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saravanan Periannan

Action Fantasy Thriller


saravanan Periannan

Action Fantasy Thriller

Captain America vs no-remorse

Captain America vs no-remorse

7 mins 250 7 mins 250

A fictious story based on marvel comic characters and marvel comic "dark avengers".

please read my story

"Iron Man the battle of mutant" before reading this story in storymirror.

steve rogers visits stark industries and sees pepper potts hogan working as ceo.

steve enquires and learns stark resigned from the post and insisted her to take over as ceo.

tony stark finishes teaching Machine architecture class in MIT and enters the staff room.

He sees steve waiting in the staff room.

Tony stark asks steve to come to library 


stark explains he is not interested anymore to wear the suit of iron man and work in shield.


steve tries to convince him but tony does not pay attention to steve and walks away.

steve learns that stark suffers from 

anhedonia from happy hogan who consulted a psychiatrist seeing the activities of tony stark.

nick fury comes to meet steve and steve says "i was working with Howard stark and with his son tony stark.

I cannot consider howard as a friend but i consider tony as a friend and he steps away from his father's dream avengers."

no time to worry captain and the government is dissolving shield and avengers.

what? why? asks steve rogers.

yes Norman Osborn is assigned as the new incharge for a new security organisation that operates completely under government.

this is dangerous says steve rogers.

and steve , Norman has asked for your blood samples to recreate the super soldier serum says nick fury.

steve says let us call all avengers and fight this.

sorry steve ,all other avengers are grief strucken after the battle of xtanctor,the son of hulk.

no one will come here steve,they accept the government's decision, now you must fight alone steve.

and you must go to india steve.

what is the mission fury?

to stop no-remorse from meeting Osborn.

norman osborn invites the villians of avengers venom,void,bullseye, skaar another son of hulk to act as superheroes but fight against the good heroes.

normon says i will recreate ragnorok,the cyborg of thor and this will be the team.

who will be leader? asks bullseye.

dark captain america no-remorse smiles norman.

steve learns that no-remorse,an indian citizen who got trained in indian army is a good combatant, strategist and has hunger for power and destruction.

once no-remorse fought his colleague and killed him but he felt no remorse for his action and felt happy for doing that action.

he was thrown-out of army and he started supporting underground mafia.

norman gets the medical report of no-remorse and learns his criminal history.

he decides to make no-remorse the leader of dark avengers as dark captain america.

steve's flight lands in pune and he searches for no-remorse with the help of shield working secretly.

no-remorse gets the details of steve searching him and norman tells of a plan

nick fury informs steve that no-remorse is going to travel with state secretary in the afternoon flight departing at 02:00 pm.

steve please stop him and this time will help me getting our avengers together within tomorrow.

no-remorse sees steve near a forest and drives into the forest and steve says hail avengers and follows him.

no-remorse gets down from the car.

steve clicks a button in nanotech gauntlet in his left hand and it becomes captain america's shield and steve takes the shield and holds in right hand.

i too have got a gift steve smiles no-remorse and he takes the original captain america shield from his back and says a gift from Osborn.

steve fights no-remorse and no-remorse tries to hit steve's head.

no-remorse makes steve drop the shield and  breaks it with his shield and says upgraded mr.rogers.

missing your team to help you says 

no-remorse and he smiles at steve.

i am a soldier says steve and gets hold of no-remorse's hand and hits him in his hand.

no-remorse hits cap very brutally and throws him down.

I am already injected with super-solider serum cap smiles no-remorse.

i am going to USA to swear as captain america.

bye mr.rogers.

steve looks at no-remorse driving his car and tries to get up slowly from the ground.

norman osborn enters the stadium to introduce the new avengers and the organisation WHACK to the people in usa and all over the world.

norman takes a paper and starts reading the name of each others.

First asgaradian thor.

cyborg thor created by norman lands and creates lightning and thunder by lifting the thor's hammer given by norman to him from the weapons safeguarded by shield.

next comes the kid's favourite spider man.

venom in the shape of spiderman comes and bows down.

the people and children there cheer.

the mighty hulk says norman.

skaar breaks the stage and jumps from below.

and the accurate bowman hawkeye says norman and bullseye comes there and bows down.

finally the superpowered human who can battle extraterrestrial demons successfully comes sentry.

robert reynolds possessed by void bows down acting as sentry.

and the most awaited moment,the leader of the clan captain america comes says Osborn.

trumpets blow and no-remorse in a black coloured captain america suit comes there and salutes the people there.

people cheer without knowing the true intentions of dark avengers.

some people still opposed the WHACK organization.

steve rogers,clint barton,peter parker, Bruce banner who changed into his normal form,doctor strange and thor holds a meeting at a secret shield base.

steve speaks Dark avengers will create havoc all over in a specific period of time.

peter parker turns on the television there and sees dark avengers protecting people from the earthquake.

i think people will forget us say peter parker.

they are impersonating us and will tarnish our name for sure says clint.

my son does not listen to me cries bruce who suddenly changes to hulk.

government has taken our weapons says peter parker.

what the hell shouts peter parker after reading the news.

norman Osborn takes up the role of iron man in the dark avengers.

that stark fumes hulk and steve consoles him.

now we must do something says steve rogers.

nick fury comes there and says what ex-avengers are doing.

hulk gets up and shouts once an avenger always an avenger.

steve dark avengers going to destroy the research centre of shield and some highly scientific inventions are kept there.

we must stop them says nick fury.

a number of small drones comes there with weapons for each of there.

cap hears Hakuna Mathata in the voice of tony and smiles.

peter are you live telecasting everything happening here to tony.

cap understands that tony can help as tony stark and not as iron man.

They proceed to the oscorp lab in island of norman Osborn where the dark avengers are gearing up for destroying shield's secret research base.

steve says Avengers Assemble.

doctor strange breaks the front portion of oscorp's lab.

cyborg thor comes out and throws the mjolnir at steve rogers.

Thor gets hold of the mjolnir and gathers the lightning power and projects it at cyborg thor.

cyborg thor bursts and his biological body parts falls down with blood.

the remaining dark avengers comes out.

no-remorse says destroy them.

steve battles with no-remorse.

doctor strange battles with void.

peter parker takes venom into the lab.

norman osborn flies towards the shield's base.

A iron man suit without stark comes there and attacks him.

This stark is never off the duty says norman and fights with it.

clint barton wins bullseye by hitting him with a electric arrow.

hulk wins his son skaar in the battle.

norman destroys the iron man suit but gets confronted by thor.

peter parker tries to destory venom but it gets inside the spaceship suit of oscorp lab.

clint,hulk gets into the shield spaceship which they used to come here.

no-remorse wins steve rogers by hitting in his leg hardly using the shield.

steve gets up and calls him again to fight.

norman tricks thor by saying i will handover the space stone to you by getting it from the government and promises thor.

thor breaks the iron man suit of norman and says you are a lier osborn.

venom sees peter nearing him and changes into spider man and flies by creating shooting threads and occupies the body of Osborn falling down from the sky.

no-remorse again beats captain america.

doctor strange tries to stop void but void 

wins doctor strange and doctor strange knowing that void may destroy his memory uses his magic to escape from that place.

the dark avengers then enter inside the spaceship of oscorp and fly towards wakanda.

clint and hulk help steve get inside their shield spaceship.

peter parker gets inside the shield spaceship.

thor tries to follow the spaceship but norman distracts thor by launching another set of automatic spaceships.

thor throws his mjolnir by chanting to attack the spaceship that contains the dark avengers.

the dark avengers falls from the spaceship.

but venom attached to norman holds all the dark avengers and norman calls another spaceship and venom puts all the dark avengers in the another spaceship of oscorp.

T'challa sees a spaceship flying towards wakanda without getting permission from his officers.

T'challa orders his officer to close all the entries of Wakanda and close wakanda with the protection layer.

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