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An Acknowledged Self

An Acknowledged Self

2 mins

Tirna slouched to the couch of her room. The sky was starry outside and the silvery soothing shaft of light of the benign moon kissed her cheeks. She had been reeling under despondency and morbidity for quite a long time. A mediocre student in her class and not-so-active in extra-curricular activities of her school, she could not succeed in becoming a favorite of her mentors. Neither did she win much importance among her fellow-mates. Tirna was a brown-skinned,dreamy-eyed,teen-aged lady. Reticent and observant; comparatively tall and frail. Grief and sorrow suppressed her heart. Silent tears rolled down her cheeks. She was utterly befuddled and perturbed. She closed her eyes. Contemplation took her. A clear,ringing voice from her inner self seemed to say her something. A conversation followed:

Tirna: Why am I so ugly?

Self: How do you know that you are ugly? Because you are not like others? You are a creation of God. God has made everyone unique and beautiful. Learn to value yourself.

Tirna: I hate myself!

Self: Hatred is a vicious passion. Do not let it grow. Negativity weakens the mind. Be optimistic.

Tirna: Why am I not a genius if not beauty?

Self: You have a hidden indomitable power within. Do you realize that? You may not be a genius but can you not become talented?

Tirna: How?

Self: There are three factors to be combined for that. If you can utilize those, you will certainly attain the acme of success.

Tirna: What are they?

Self: Dedication, Devotion, and Determination.

Tirna opened her eyes. Her eyes sparkled and confidence glowed in her face.

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