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Sylvia Eaton

Fantasy Inspirational


Sylvia Eaton

Fantasy Inspirational

An Astronaut's Dream

An Astronaut's Dream

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June 14 th 2007

One early morning the sun was shining. I was lying in bed. My happiest place where I could stretch like an elastic band. Seasons change but I stay the same. Time flies by we'll I'm still remaining. Thinking of flying high above the sky but I am shattered from all sides. My bed is what gives me life. They call me Mr. Failure and that's perfectly right. I have no scope for tomorrow. But a chance someday to be an astronaut and spend my time with the moon, drinking a glass of wine and talking about life.

The day passed by, the night came in,

The time to rest had come. As I lay on the bed, I dozed off to sleep, And it must have been around midnight when I had this dream.

I was the greatest astronaut of the present time. I was about to be launched space, to moon they said. As it was my life's only aim. I entered the shuttle, shaped like a bottle. Was I watching Dr. Doolittle?

I waved my arms ; the camera when zoom and click. For there was a lot of crackles.

But when I reached the moon. I felt very lonely, soon I began to swoon. I jumped around in my astronaut suit. Only to hear a sudden hoot. I was so depressed. All the while I had been alone.

Could there be life on the moon?

Then I felt a shove and a push. I had my first spatial Adeline rush. I was just about to rise and roust.

Then I heard a voice from the other end say,

'' Wake up! " It's a 10: 0 clock. When I heard my mom shout. I jumped out of bed. It was now morning, time to rise and go.

My fantastic dream had given me a direction to follow. And though, for a long time, my dream remained a dream. It stuck to me like a biscuit to cream.

I smiled. I'm back to life. And a day finally came, When I realized my dream. I stood on the deck and people were there, at my neck and call.

I had indeed become a famous astronaut. I discovered a new planet and called it Beam.

At this moment, I had realized what my mom had said, When she had, that day, rousing me from my bed.

''If you want to succeed in life, First you'll have to avoid your bed.

Then, you, my son,

You'll certainly succeed!

Her word had touched me straight into my heart. It inspired me to be who I am.

Now I am no more lying on the bed and wasting time.

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