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Nishant Umredkar

Action Fantasy


Nishant Umredkar

Action Fantasy



14 mins 9.7K 14 mins 9.7K

Sophie has been enjoying with the BFG for much time, but now she is missing him. After some time a newspaper announced that the children for the orphanage are disappearing once again. Not just children, but the BFG is also missing. So do you think that Sophie will be able to save the children and the BFG? Read more in this book and explore many more things and new giants.

After the awesome adventure of Sophie with the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) to throw gigantic giants in the large hole, Sophie was in the bedroom of the palace of the Queen.

Suddenly news came that children from other parts of the world from orphanage were disappearing again. The BFG was also kidnapped by someone. Sophie was in a deep thought “Who would capture the BFG?” Suddenly out of the window, Sophie saw droplets of frobscottle and large footsteps on the palace garden. Just then she remembered that a giant can anytime appear or disappear. It could be supporting the flesh-lump-eater and his gang. Sophie’s mind was racing. She must do something.

All of a sudden, she saw a large shadow on a banyan tree that was just in front of the palace. But when she saw down the tree, she saw a little frog. She went down towards frog and took it in the palace to the queen. The queen was so terrified with the news that she fell sick with the shock. Then to the surprise, the frog turned into wizard.

The wizard was wearing a black coat and a cone-shaped cap with stars on it that were shining like diamonds. His face was just like the frog because he is very excited with his face. Whenever he saw his face in the mirror , he used to say , “Oh, how handsome I am ! Others look just as ugly as old nasty slug.” Sophie got scared of the shining smoke and ran away that she can save herself from the smoke. The wizard stopped her and asked her to listen to him with your mouth closed and ears opened.

The ugly wizard told Sophie and the Queen, “You have no choice but only one and that is: Giant country in a big fat pot. This is only the thing to you. Now everything is on you Sophie, if you don’t do anything then Bang! Bang!! Bang!!! All the giants will disappear forever, except the person who kidnaps them.” After telling the solution, the wizard disappeared in the thin air. Everyone in the palace was speechless after the miracle.

Suddenly, a soldier cried out,” What does it mean by that? Giant country in a big glass pot? With only one giant, flesh-lump-kidnapper? You might be remembering that after disappearing, where the wizard would go.” The wizard was in the cave where the BFG used to live and suddenly he turned into an ant, a crow, snow white, a beautiful woman. And at last he came in a real form of a giant. He was BFG2 from the galaxy Halujah.

Halujah was different type of galaxy that was invisible. Only, for the BFG2, the galaxy Halujah was visible. There might be billions of planets in Milky-way Galaxy. But there are corers of planets in Halujah. But no one can go there except BFG2.

Oh sorry, we just forgot the story in the palace of the Queen, or else we will miss the interesting parts. Ok! Now let’s go on. After all that happened in the palace, everyone was interrupted in between whenever someone was talking about the wizard and his idea. But Sophie was sitting quietly upon the table which was made for the BFG’ breakfast and staring at it as though the BFG is sitting just in front her on the table. She really missed the BFG.

Suddenly, Sophie stood and raised up her voice, “Come on everyone . we can’t just sit like this and talk. We’ll have to save the BFG and other giants like him. Let’s move ahead and save them or else you know that all the children will be disappearing slowly and one day it will be the end of children.” Everyone started supporting Sophie saying, “MOVE AHEAD! MOVE AHEAD!” But till they reached the gate, the queen stopped them and said, “STOP! We can’t go because the Giant could have some different and eerie sense.”

Everyone stopped cheering for going to the Giant’s island. “But can we take the helicopters like last time how we did!” exclaimed Sophie. “No, we can’t go there because he can also be much bigger than the Flesh-lump-eater. And you also will be remembering that he can also have an eerie sense, so he can also make a trap to capture us. Everyone was speechless once again and BFG2 was hearing the conversation in a form of a bird sitting on a tree. Then BFG2 turned into one of the courtyards. “Let’s take help of the wizard for planning something.” said courtyard. They all agreed to the courtyard and headed towards the lofty gates. When they went deep into the forest, the courtyard grabbed Sophie’s hand and took her under a large tree.

Suddenly, the courtyard blasted and came in his real form of BFG2 and Sophie shouted, “Oh BFG! You finally came back. I am so glad.” “What? I am not BFG. I am BFG2. BFG is my grandfather.” said BFG2. “Oh! Now I understood. You are the Grandson of BFG. But you still look like him.” said Sophie. Their conversation was going and others were moving ahead to reach the Giant’s country. Then again a blast and BFG2 turned into courtyard again.

He took Sophie to the large group and went in the front and everyone followed him. While they were going they saw a large snowy mountain as big as Mount Everest. Everyone were looking for the ways to pass. The courtyard tried to climb on it. When he tried to climb on it , his leg passed through the rocky surface and he fell into it. There he saw an old castle and it just looked liked the thing that he was trying to find, ‘The castle of the wizard of Zo. “Hey, everybody come in. This is our destiny.” said the courtyard. Everyone stared at the castle for long time, may be for half an hour and no one even tried to utter a single word. To break the silence, the courtyard said, “Come on! Let’s go to the wizard of Zo. But when they arrived the gate, some guards stopped them and said, “if you want to meet the ‘wizard of Zo’, you will have to your wallets to us and let us check if some unnecessary things are there with you or not.” “Ok, we agree.” the courtyard said.

After the checkups, all the guns of the soldiers were on a large table surrounded by traps. Finally they got a permission to enter the castle without any problem. Everyone went in one by one and followed each other. BFG2 was still in the form of a courtyard. When they went in the biggest room, who should they meet? No one but an old man sitting on a mat in the middle of the room and saying, “OOOOOOOmmmmmmmm…… Shantihi…….Shantihi….” like a priest. But he wasn’t a priest whereas he was the ‘wizard of Zo’. Everyone was quiet except the courtyard. He softly asked the wizard, “Can you help me to plan something to save the BFG and me?....” “And who?” asked the ‘wizard of Zo’. “And, and oh, yes the other giants like the BFG.” “ Ok, you have only one solution: kill the pot in which giant country is.” said the wizard of Zo. BFG2 in the form of copurtyard was so embarrassed as he was about to tell the secret that he is the grandson of the BFG. Before the courtyard(BFG2) could say anything, the wizard used his magical power and the miracle was very terrible for BFG2 and Sophie and it was that : everyone will be sent to the BFG’s cave and all the magical power that BFG2 have will disappear by the blast of the magic. But no one knew the miracle that will be caused except the wizard of Zo.

When everyone reached the cave, BFG2 came in his real form but he was lucky because everyone’s back was facing at BFG2 except Sophie’s. “DON’T LOOK BEHIND! DON’T LOOK BEHIND!” Sophie exclaimed with full power. But everyone disagreed and turned around and it was such a sight that everyone got astonished. “ He’s free, he got freedom, the BFG is back.” cheered everyone. “ STOP cheering!” cried out Sophie. “He is not the BFG. He is BFG2, BFG’s grandson.” said Sophie. “Impossible, this giant is not anyone else but only the BFG.” said the queen angrily. “But see his hair, they are black, so he is BFG2 not the BFG.” said Sophie and like this the conversation continued. The BFG2 said to the queen, “I am BFG2 and not my grandfather the BFG, your highness.”

Unexpectedly, a great loud voice came. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! Then BANG! BANG! BANG! The ground was shaking so much that it felt like an earthquake. There appeared a really large Giant. The Giant was bigger that the Flesh-lump-eater. So it was no one but the Flesh-lump-kidnapper. His face was so blown up that it was as fat as the largest balloon in the world. His eyes were as small as tennis ball and his nose was shaped like a carrot of his skin color and he was as fat as a big glass pot.

“Wait a minute, a big glass pot was a clue that both the wizards gave us.” said Sophie. “So, the Flesh-lump-kidnapper is the big glass pot that is controlling everything over here in the Giant country.” Out of the blue, the caves half swung open and the flesh-lump-kidnapper stepped directly on the gigantic table on which there was a snoozecumber(a vegetable with bad smell and taste) and a bottle of frobscottle(drink having bubbles going down). The stomp was so strong that everyone flew in the air as though they were birds who were flying over as earthquake. Later, all of a sudden, they fell on the Bloodblottler’s (a species of Giant) bed. The bed was all scattered with Bloodbottler’s favorite toys that he kept a secret. There came a voice, “Who bet me?” said the voice. “Oh no! I think the Flesh-lump-kidnapper is going to eat me! Help me! Help me!”

“No, no, don’t be afraid. I am Sophie, and the others are the Queen and the soldier. We have come to save the BFG. His grandson BFG2 has also come to save the BFG.” said Sophie. “What? Please, please, please save me. I am the BFG! The Flesh-lump-kidnapper has tied me with ropes inside the Bloodbottlers blanket! Please!” said the voice once again. Evryone got astonished and didn’t utter a word till they believed it. At once, BFG2 saw something shining in the large cave. He ran to see what it was. He saw a Ruby at one corner, a Sapphire in the middle and an Emerald at another corner. When he was staring at those jewels, others freed the BFG. The BFG said, “There is only one way to make the large flesh-lump-kidnapper disappear and it is that: We will have to collect the mysterious Sapphire, the magical Ruby and the invisible Emerald. Only BFG2, my grandson can do it.”

At once, BFG2 grabbed and came with those three precious jewels. “Where did you get the Ruby and the Sapphire?” asked the BFG. The BFG glared at the jewels. “I….I got these in cave over there. But there is also an Emerald with me.” said the BFG. Everyone stared at BFG2 without moving a muscle. The BFG said, “May you hand over these jewels to me. I have some work with it.” BFG2 handed the jewels to the BFG. BFG took everyone where he found those jewels. The BFG looked all around the cave. It was filled with sparkles inside. He kept the jewels where they were before and said,

“Kad Kada kar kar.

Make everything together.

You are everything.

Your hands have everything.”

To everyone’s surprise, all the sparkles gathered in one jewels, the red ones in the Ruby, Blue ones in the Sapphire and the green ones in the Emerald. After that the cave disappeared and the BFG2 turned into the courtyard once again.

“How did this happened grandfather? How did I turn into the courtyard once again? You are a wizard grandfather BFG! You are a wizard!” said BFG2.

“No, this is happening because of the magical Ruby which turned you into courtyard again, the invisible Emerald which disappeared the cave and the mysterious Sapphire which helped himself and the Ruby and Emerald to gather the sparkles.” said the BFG.

“STOP Arguing! We don’t have time to spend whole day talking in this place. See, the Flesh-lump-kidnapper is galloping towards the orphanages to swallow up more children. We have to do something. We must make plan.” yelled Sophie. Everyone agreed to Sophie and followed her instructions. She wrote the plan on the paper and it said:


First BFG2 should put his grandfather BFG into a mirror using magical power he got back.

Next BFG2 and his grandfather BFG will have to touch their shoulders through the mirror to each other and push themselves into each other using the magical powers you both have so that you will turn into one strong giant and come out of the mirror. And the giant that will be formed will be called the EFG. EFG means Enormous Friendly Giant!!

- Sophiie


All the instructions were being followed. The EFG was ready. Some people his in the pocket and some people hid in ears of EFG. The EFG went galloping ahead out of Giant country when he saw the Flesh-lump-kidnapper from the corner of his eye. The Flesh-lump-kidnapper’s mouth was filled with the blood of poor children. The EFG went dashing towards the flesh-lump-kidnapper and then, DHAM! DHUM! THUMP! DHAN! DHAN! The fight began and all guns began to shoot fiercely. The EFG was dashing toward the Flesh-lump-kidnapper. But suddenly, the flesh-lump-kidnapper took out a knife and cut the EFG from middle in two parts and the EFG split in BFG and BFG2. Now it was a big problem. Everyone were tiny little creature for the flesh-lump-kidnapper. But then a miracle happened. The three jewels – the magical Ruby, the invisible Emerald and the mysterious Sapphire came glowing slowly toward the BFG but suddenly the flesh-lump-kidnapper came rumbling, trying to take away precious gem stones. The gemstones flew away and went dashing to the BFG and there was a stop. A blanket flew away and appeared other giant and who should it be, no-one but SFG (Super Friendly Giant) father of BFG2 and the son of BFG. The jewels were in his hand shining as bright as the sun.

Before the flesh-lump-kidnapper can catch them, everyone climbed on BFG’s , SFG’s and BFG2’s ears and inside their pockets and they went running in the cave and locked the door. BFG2 said, “Let’s become EFG (Enormous friendly Giant) once again. We can become the bigger one as my father SFG is also there.”

“No! this time you will first become EFG which is combination of BFG and BFG2 and then you will become SEFG (Super Enormous Friendly Giant) which is combination of EFG and SFG.” said Sophie.

All the instructions were followed and the SEFG was formed. The SEFG waited till night. Till the time they were drinking frobscottle. When the night fell, the flesh-lump-kidnapper came out from where he was mooching around. The SEFG’s super ear had already heard the sound of the flesh-lump-kidnapper’s feet. The SEFG galloped towards flesh-lump-kidnapper. The fight began. It was legendary fight. It was truly worth watching. The flesh-lump-kidnapper and the SEFG began to fight blow for blow. All of sudden, the sky was shining and something was coming closer……closer……..and closer……and a legendary animal appeared. From far away it looked like a unicorn and when it came closer, it was a heavenly lion with wings – been sent by God. The precious gemstones started to blink as the heavenly animal came forward. Then suddenly the lion dashed inside the flesh-lump-kidnapper and controlled his brain.

Everyone was afraid of him because it had super powers too. “No, don’t be scared of me. I have come to help you to defeat the flesh-lump-kidnapper.” said the flesh-lump-kidnapper as the hevenlyanimal was controlling his brain. It told everyone how to defeat the flesh-lump-kidnapper. The flesh-lump-kidnapper became normal again and the heavenly animal went back to the heaven to the world of Gods. Everyone understood what to do and headed to their mission and the flesh-lump-kidnapper was dashing to the SEFG then from behind a helicopter sent by queen’s warriors came with a net hanging in the bottom of it. The flesh-lump-kidnapper turned and hit the helicopter. The helicopter had a crash and quickly SEFG picked up the strongest net and put it on flesh-lump-kidnapper. It was magic or by heavenly animal’s power, the flesh-lump-kidnapper disappeared in the sir.

The mission was completed and the children were saved. Everyone returned back to palace and conducted party in queen’s palace along with BFG, BFG2 and SFG.

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