Hritika Bhattacharya

Romance Drama


Hritika Bhattacharya

Romance Drama



5 mins

"Get up Arya, it's late", shouted Arya's mom from the scullery.

Sunlight was bathing Arya's face as a small smile curled upon her lips. She woke up with a lazy demeanour and groggy eyes. She stumbled upon everything which came Infront of her and managed to reach her washroom.

Arya who is a UPSC aspirant later in that day was attending her class when she was elbowed by her best friend Natasha "Arya, this lecture gonna eat me up"

Complained a saturated Natasha, Arya who was quite attentive did not pay any heed to her comments..

Later in that day when classes were over she and Natasha were hanging out together at the beautiful sights of Mysore when Natasha said that she needs to hurry or else her brother would turn into a detective...

Arya laughter out aloud on hearing that comment and then they were disturbed by the honking of a bike..

On turning around they found Natasha's brother Rahul who was seated on the bike, Rahul had an above average height with a clean shave and a stout persona with an aura of calmness around him. .

Natasha after saying goodbye to Arya she left with her brother.

Arya was unknowingly attracted to him and was perplexed as to why is she thinking of him again and again.

Time then passed by like sand slips from a closed fist.

And Arya's day of UPSC results were near, although it was her first attempt but she was quite confident about her syllabus except for one topic and that was general sciences, although it sounded easy Arya didn't found it friendly at all on confessing her problem to Natasha she said that she also encountered the same problem but it was solved as she was guided by her brother who was an engineer

So Arya after taking permission from her parents she started taking tuitions from Rahul,

Arya started enjoying her extra classes, she was attracted to Rahul's calm and composed nature,

Rahul, on the other hand, found Arya very bubbly and inquisitive, he was calmness to her wind...

Time flew as fast as it could be and Arya' s syllabus came to an end, on the last day of the class Rahul mustered courage and asked Arya out, Arya who was quite attracted to Rahul by now didn't find any harm in giving it a go so she agreed..

That evening Arya slipped in her red silk dress she paired it up with her junk jewelry, she was looking elegant yet junky,

Rahul, on the other hand, wore his favourite white shirt and blue jeans...

The fire was kindled on both sides...

When Arya was leaving she was greeted by her mother, she gave a close look to Arya and teased her, "are you going for a date", Arya with a sheepish face replied , "no maa, just hanging out with friends, don't worry I won't be late", she left after comforting her mother..

Arya was late, Rahul was already there, she hurried towards him and apologized, Rahul didn't mind and he with a gentleman's gesture pushed a chair for Arya

The evening rolled by with giggles and laughter and time came for Arya to leave, Rahul insisted upon leaving her but she refused so it was agreed that a message would be dropped on reaching and then both went home..

After their first date Arya continued to call Rahul to ask small doubts, she just wanted a reason to talk, Rahul also attended every doubt of her, suddenly one fine day Rahul confess, "Arya I do not know how to express but, I like you",

Arya was on her cloud nine, she was finally proposed by Rahul she with a red face and a sheepish smile replied, "I like you too"..

And then started a cute and a simple love story of two souls..

Time passed by and came Arya's day of UPSC results,

A nervous Arya checked her results and she could not believe that she has cleared UPSC..

She danced and jumped with her parents as they were proud parents now..

She gave this news to Natasha and Rahul and Rahul's level of happiness was next level..

He asked Arya out on that very day..

Arya and Rahul were sitting in a restaurant when Arya's eyes fell on a ring, with baffled eyes she looked at rahul.,

Rahul with a broad smile, stood up, went on his knees and said, "Arya Mehra, Wil you marry me?""

Rahul who was expecting a joyful yes was perplexed when Arya replied, "it's complicated Rahul"

Rahul who was hurt, insulted and baffled as to why Arya still not ready, both of them were very much into their relationship, he stormed out of the restaurant with rage in his eyes and insult in his heart..

Arya spent a sleepless night, she tried to call Rahul but he didn't answer, she was unable to explain her side of the story to him...

Next day Arya bumped into Rahul's house, she was greeted by his mother, she asked her to wait while she summons Rahul

Rahul with a stoic composure came downstairs,

He was still not over with yesterday's incident

Arya said, " I know you are hurt, I know you are insulted, but you do not know my side of the story"

Rahul then thumped his fist and said, "then explain, have I ever refused to listen"

Arya then with tears in her eyes unraveled her past,

She was married at an early age to a quite elder man named Girish, who was a lawyer, within a span of one month the lawyer started domestic violence, so much that Arya has to run away to save her life..

And then UPSC came her way and she started a new life..

When the story ended Rahul was in rapt attention, he was sorry for yesterday's behaviour.

He overwhelmed with emotions hugged her and said, " how could you think I will not accept you because you suffered a broken marriage, I will marry you no matter what happens"

And so wedding bells rang and IAS Arya Mehra and Engineer Rahul Sethi got together forever after

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