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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Sumona Maiti

Horror Crime Thriller


Sumona Maiti

Horror Crime Thriller

Are You Afraid of Dark?

Are You Afraid of Dark?

16 mins


Friend 1(Elise), Friend 2 (Nancy), Friend 3 (Stephen), Friend 4 (Jack ), Friend 5 (John), Guide, another group of friends, Police inspector, Detective inspector, Police constable, Detective constable, Forensic department (doctor)

One fine day a group of friends decided to go for a tour in any haunted palace. After reaching at the place the group had decided to have a guide with them for guiding them to the palace and tell more about the palace.

(Group of friends to guide)

Friend 1:- Hello, my name is Elise and these are my friends and we came here to know more about this haunted palace and also want to experience the fear of ghost.(laugh)

(Other friends waved to the guide and said hello)

Guide: - Hello my name is Ronald. Well, it’s really great that you came here to know and look around the palace, but as you all know this palace is being haunted so it is requested not to stay inside or stay inside at night.

(All listening carefully with a shocking reaction suddenly a friend speak out.)

Friend 2:- Ok! So this is one of the terms and condition for getting inside the palace right?

Guide: - Yes, you can say it like that. (Laugh)

Friend 1:- Well ok! We will try our best to come out of the palace as soon as possible.

Friend 3:- No, but what if anybody wants to stay inside? What will happen?

Friend 2:- Ok Come on! If you want to experience it you can stay now let’s move or else it will go dark.

Friend 1:- Yes, let’s go then.

Guide: - Ok! Come with me this way.

(All of the friends followed the guide and entered into the palace and started looking here and there and few were admiring the beauty of the palace, few of them were admiring the beauty of the ancient things kept in the palace.)

Guide: - Beware and assure that all of you stay together and go together wherever you go in this palace.

Friend 3:- Why?

Guide: - As I said it’s a haunted palace nobody can give you assurance of being safe.

(All of the friends were listening carefully and followed the guide.)

Friend 4:- Hey look at this it’s just awesome one.

Friend 1:-Wow! It’s really just awesome.

Friend 5:- It seems the king had passion of collecting the antique pieces. (Laugh)

Friend 3:- Hey guys! Just look at this painting it seems ancient one.

Guide: - Yes, that’s an ancient painting; the king had ordered his artist to make this. This is the scenario which is visible from the left pillar of this palace.

Friend 2:- Wow! Nice… it’s really very awesome.

Friend 4:- Hey what’s there (pointing to the door)? Can we go there?

Guide: - Yes, yes, why not! It’s the room where the relatives & guests of the king used to take rest. Precisely it’s a guest room.

(All of the friend and guide entered into the room and were admiring the beauty of the beauty of the room &the guide was telling the story of the king to the group. After roaming from room to room and listening to the stories of guide two of friends became suspicious for the guide.)

Friend 3:- Hey (friend 5) don’t you think this guide is quite weird nature?

Friend5:- yes, even I am thinking the same.

Friend 3:-He is telling us the good stories of the palace and the king I mean the good things and specialty of the palace as well as he repeating the same line every time that this palace is being haunted.

Friend 5:- Exactly and I hadn’t found any proof of the palace being haunted till now. If it is being like that then at least we could had found a single prove like a body or skeleton or something like that ain’t it?

Friend 3:- I have an idea of finding out the truth. (Smile)

Friend 5:- What idea and how will you execute it?

Friend 3:- Chill…! When (friend 2) told me that we are to a haunted palace for a trip in this vacation I thought that finally my wish my dream is going to be true.

Friend 5:- Which wish which dream? Tell it now! Don’t create more suspense dude.

Friend 3:- Ok Ok! Did you ever heard of Ouija board?

Friend 5:- What? Ouija board! What is it?

Friend 3:- It’s a board from which we can call the ghost and ask them questions but in the form of yes and no.

Friend 5:- Really? Will it work?

Friend 3:- Yes, it will but then we have to stay here tonight.

Friend 5:- Ok! I am in I mean I am with you. (Laugh)

Friend 3:- Ok! (Laugh) so let’s tell our plan to the others.

(After telling the plan to other friend of their group each friend from there group decided to stay there for that night.)

Guide: - But I had warned you all that this place is being haunted. You may risk your life if you stay here.

Friend 5:- Ok fine! No issue we also told you at very first meet that we would love to experience the fear of ghost. (Laugh)

Guide: - As you wish but I will not stay here at night. 

Friend 3:- Ok! No problem, I think you had guided us about all the place and rooms in this palace and according to me I guess we don’t need of any guide as of now right guys?

All others: - (After whispering for few seconds) yes we agree.

Guide: - Ok! As you all wish stay at your own risk. Don’t tell me afterwards that I didn’t warn you.

(After saying this guide leaves the palace. All the friends discussed about the plan of the night adventure.)

Friend 1:- Hey guys! Don’t you think the guide was behaving quite weirdly?

All: - yes!!

Friend 3:- I and (friend 5) was having doubt on him & his behavior from the beginning only.

Friend 5:- yes, we both were having doubt on him from the beginning only and that’s why we had decided to stay here and keep watch on this action as well.

Friend 4:- Oh really? That’s very nice plan guys.

Friend 2:- Well guys… it’s around 4 o’clock and I need a tea break, let’s go to any café shop nearby and refresh ourselves we had seen almost every rooms and place I guess.

Friend 1:- Yes dear even I need a tea break.

Friend 3:-then what are we waiting for let’s go then.

(All got out of the palace and while leaving for the café shop they had heard that one more group of friends was planning to stay there in the palace that nights after hearing these they all get overexcited and left for the café shop.)

Friend 4:- So we are not alone (Laugh) one more group is also going to be with us. (Laugh)

All :- (Laugh) Yes ….yes.

Friend 3:- Don’t be afraid dear. (Laugh) 

(After having tea/coffee and refreshments all the friends returned to the palace & started finding a finding a perfect room for playing the game.)

Friend 1:- Hey guy…! Look this room is perfect for playing I guess almost perfectly dark room.

Friend 2:- Yes, I too agree with her this room is perfect for playing the game it’s perfectly dark.

Friend 3:- Umm… ok yes perfect.

Friend 5:- Wow! Dark room oh sorry scary dark room. (Laugh)

Friend 4:- Yes everything is perfect but where is the other group?

Friend 1:-Ahh… they might be here somewhere but why are you searching for them are getting scared aff?

Friend 4:- No no…I am not scared.

(All the friends waited till 12o’clock of night by setting all the things for playing. When the watched showed its 12:00 of night all started playing the game. While playing all of sudden they heard a loud scream of a girl. The group after hearing the scream stopped playing.)

Friend 4:- guys did you all heard any sound of screaming? Or was it my déjà?

Friend 2:-No! It wasn’t your déjà I also heard somebody screaming in fact we all heard it don’t scare dear.

Friend 1:- But who had screamed? Maybe someone from that group had seen something scary. (Thoughtfully)

Friend 5:- yes may be that is possible. Let’s continue our Game what say?

(All of them ignored the scream and continue to play. After playing for some time they all had fallen asleep and when they opened their eyes a beam of sun ray is coming from a slightly opened window and when they looked at the watch it showed 9o’clock of morning. All of them packed up all their items and decided to leave. While leaving they had found another group which had decided to stay there a night before standing in circle covering something. Everyone was anxious so they decided to go there and check what had happened. Suddenly they found a dead body of girl.)

Friend 4:- Means this is the girl who had screamed yesterday night.

Friend 2:- Yes… but what had happened to her? (Thoughtfully)

Friend 1:- Might be she had gone unconscious after seeing something scary. (Thoughtfully)

Friend 5:- No… I don’t think so… she seems as if she is dead.

All: - What?

Friend 3:- Then we should inform the police as earliest as possible.

Friend 1:-Yes, we should but let’s ask her friends first that whether they had informed it or not.

(After enquiring from the friends of the girl the group had decided to inform the police. They had informed the police and waited for sometime till the police arrived at the spot.)

Police inspector: - I am the DSP inspector of this branch and somebody called me and informed me that a dead body of a girl is being found.

Friend 3:- Yes sir I am the one who had called you my name is___, and look at this body sir it seems she is dead and she is being murdered yesterday night. And sir these are her friends who are there with her yesterday night.

Police inspector: - Ok! (Instructed the police constable to take the body for post mortem and turned to the group) and you are requested to come to the police station. I want to have some discussion and want to have few interrogations with you all.

(All of them leave the palace and went to police station and the inspector had an interrogation with the girl’s friend first and then with the group of friends who had informed about the same. After listening to the incidence happened the inspector had decided to handover the case to CID for further investigation as he thinks it’s a murder case. Then the inspector had called and informed the girl’s parents about the incident.)

Police inspector: - (To the group of friends) Ok dear…. I appreciate your work. But as you have heard that we are handing the case to the CID department for the further investigation so you all have to come in the police station frequently for giving the evidences. 

(Turning to the girl’s friends) and you all also have to come for the same as you all are the eye witnesses as these group said.

All: - Yes sir no problem.

Friend 1:- We would love to help & cooperate with you to find the real culprit of the incidence.

Police inspector: - Thank you dears!

Friend 1:- Ok sir welcome! Shall we leave now sir?

Police inspector: - Ohh… yes you may leave now.

All: - Thank you sir!

(Meanwhile the post mortem report came and it said she had been poisoned. Reading this the inspector called in the CID bureau without wasting a single moment and informed them about the incidence and requested them to do the further investigation. CID team first went to police station had all the detailed information about the case then went to hospital checked the body and asked the forensic department for further investigation and checkups and then went to the spot to find the clue.)

Detective inspector: - Ok….! So this is the spot where the incident had happened. Well now we have to search for the clues to see whether its murder or just an accidental death.

(Detective inspector commanded the detective constable to search for the clues or any evidences at the spot but in vain they didn’t found any and decided to leave and went to the bureau.)

Detective inspector: - (Speak to self thoughtfully) the case is quite complicated. I think we need to talk to those people who were there at the time of the incident in that spot.

(Suddenly the phone of detective inspector had ringed and after listening the speaker the detective inspector decided to wait and check the forensic report first and then he will go to police station for further investigation purpose. After waiting for some time the doctor from the forensic department had arrived.)

Doctor: - Hello sir! I am sorry for interrupting you in your work, but I have to tell to something very important you will become shock after knowing this.

Detective inspector: - Yes…yes, tell me what’s that urgent did you found a clue?

Doctor: - Yes sir! You got it right. It’s all about the case.

Detective inspector: - Oh…that’s really great! Then what are you waiting for just tell me what had you found?

Doctor: - Sir you would be very shocked to know that the girl had been poisoned. 

Detective inspector: - What she had been poisoned but how?

Doctor: - That’s only the point where you will be shocked.

Detective inspector: - Ok! Tell me how she had been poisoned?

Doctor: - Sir we had found this small arrow beneath her left ear, which is quite unnoticeable by all and as there is no blood stain so everybody thought she might had died of shock.

Detective inspector: - Oh my god! Then I must say the murderer is quite good in his aim.

Doctor: - Yes sir you are right! the situation might be like that, when the girl might had came out of the room for anything somebody who was there behind her at some distanced had blow this arrow and it hurted her beneath her ear. 

Detective inspector: - Hmm… ok let’s see what the others say I mean her friends say. If we talk with them then we might know what actually happened that night. (Turned to the detective constables and commanded them) you all go to the spot again and start searching for clue again.

Detective constables: - Ok sir!

(After this the detective constables left for the palace and the detective inspector left for the police station, on the way to police station the detective inspector had informed the police inspector to call all the friends of her and the group of friends who had informed them about the incident. Listening to this the police inspector had informed all of them and asked them to come into the police station. After sometime the detective inspector and the friends of the girl and the group who had informed them about the incident had arrived in the police station.)

Detective inspector: - (To all) I hope police inspector had told you everything in the call that why he had asked you to come here. 

All: - yes sir!

Detective inspector:-Well that’s good! You all would be shocked to know that the girl had been poisoned by somebody as you all were there present in the spot I hope anyone of you had seen what actually had happened so I want to talk with you all one by one.

(After having a small interrogation session with all the detective inspector had found that one of the girl’s friends had seen her going out and talking to someone in phone and the other group had just heard her screaming and they told about their doubt on the guide.While interrogating with them a detective constable called him and informed about the weird guide and what the people told about the place. After listening this he had a plan in his mind to find out the real culprit of the incident.)

Detective inspector: - Ok! Thank you so much dears for your cooperation. Well will meet you again if needed. Now you all can leave.

All: - Ok sir!

(While leaving the police station friend 1 from the group who had informed the police had evadoped the plan of detective inspector. When the detective inspector came out of police station friend 1 had asked the detective inspector that whether they can join them in theinvestigation. After thinking for sometime the detective inspector had agreed to their proposal and asked them to join and cooperate with them.)

Detective inspector: - Ok! As you know what is the plan but then too it’s my duty to tell you about the plan properly so let me tell you that we are going to stay a whole day and night in the palace again and will observe what go wrong every night in the palace.

Friend 3:- what one more night in that palace? Wow! That’s really awesome plan sir we are ready to help you.

Detective inspector: - Oh thank you very much dears! So we will execute our plan tomorrow. Will that be ok for you all to come tomorrow in the palace?

Friend 5:- Yes sir no problem we will be there sir.

Detective inspector: - Wow! You all seem quite enthusiastic. I think I am having a group of young sleuths. (Laugh)

All: - Oh! No sir not like that.

Friend 2:- It’s just that we love to solve such mysterious cases sir.

Detective inspector: - Well that’s good! Ok then dears will meet tomorrow in the palace.

All: - Ok sir!

(On the very next day all the group of friends and the detective inspector and constable meet outside the palace and discussed about the whole day plan and started working on it. While working according to the plan the detective inspector had noticed the guide and he also had doubt on his weird nature. After going out in the evening for the tea break when they get back into the palace it had gone dark. They all were keeping their owl eyes on the guide and other activities happening in the palace.)

Detective inspector: - Ok! so guys now it’s sufficient dark enough for the culprit to do one more crime tonight as tonight also there will one group staying in the palace.

Friend 1:- Yes sir! And I and my fiends doubt that the real culprit is the guide only.

Detective inspector: - Ok! Let’s see who the real culprit is! So are you guys ready for the night inspection?

All: - Yes sir definitely!

Detective inspector: - Well good! Go and get your positions.

(All went to their positions for the inspection. All were observing each and every action of everyone who were there in the palace suddenly friend 3 saw one shadow and when he followed the shadow he found the shadow was of the guide. He was secretly keeping eye on him and his actions. Suddenly he saw the guide was taking out a blow pipe and a needle type items. When the guide was about to blow it and kill another person friend 3 had nabbed him and called out the others loudly. The guide became afraid of being arrested he tried to push friend 3 and rum but unable to do so. Quickly the other came and helped friend 3 to nab the guide.)

Detective inspector: - Ok! So you are the real culprit of this case and you are trying to kill one more person as well.

Guide: - No…no …please let me go I will never do it again.

Detective inspector: - How can I believe that you will never do these types of mistakes again. Who will give guarantee for the same?

Friend 3:- Sir we had told you before we had doubt that this man is the one who is responsible for the girl’s death.

Detective inspector: - Yes dears! You all were correct many people had been killed all because of this man.

Friend 1:- I think sir you should give hand him over to police and he should have the good punishment for murdering so many people.

Detective inspector: - Yes dear! We will hand him over to police and will do proper justice with the people who had been killed by this man. (Turned to the detective constable and asked them) take him and hand him over to the police custody.

Detective constable: - yes sir!

(Detective constable took the man to the police custody. Meanwhile the detective inspector thanked the group of friends for helping them to reach to the real culprit.)

Detective inspector: - Well thank you dears! For helping us.(Smile)

Friend 1:- Our pleasure sir! We really liked to help you.(Smile)

Detective inspector: - Well I must say you all are really good young sleuths. (Smile)

Friend 2:- Thank you sir for you appreciation but we are not as good as you. (Laugh)

Detective inspector :- (Laugh) Ok! Time to leave will meet you all again someday.

All: - sure sir! (Smile)

(Detective inspector left the spot and headed to the police station. The group of friends were happy as they had their first experience with the team of CID. The next morning when the group of friends woke up they all packed their items and set to leave for their home as their vacations were over and they had to resume their college. And the palace was not being haunted ever after.)

Curtains off! 

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