took that pages and went in the lawn. She read those poems. She loved it. She felt as if somebody had tried to write her feelings. She was thinking about those pages when she remembered about yesterday's meeting with Viren. She suddenly thought that those pages must belong to him. It was his poetry. She never thought that that guy could even write such wonderful poems. She was amazed at him.

Actually, she didn't believe herself that she bumped into him, she got his poems, she read and she loved it. She was happy that she might get a chance to meet him again. She always had a secret crush on him, since her first year in college. But, she couldn't reveal it to anyone. She didn't even accept that fact herself as it was against her image. When other girls ran behind him, she always stood aside controlling her heart. She pretends that it was rubbish to ran behind someone. If somebody really likes you, he would come to you himself.

She read those poems carefully. She felt as if it were incomplete. She felt some pain in his poems. She thought to complete them. She completed those poems in a positive version. She felt happy. Now, she was nervous about how to confront him. She needs to return it to him.

Her friend came and told her that did she do something wrong? Is she hiding something?

"No. What happened. Why would I need to hide something."

"Viren is looking for you "

She was left awestruck.,

" What.....why...I mean....why... "

"Don't know ...Just go ."

" Ya ... bye and thanks..."

Butterflies were tickling in her stomach. She couldn't control her nervousness.

She was going to meet her crush. Her theory proved itself right on her. 'If somebody really likes you, he would come to you himself.' Her friends were more shocked as they felt a tinge of jealousy. She loved that phase.

"Hi, Pallavi."

She turned to see who called her. It was Viren.

She loved hearing her name from his lips.


Both accepted a sorry for that exchange of documents.

They exchanged the sheets and left.

Pallavi got a new fragrance from her sheets. She kept smelling it. When she saw it, she was more amazed than earlier. He had corrected her mistakes and improvised her assignment. Moreover, he had written some extra material too. She was blushing. She didn't expect this from him.

On the other side, he got relieved after getting his poems back. When he read her part, he felt as he got a new perspective on love and life. He felt that completeness in his poems which he was lacking.

Both completed each other's incompleteness, yet they didn't know each other.

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