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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

An Eternal Story

An Eternal Story

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It had been almost 6 years now. 

Letters. Postcards. She had sent them all. Every 5th day of the month. That day when they had first met. Was she desperate to see him again? No. 

She just wanted another chance. Another chance to go through all that had once been the most perfect life. 

She had never seen it end like this. 

Somehow it just did. Unknowingly. But somewhere in her heart, even after so many years, she loved him. She wanted him back.


Letters. Postcards. He received them all. And they were burnt in the fireplace. Every night. The fire reflected in his eyes. But not in his heart. He couldn't burn them anymore. So they went in a box everytime he received them. A box full of memories that were waiting to be revived. 

The sixth year passes by and he received another one. Something inside him tells him to open it. 

Three pages and 10 minutes later, he realises he is still in love with her. 

And something inside him breaks after reading that this would be her last letter. Maybe she was tired of trying. Maybe she couldn't wait anymore.


5th May. His doorbell rang. A part of him hoped for another letter. 

It most definitely was another one. But this time it wasn't her writing. 

It was her sister. The only girl who had ever mattered to him, had died in the plane crash that would have taken her to Australia. Where he lived.


He still keeps the box. He reads one letter everyday. And he falls in love. All over again.

She, on the other hand, looks down at him and smiles. She had got her other chance.

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