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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

An Unopened Letter

An Unopened Letter

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We are still a few months short to "happy new year" but I tell you, this happiness is a mirage. Still some days to go, and a lot of shocking-surprises yet to come. 

I was digging my memory way back in January and not to my surprise the words that I carry to this "happy" year are dismal, gloomy, shameful, flawed,  inhuman, politically marketed and a lot I cannot write here. Someone being most positive here would still link all these words to his happy year-end. 

My friend- reading The Hindu and saying that our growth rate was 7.5% is not happiness. The sacrifices made to achieve this mirage like growth are never highlighted. 

Let's ask a mother, who lost a fighter out of her womb, to an unknown enemy, in -30 degrees ( death to a known reason can be digested) what growth means to her? 

On a count of ten and sharing a vodka toast at 00:00 is definitely a shift in the standard of living. 

Let us go and ask, a homeless, helpless guy who tries to sleep with jittery winds and just has his destiny to curse him. 

Amidst all the glories we have received this year, how will a mother react when she receives the body of his (Ironically honoured soldier) son to which she fails to recognise because the mutated face comes in the next poly bag. She denies him being her his son, maybe she wished to kiss his forehead if he martyrs.

I don't think IPL generating billion of revenues, would anyway make her feel a proud mother/wife of the demise. 

Our attraction towards "we buy only if we see" has reached its penultimate level that today we demand video proofs for our cross border encounters. The most bizarre reality is, the demand comes from our own elected leaders( yes we have an IITian among them by chance). 

Cutting all this  "we are the fastest growing nation"- if this is growth I wish it stops and I shall say it mutates itself. 

A layman, and not so qualified man like me would simply argue that there is an equal and opposite reaction to lives around us. If happiness is there, we have to adjust the other side of the coin as well, if we are rich then it goes the other way round for the poor. Its a natural call of KARMA.! right?. But it is disheartening to see that in spite of the picture being so clear we act like we were not watching. Should KARMA always be troubling the poor and the helpless? What deal KARMA had with Salman Khan, that he is still free and in fact, the guy was a mascot to Olympics and shamelessly and irritatingly laughing every week on Big Boss.

Should KARMA be only for honest and grounded people? Why if my relative who knows a minister, manages to get his kid admitted to DPS RKP at the cost of an EWS seat?. I guess his bad KARMA was that he was born a poor, so he is meant to be one. We advocate respect for women, why does not KARMA bite to those monsters who are openly and fearlessly indulged in human trafficking? Why cant a sex worker, a rape victim, an acid attacker be respected everywhere equally? Truly found, this KARMA is a bias, partial and unethical concept marketed by some equally shallow-minded and the most feared class of people. U do wrong and it bounces back? I can just laugh and take my count to infinity with examples in opposition. Whatever said is highly debatable among a lot of schools of thought, but dear thought provokers, I still place my bet on EQUALITY over DISPARITY, to me your theory is a mirage, lucrative at the outset, but a disaster in reality. 

Here in our country, ok why always blame on this earth, we are highly governed, motivated and driven by statistics. It's always a fake image whose snapshots are marketed till the next election term, And it's not an Indian mindset, it is one thing that is common to all countries. A trumpet of growth of x% is telecasted on self-invested media channels but and equal growth of -x% for some are hidden as a woman hides scars on her face, Okay I meant "with precision". :p

A best and a not so technical example of hiding and marketing is a situation in a state where our Honourable PM visits, then roads are made like runways within hours and all footpaths painted, rejoiced by the homeless as if his house got painted for Diwali decorations. Here factual situations, where a town is not getting light and water, poor has a DDA flat but only on papers, and a lot of power biased decisions which are concealed beneath the bright lamps of prime minister's lecture. 

We go to the year 2017 in some weeks and as always we are thrilled about the last year getting over. 

We are so happy about how, our PM in two years, has changed India's face abroad, so many treaties and pacts being signed with Japan, Russia, China. Eh?. See our growth rate..? It's 7.5%, wow.!!.

Here comes the surgical strike on Pak sided borders, oh my god this PM has got guts. Now the latest sensation, "Demonetisation", that's it, he is sealed for 2019. 

It seems so glittery and marketed that we forgot few loops amidst the glamorous so-called economic and political moves. 

I doubt if anybody noticed that, our soldiers are being killed almost every evening? No, we need a new note of 2000 and let's switch to Aaj Tak for a new  RBI update. They say we attacked Pakistan, I respect this, but why the soldiers were made a national mockery just to politically justify that BJP did better, debates say that few happened earlier as well under UPA but not spoken of. In fact sensationalising this attack in the media has evolved such that, our soldiers are still paying for the dominating showoff. They say it with conviction, but if we have a sneak peek into this year and start from January..! Let me tell you, this was one of the most violent years among the last few, most politically driven and glamorous policies were introduced. From Pathankot to Uri to Jaat Riots, to all floods and helpless Uttrakhand and Kashmir, to Kashmir still being not normal, to sensationalised currency ban, to mockery of soldiers then, and common man now, to some unproven allegations on BJP being helpful to bank defaulters  and the latest, 

"Derailed train" coaches and as usual INR 2 lacs for death and 50000 for serious injuries? And the most important "the railway will detect the fault". What adds to the agony, is some news channels moderating for four different speakers from BJP, Congress and some dramatic ones as well. 

I would refrain from using unparliamentary language but at this moment do we really think that someone would even be listening to their 2 lacs rupees sympathy cum token money, substituting an innocent life. We always make committees, and just got to know Railway has a full right to reject the recommendations, our railway act says that Class A and B of officers can not be punished due to any sort of negligence. Here I again quote my relation of karma, how it is biased among powerful and powerless. 

We go and we watch "A Wednesday" "Madaari" but I would want a sequel and this time in the real-life casting some honest, politically neutral and a passionate person. 

I openly accept that I am coward, but I trust the abilities and conviction of that man to whom someday this will get struck. 

Again I don't say that BJP or some party did not work or is bad or good, the simple idea is that some do work, speak less and some speak and then market the little done. 

It's just that, a circus is shown to the public where we can only see the magic and stunts but not the tricks they do to befool us (cheat) Simply like a circus, " fraud to the eyes". 

I again end it open, with my incomplete urge and I still believe that year 2016 was a mirage, a year with probable growth but more than probable destruction. 

But we are not alone, the US and Britain are also there, with their miraculous or horrific turn arounds. Soon to follow... Till then don't forget, "Happy New Year" 



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