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Sudipta Dash



Sudipta Dash




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“What if you lose again?”, Raaz typed at the chat section and clicked the 'send' button. Then he moved the Rook two steps forward.

Moving the Pawn towards the Rook, the opponent texted back, “It’s not gonna happen you dumb!”

“What! I mean, seriously Kimi? It’s the third time I am playing online chess with you… I believe it's going to be a hat-trick”, replied Raaz.

"In your dreams baby!”

Raaz couldn’t help smiling. “This girl is never going to lose hope!”, he said to himself. Moving the Queen forward to target her King, he thinks, “Now what are you gonna do?” as if he had already won the match.

The game continued for about half an hour. The night went darker and darker – very far somewhere, the dogs started barking. It seemed as though an awkward nocturnal atmosphere had grasped the entire environment. The old digital table clock said it’s 11:55pm.

Suddenly, the game took a tragic turn when Kimi moved her Knight and took down the Queen of Raaz. He couldn't believe his eyes. He did not understand how he had not seen it coming – it was not that hard to judge.

Meanwhile, Raaz received a text in the chat section, “It’s Check baby!”

“How did you do it?”, replied Raaz being tremendously excited.

“You're not the only clever guy around...”.

“I didn’t mean that. But really, don't know why I could not see that coming”, typed Raaz, “Impressive!”.

“Hahaha… Now get over it and play”.

“Now what! I can’t do anything. It’s checkmate”.

“No it’s not… think”, typed Kimi.

Raaz tried to get over it but he was perplexed as he couldn't find a way out even after looking at almost every possible step.

“It seems to be checkmate…”, he murmured.

Just then his mobile started blinking, indicating a message has just arrived. Unlocking the phone he found out a text saying, “Use your Knight to take the Queen down.”

Raaz returned to the screen and realized that he could have easily taken the Queen down by the Knight. But who is this fellow who helped him?

“How come he knew in what condition I was!”, being confused, he asked himself. He tried to see the name of the sender but no, it was only showing “UNKNOWN”. Surprisingly, there was no number at all, which seemed to be entirely impossible.

“who are you? how did you know?”, he texted back.

“Hahaha…”, the unknown replied.

At first Raaz couldn't guess who it was. Then he looked at the computer screen and saw a text from Kimi saying, “I am waiting… it’s your turn.” Relaxing a little bit, he replied to Kimi, ”Was that you? Oh gosh! You really scared me at first.”

“What! What are you talking about?”

Raaz took the queen down and asked Kimi about the message, but she denied saying that she had not done anything like that. So, he again texted the unknown asking his name. This time the unknown replied, “ I am the Devil”


"Yes. You read it right. You can call me devil, satan, darkness whatever you like.”

“Is this a prank or something?”

“No it’s not. Does it look like a prank ?”

Raaz was confused as he had not faced something like that. He was a bit frightened too. Just then Devil replied, “Are you afraid?”

“How the hell does he read my mind?”, thought Raaz getting more confused.

“What do you want?”, replied Raaz.



“Yes. I want you. You have to die. It’s your time.”

Raaz had no idea what Devil was talking about – he got really tensed. He started sweating all over. The barking of dogs became louder and louder. He felt a terrible pain in his head. Is it really his time?

“I don’t want to die” sending this, he switched off the phone and tried to calm down.

Astonishingly, the phone turned on by itself like something paranormal showing a text saying, ”Decide wisely. ‘Cause when there’s Death, someone must die.”

“Just go to hell”, Raaz replied.

“Hahaha, you forgot the game”.

Suddenly Raaz realized that Kimi was waiting for his turn. He put a pawn forward.

But within a second, he became scared stiff discovering the horrifying fact that Kimi had been continuously chatting with him these few minutes. But he had not answered any of those, then who replied all the texts of Kimi?

Raaz was utterly puzzled. Before he could understand anything, the computer again started typing on its own. He couldn't believe his eyes. He tried to delete everything, but he had no control over his computer. He had no idea what to do. Helplessly, he texted back to Devil, “Why are you doing this?”

“Told you. Someone must die NOW!”.

Just then the computer started writing again. It typed, “I want to meet you Kimi. Right now. It’s very urgent. Please come down within five minutes at the backside gate of your apartment”.

"No no! He is going for her!", leaving his room, he came outside and started running towards the place without having any idea whether he would be able to save Kimi or not.

It was almost 1am. The roads were empty, only the lamp posts were standing there watching him running.

Finally, he reached the spot and saw someone standing very far on the road just near the front gate of the apartment - alone. When he went closer, Kimi recognized him and asked surprisingly, “Why did you call me here now? Is everything ok?”

Raaz tried to tell everything at once, but he just couldn't explain at all, "I didn’t call you here, believe me!. It was… It was someone else”

Suddenly, the mobile rang and Raaz picked it up. It said, ”Hello! Raaz! I am Kimi, calling from a different number… I was not playing the game… it was someone else… I wasn’t…”

The person standing in front of him with a devious look, weirdly smiled and said, ”Checkmate!”

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